HTML5 – See How This Feature Rich New Technology Can Transform The Web

HTML5_LogoThe basics of HTML5 has been quite the talk for the last few years. With this new avatar of HTML, the future of the web looks very bright. HTML5 has a bunch of built in API functionality that will change the way how we use and see the web. Making the web faster and an all around better experience. Before going into the details, let’s see who is behind HTML5. Currently W3C works on HTML5 specifications focusing on single definitive standard. Once set of specifications are released by W3C, WHATWG group continue updating/improving it under the conecpt called as ‘Living Standard.’ W3C has proposed to release stable HTML5 recommendation by end of 2014.

How To Build Website With Drag And Drop Widgets

web portalsThe continued development of the Ajax framework has allowed a tremendous increase in what website interfaces are able to do. With truly programmable aspects, Ajax has lead to an Internet that is far more capable than what most imagined in the days of static HTML. One of the most stunning culminations of the power of Ajax is drag and drop interfaces. Google’s iGoogle interface demonstrated how a drag and drop interface can make a website attractive and highly interactive. Websites often emphasize customization and drag and drop functionality allows pages to be customized without having to access a separate “customize” or “personalize” page.  (more…)

Rolling Out New Website Features? Create Slick Feature Tour With Joyride jQuery Plugin

Joyride Car

Over the past few years, the custom design shop known as Zurb has compiled an impressive track record of developing unique and innovative web solutions. One of their latest web design tools is the Joyride jQuery plugin, a Javascript module that helps designers craft interactive features tour pages for websites. A features tour section is a must for any website nowadays, but it’s not always clear how to go about implementing one. The Joyride plugin makes features tour creation simple and hassle-free.  (more…)

Font Awesome : All Web-Related Icons In Single Webfont Collection

Font awesome thumbs upOne of the most popular trends at the moment in the field of web design is the use of font sets to embed icons into pages. Ironically, the explosion in creativity we’ve seen lately when it comes to user interfaces comes at a time when standardization and uniformity are strengthening as far as front-end tools are concerned. A good example of this is the Foundation Icon font set from Zurb. Icon fonts are steadily gaining popularity among amateur and professional designers for a number of reasons. Font Awesome is the latest font icon set that aims to streamline web design on every platform.  (more…)

Create Clean CSS Image Sprites With Glue

Google Sprite CSSEvery webmaster should know how useful CSS sprites can be in reducing the overall size of any given web page. Additionally, it’s far more convenient to have all of your images condensed into one simple PNG when designing a layout. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many high-quality sprite creation programs available online for everyday developers. One versatile utility that can easily whip up CSS sprites in a flash is Glue, an automatic command-line tool for stitching together images.  (more…)

Cool Icon Set As Web Fonts From Zurb

Zurb Foundation Icon Fonts

While mobile devices like smart phones and tablets have made life a lot more convenient for everyday consumers, they’ve increased the workloads of web designers by a substantial amount. Responsive web designs must be capable of supporting a wide variety of screen sizes and aspect ratios, which necessitates the use of scalable elements and graphics. Online design shop Zurb has recently released an icon font set that aims to make life a bit easier for amateur and professional web designers in the real world.  (more…)

70+ Best Fonts For Headlines And Titles


Bold and beautiful typography is soul of any aesthetically designed website or blog. To draw your visitors’ attention to your important content, fonts are the most important part. Typography conveys philosophy and message of your site to its visitors. Headlines and titles are the first elements of your site which grabs attention of visitors. Fonts are like music; they have rhythm and flow which blends with the design and theme. In this collection of bold and beautiful fonts, you’ll find more than 70 such handpicked fonts which truly inspires. How fonts can create magic? Look at these websites with beautiful typography. Selected fonts are presented in the image formats in the examples below.



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