Electronically Sign Documents Right Inside Gmail

hellosign logoHave you ever had to sign a document that then had to be emailed to someone? There really are a lot of really tedious steps involved in this process. First, you have to print the document out, sign it with pen, scan it into the computer, potentially have to resize the document, and then send it to your client, coworker, or whoever else needed the signature. It’s surprising that something so outdated and time consuming could have gone on for so long without a solution, especially in this era of feature rich web apps and mobile apps.  (more…)

C++ And Java Compiler Online

Codetwist.com java and cpp compiler

If you’re happen to be software engineer or developer, you’ll know how tough it is to setup development environment on any machine. Many libraries will be required, nice IDE needed, environment variables needs to be added and more. But that’s just setup part. Even after writing a code snippet, it needs to be compiled with lot of options and then executable built. Now run the executable and the results will be out. Lot of work to do. If a large project is not being built and just some small code snippets needs to be tested, this whole exercise can consume lot of productive time. Finally imagine this for different languages like C, C++ and Java. To spare this lot of work and directly jump to the rapid execution of code you can use simplistic online compiler CodeTwist.com . It supports C, C++ and Java language compilation and execution online. Best part is, it’s free and doesn’t require login or sign-up. (more…)

Online Code Editing Framework CodeMirror

baboonCodeMirror is an open-source JavaScript library that provides an in-browser code editor. It is customizable with CSS theming support and rich programming API. CodeMirror supports numerous program modes which supports programming languages like C, C++, C#, D, and Java; scripting languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Shell, Python, VBScript, and Perl; markup languages such as HTML, XML, Markdown, Cascading Stylesheet, and reStructuredText; and miscellaneous modes like diff. CodeMirror can be embedded in the major desktop web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.  (more…)

How To Turn Blog Into eBook

ebook readerBloggers are better poised than ever before to expand their reach into the deeper reaches within publishing, and embracing eBook creation is showing them how. There are several eBook benefits for online writers. Consumers can carry the equivalent of full scale libraries within the palm of their hands, which is handy from a portability perspective. Ebooks don’t get wet, they can be delivered instantaneously via the internet, and the lack of paper used makes them ecologically friendly. Ebook tablet readers like the iPad and Amazon Kindle are superb at keeping today’s traveler occupied for commuter and holiday trips with their favorite material – from the classics to the current online sensations.  (more…)

How To Build Website With Drag And Drop Widgets

web portalsThe continued development of the Ajax framework has allowed a tremendous increase in what website interfaces are able to do. With truly programmable aspects, Ajax has lead to an Internet that is far more capable than what most imagined in the days of static HTML. One of the most stunning culminations of the power of Ajax is drag and drop interfaces. Google’s iGoogle interface demonstrated how a drag and drop interface can make a website attractive and highly interactive. Websites often emphasize customization and drag and drop functionality allows pages to be customized without having to access a separate “customize” or “personalize” page.  (more…)

Use Trello As A Virtual Whiteboard To Communicate With Your Team

If you’ve ever worked on a project with numerous people, you know how hard it can be to collaborate together using traditional tools. Emailing information back and forth de-centralizes everything and what happens if someone forgets to hit Reply All? For people working together in the same office, a white board has long been the standard for keeping ideas and tasks centralized, but what about people who are thousands of miles apart.

Trello seeks to solve this dilemma by providing you with a virtual whiteboard you can use to organize your collaborative effort. (more…)

Share Desktop Screen Without Software Installation Using Quick Screen Share

Quick screen share online Sharing a screen with someone quickly and efficiently has always been a hassle in the past, which is why Quick Screen Share comes in very handy if you’re constantly having to help people with their computers, or show them where a particular option is located. It’s no ideally suited for screen casts, but as an easy no hassle tool for helping someone figure out their desktop, there is no better tool. No software download required or no lengthy installation process. Just click and share. Yes it’s as easy as that! (more…)

Easily Create Free Web Forms With Zoho Html Form Builder : Zoho Creator

Create free web forms with zoho html form builderCollecting data from your website visitors? Any website owner will understand the importance of data their customers provide. It can be as simple as feedback form or contact-us page and it can be as complex as survey forms, lead generations, interest groups, bio-data forms, business forms, meeting planners, meeting invitations, office inventory or employee satisfaction survey forms. The list is endless and requirements are different for each and every website. Only acquiring data is not enough. One needs to do data analysis and reporting, sharing, creating rules etc to gain knowledge out of data so that important decisions can be made and actions taken. The all-in-one solution to all this nitty-gritty of building and using web forms is Zoho html form builder. Zoho provides easy to use drag-and-drop form builder to create html forms. You can embed these forms in website or blog, get email notifications, do data analysis and reporting, data sharing, collaboration and lots more stuff. Zoho has two distinct features which even Google Forms does not provide – CAPTCHA and File upload. So let’s see in detail how to create Zoho web forms, embed them and use the data collections.


SimpleInvoices : A Really Simple Web Based Free Invoicing System

SimpleInvoicesAre you looking out for installing some invoicing software for your business? If yes, then your search ends here. SimpleInvoices.org has come out with free online invoicing solutions that suits every business. So there is no need to pay for a software to take care of your invoicing issues. In this article we are going to give you full review of this free online invoicing service “SimpleInvoices”.

What is Simple Invoices?

Simple Invoices is a free online, open source invoicing system that you can install on your PC or server and avail free online invoicing service. Now with Simple Invoices you can handle all your invoicing issues with the click of your mouse.


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