Is Your Website Slow?

Lightning fast speed Web pages continue to become larger and more complex with each passing year, presenting ever greater difficulties for webmasters. Tuning a website or application for the best performance possible can become a significant headache when you have to contend with numerous files and resources, many of which are pulled from various remote locations. A utility by the name of WebPagetest aims to simplify the process by delivering detailed website performance metrics and highlighting areas where developers can improve their sites.  (more…)

Onepager : Create Simple Website Very Easily

Onepager Logo Onepager is a awesome new web 2.0 app to create simple website for small businesses very quickly. It gives you everything you need and nothing more. Though all the fat is cut out of creation process, the resulting website design is elegant and professional. Onepager’s simple graphical interface is without much fluff to get in the way of creating a website. The process of creating website is exceedingly simple, so much so that even a child could do it. (more…)

Easily Create Free Web Forms With Zoho Html Form Builder : Zoho Creator

Create free web forms with zoho html form builderCollecting data from your website visitors? Any website owner will understand the importance of data their customers provide. It can be as simple as feedback form or contact-us page and it can be as complex as survey forms, lead generations, interest groups, bio-data forms, business forms, meeting planners, meeting invitations, office inventory or employee satisfaction survey forms. The list is endless and requirements are different for each and every website. Only acquiring data is not enough. One needs to do data analysis and reporting, sharing, creating rules etc to gain knowledge out of data so that important decisions can be made and actions taken. The all-in-one solution to all this nitty-gritty of building and using web forms is Zoho html form builder. Zoho provides easy to use drag-and-drop form builder to create html forms. You can embed these forms in website or blog, get email notifications, do data analysis and reporting, data sharing, collaboration and lots more stuff. Zoho has two distinct features which even Google Forms does not provide – CAPTCHA and File upload. So let’s see in detail how to create Zoho web forms, embed them and use the data collections.


How Social Media Manager Can Help Your Business

Business is not everyone’s cup of coffee. If you are a businessman, you already know that handling business and all activities related to it sometimes feel like pain in the ass. On one hand you have to think about generating business while on other hand about advertising of your business, campaign cost, appropriate media to run your Ad. campaigns and much more. Already, there are too many available in Advertising and new ones are coming every day. You might have run some campaigns in one of traditional media like print or television at any point of time in your business life. But traditional media are always expensive and much broader in range to reach customers.

We all know that technology is expanding at a rapid pace and already have its place in the field of business, marketing, economy and advertising. One thing that comes with rise of technology and creating a hell lot of buzz these days is Social Media. Mostly, every small and large businesses using this media to engage with their consumers. The advantage of using Social Media is its ability to narrow down your range, get the desired target audience come to you and that too not expensive in any mean. If you haven’t used Social Media yet for expanding business, I am sorry you are way behind and surely missing the next big thing of the future. This article is specially for those who are interested in Social Media marketing and want to know How Social Media will be useful for their business? So, let’s not be in hurry and take every thing slow and steady to know what Social Media is all about, role of Social Media Manager etc.


How Website Traffic Is Measured?

website-trafficSometimes you get curious to know traffic statistics of particular website. Then you might visit,,  Google Trends etc to know the traffic statistics and specifically rank of your site among all existing websites. Generally they display number of statistics like Number of unique visits, Rank of your site, Pageviews per User, Bounce Rate, and Time on Site etc.

How To Test Cross Platform Browser Compatibility For Your Website Or Blog

browsershots-logoDo you own a website or blog? Are you a webmaster? The most crucial thing about any website is cross browser compatibility. Any website must look same across all the browsers. Mainly mainstream browsers like Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, IE8), Mozilla Firefox (3.0.x, 3.1, 3.5.x), Opera (8.x, 9.x, 10.x), Google Chrome and Apple Safari (3.x, 4.0) should render your website flawlessly. Installing each browser (that too with its versions) is not possible. Then how will you check your website compatibility? will help you solve this problem. You can test your website against almost 80 browser versions and that includes Linux, Windows, Mac OS and BSD platforms. Along with the most popular browsers I listed above, there are more less known browsers like Flock, Seamonkey, dillo etc are also present.


9 Best Free Tools To Analyze And Compare Your Website Popularity


As a webmaster or owner of the website, everybody wants to know how their website is doing; compared to the big players of his/her niche. Here I’ve listed 9 best of the analysis and comparison tools available on the web to check, compare and optimize your website. These tools include services which provides traffic statistics, SEO information about your site, social popularity like on Twitter, digg etc, feed statistics comparison and other details like how much your website is worth. Have a look and use these tools to optimize your website.



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