All-in-One Windows Troubleshooting Tool For Admins and IT Pros

Windows toolsThere are many things that can go wrong when running a Windows PC. Helge’s Switchblade is a tool which allows administrators and IT professionals to troubleshoot computers and access important information. The program contains a variety of useful system tools which allow administrators to review the current state of a computer’s hardware and software as well as view error logs which may be able to directly indicate the issue at hand. In addition, the program provides basic system information and includes access to important security tools, gives the system administrator access to some very functional system tools which go well beyond the basic function of those offered by the Windows operating system. Networking tools are also provided which allow the administrator to tackle network technology issues which can cause an inability to access the Internet. A series of useful links to tutorials, documentation and drivers is also included in the program, as is an open tech support chat. The program is completely free and can be stored and run on a USB drive, making the program extremely portable and handy for administrators and IT professionals who may need to run diagnostic tests or do troubleshooting on a variety of machines.  (more…)

How To Run Multiple Skype Accounts On One Computer

skype-accountWhen it comes to running a Skype account, for years the only way to do so was with one account at a time. On a Windows or Mac computer, you would just download the Skype software, which in turn allows you to create an account and log into one account at a time. Even if you had different accounts, say one for work and another for friends, you could only log onto one at a time. This made it rather difficult to stay in touch with both work and friends at the same time, unless two computers were available. Thankfully, it is possible to move past this issue now, thanks to the help of Multi Skype Launcher. This program allows you to run multiple Skype accounts on one computer. It doesn’t take long to figure out the software and it is free to download and install, so if you need to use several different Skype accounts at once, this service is perfect for you.  (more…)

Can’t Connect To WiFi After Windows Vista Update [Solved]

internet not workingMy other Acer laptop runs on Windows Vista OS. Today I got automatic update from Microsoft. Once I finished with updating and laptop rebooted, I tried to connect to Wireless router for surfing internet. But to my surprise, internet was not working. I’m using Belkin wireless router. Laptop was not at all connecting to the router. LED for wireless network activity was not blinking anymore. So I tried many solutions, many of them which didn’t work. Finally I had success by tweaking Atheros AR5007 network adapter driver settings. See the step-by-step solution with screenshots below.  (more…)

9 Windows Phone Apps You Must Grab

With Microsoft phone 7.5 (Code named ‘Mango’) taking 5.2% share of the smartphone market, and number of apps in the Microsoft marketplace crossing the 100k mark, you need all the help you can get to know about the best apps in windows phone marketplace. It is our continuous effort to help you to the extent possible.

Having said that, let’s take you through some of the apps we consider noteworthy. (more…)

How To Backup Gmail Emails To Hard Drive

GMail LogoGoogle’s Gmail is easily one of the most convenient and reliable free cloud email services on the web at the moment. When you consider how important Gmail is to so many people around the world, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more utilities available on the market for backing up and restoring your email archives. However, there is one nifty little program called Gmvault that makes backing up and restoring bulk email from your Gmail account an absolute breeze. (more…)

Dia : Visio Like Free Software For Diagram And Flowchart Creation

Dia Gnome Logo Microsoft is understandably worried about competition from the likes of Google and Apple, due to their dominance of the web and mobile markets. What they should really be concerned about, however, is the slew of open source programs that threaten their monopoly of the office software sphere. In many ways, Open Office is just as full-featured and capable as Microsoft Office. Likewise, Microsoft Visio has a direct and potent competitor in the form of Dia from GNOME, a powerful vector graphics editor designed from the ground up for crafting stellar diagrams and flowcharts. Dia is free, open source and have small footprint in memory.  (more…)

SkyDrive Shrunk! Act Now Or Lose Free Storage

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Poster  As I’ve learnt moments ago from this post on TheNextWeb, two things are happening. One, SkyDrive app is released for Windows and Mac, and Second and more important if you’re using as your free storage of documents, is the free storage is being dropped. For the starters, is Microsoft’s cloud offering in which you can store your documents, photos and videos. The familiar folder structure of the Windows PC is present and hence the good experience. As a Windows Phone owner, it’s mandatory to have hotmail id which by default entitles you for 25 GB of free storage on But as just now learnt the free storage is shrinking, and if you don’t act now, only 7 GB will remain as free storage for you account.  (more…)

Bing Desktop Is Awesome – Must Try For Bing Wallpaper Lovers

Bing Desktop If you’re great fan of images, here’s a simple way to set them as your desktop wallpaper automatically. homepage may not be known as the leading search engine but it’s definitely home to some of coolest images on the planet. I visit bing just to get a glimpse of those images. And I believe many of you are also fans of those mesmerizing sights the search engine hosts. There is now official software utility called “Bing Desktop” from Microsoft by which you can automatically set those images as your desktop wallpaper(more…)

Bring The App Experience To Your Windows Desktop With Pokki

Pokki icon HTML5 is quickly becoming the web standard for amazing interactions on the Internet, but little has been done to bring this experience to the Windows desktop until now. Pokki is a HTML5 app that lets you interact with most of your web apps through its beautiful interface. Developers can built feature rich, connected desktop applications using HTML5 and other latest web standards. Individual services are called “Pokkis” and each Pokki is dedicated to a specific service. The program sits on your task bar where the Quick Launch bar would normally sit and functions more beautifully than any Quick Launch bar designed by Microsoft. (more…)

Choosing Wireless Home Router : Reveiws, Comparison & Specifications

Wireless home and office routersPicking out a wireless router for your home or office isn’t always the most enjoyable task. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing even for seasoned experts. But finding the right router is a crucial step when it comes to getting the most out of your local network and broadband internet connection. There are a number of factors like operating systems, printer sharing and Network-attached Storage that you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing the best model. Depending on your particular situation, at least one of the following routers should be a perfect match for your networking needs.


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