9 Windows Phone Apps You Must Grab

With Microsoft phone 7.5 (Code named ‘Mango’) taking 5.2% share of the smartphone market, and number of apps in the Microsoft marketplace crossing the 100k mark, you need all the help you can get to know about the best apps in windows phone marketplace. It is our continuous effort to help you to the extent possible.

Having said that, let’s take you through some of the apps we consider noteworthy. (more…)

Why I Hate Windows Phone : Sending Contact Info In Text Message

Why I Hate Windows Phone - Send Contact Info Via SMS

No, I’m not exactly bashing the Microsoft guys. Actually they have done quite a wonderful work with Windows Phone. If you read my earlier post, I’m a big fan of Nokia Lumia 800 and Windows Phone platform. But I wont just blindly accep hoopla around the platform. After using it for around strong 4+ months, I’m now finding out some stuff where Microsoft should really put their hands on and improve the platform. That’s why I’ve started this series of Why I Hate Windows Phone. And if you too hate something in your WP and want to send a strong message to Microsoft guys, you can tweet using hash tag #iHateWindowsPhone. In this article I’ll focus on functionality to send contact info via SMS and what is the temporary solution to get around that problem.   (more…)

Windows Phone : Reinstall All Apps At Once With ReInstaller

ReInstaller Windows Phone Home Screen The naysayers and tech media critics would have you believe that the impending launch of Windows 8 for tablets and the Windows Phone platform in general are doomed to failure. Don’t believe it for a minute. The truth is that Windows Phone has a lot going for it, including a steadily improving app market that’s beginning to rival iTunes and Google Play in terms of diversity and quality. One of the best possible apps available for any WP7 owner is Reinstaller, a simple yet powerful utility for managing apps on your Windows Phone.  (more…)

Skype For Windows Phone Now Available

Skype for Windows Phone LogoThough Skype for WP7.5 has been available in beta form since February, Windows Phone users didn’t have access to a mature version until now. As of April 22nd, 2012, Skype offers a polished iteration of their renowned VoIP application for Windows. The latest version of Skype for Windows Phone brings with it a number of notable improvements, compatibility with even more handsets and support for 18 languages. As with other mobile platforms, Skype for Windows Phone is free to download and can be installed in seconds from the Windows Marketplace.  (more…)

SkyDrive Shrunk! Act Now Or Lose Free Storage

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Poster  As I’ve learnt moments ago from this post on TheNextWeb, two things are happening. One, SkyDrive app is released for Windows and Mac, and Second and more important if you’re using SkyDrive.com as your free storage of documents, is the free storage is being dropped. For the starters, SkyDrive.com is Microsoft’s cloud offering in which you can store your documents, photos and videos. The familiar folder structure of the Windows PC is present and hence the good experience. As a Windows Phone owner, it’s mandatory to have hotmail id which by default entitles you for 25 GB of free storage on SkyDrive.com. But as just now learnt the free storage is shrinking, and if you don’t act now, only 7 GB will remain as free storage for you account.  (more…)

5 Best Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone Apps on Nokia Lumia 800In spite of a shaky start , Windows Phone is slowly gaining ground and particularly after collaborating with Nokia, Microsoft has come out with remarkable OS (Windows Phone 7), that can surely give shiver to Google and Apple.

So if you are a windows phone owner and looking out to fill your phone with amazing apps, this article is so surely for you. Out of around 45k apps, I am presenting 5 best apps for your Windows Phone. Though I’ll come up with some more WP7 apps, have a look at this list.  (more…)

How To Find Lost Or Stolen Windows Phone?

Find My PhoneI recently bought Nokia Lumia 800, Windows Phone OS powered phone after much of research. iPhone was my obvious choice before I came to know about Lumia and from the time I bought this amazing phone, I totally love the experience. I recently pen down some of my experiences in article “Why Windows Phone”. The first important thing comes to mind after buying such an expensive device is how to safeguard it from losing or getting stolen. Risk is always there to misplace the phone or forget it somewhere. And thieves have all eyes for such eye-candies. With its Windows Phone 7 OS, Microsoft has made it quite easy to exactly point to the place where your phone is located. Plus you can Ring it remotely as well as wipe out the data if your phone is stolen. And these services are totally free of cost. Let’s see how.  (more…)

Why Windows Phone

Why Windows Phone

Recently I bought Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone OS powered smartphone. I was a big fan of iPhone and considering to buy one before Nokia Lumia 800 came out. I was on the verge to buy iPhone but couldn’t because of some personal situations. And then one day I got promotional email of Nokia Lumia 800. From that day onwards I watched every video available for Nokia Lumia 800. I read every blog post, many forums and tons of news before I made the decision to go with Nokia Lumia 800 then to move to iPhone. So if you are still confused between Windows Phone and iPhone, you can read the conclusions of my heavy research before I made my decision. Hope this enlightens some of you. (more…)


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