TinyPay.me Is A Simplest Way To Sell Stuff Online

Tinypay.meOne of the biggest hassles of selling products online is finding the correct outlet for it. Sure, there are always auction sites like eBay, but the fees incurred from selling on these sites often dwindle profits. Setting up a proprietary shop is also an option, but often the work that goes into setting up a system like this doesn’t make returns for several months. This is where TinyPay.me can help individuals and businesses a like with your own easy to set up online shop.  (more…)

Create Free Website And Free Blog At Weebly

Weebly Logo One of the biggest hassles of having an online presence is learning HTML and CSS in order to create and manage your own website. Even for people who are familiar with these markup languages, posting using them every day can eat up valuable time spent growing your business. This is where Weebly can help, as it is one of the best drag and drop editors for website building available. Weebly helps you create free website ( No Ads! ) or free blog with lots of useful features, themes, templates and powerful hosting. And you don’t spend a single penny over it. You can use your own domain name too. (more…)

Read It Later : Save And Read Web Pages On Any Device Any Time

Read It Later Logo One of the most perplexing questions most people face when tacking their RSS feeds on both their home computers and their phones is, “How do I get links I want to read later onto my device without emailing them to myself?” Google tried to resolve this with the Chrome to Phone extension for Android, but Read It Later has a much more elegant solution that is both mobile and PC friendly. Read It Later saves web pages and let you read it any time you want on any device like your iPhone or Android mobile. Saved web pages are also available offline so when you don’t have internet access you still can read your pages. (more…)

Convore Provides Quick & Easy Group Instant Messaging

Convore group instant messaging Logo If you’ve ever tried to collaborate on a project without the hassle of video conferencing, you know how much trouble finding a means to get everyone together can be. The problem with traditional instant messaging programs that support group messaging such as Yahoo! and MSN is that once the session is ended, the chat is lost, unless someone thought to copy/paste the chat into some other format. Convore aims to solve this problem by providing users with a quick and easy way to set up a group instant messaging platform for just about any subject under the sun. And it comes with lot of other great features too. (more…)

iMeet : Web Conference And Online Meeting Service

iMeet Logo Web conferencing and online meetings are efficient and cheaper way compared to its traditional counterpart of physical meetings. As internet speed is no bottleneck anymore, using web to arrange meetings becomes very easy. Traditional meetings are time consuming and expensive. They need lot of time in arranging meeting, notifying everybody and planning place and other resources. Biggest pain of traditional meetings is traveling to the place of meeting. Contrary to that web meetings are easy to arrange, no need to travel, no need to arrange a place or food. You can take part in online meeting from the comfort of your couch. Thus they save money and time.

You might have tried Skype for example for online video conferencing but Skype has its own limitations. You can’t share presentations, call quality may be bad and you need to have Skype account! This is where dedicated and professional service like iMeet comes into the picture. iMeet is valuable solution for people looking for smart video conferencing online without any hassle. (more…)

Zerply : Create Wonderful Online Resume

Zerply Logo In a large market of growing social networks, Zerply represents a harmonious merge of some of the most desired features in professional resume building and networking. In the competitive world of employment, having a professional image and networking with other professionals are essential tools in securing a satisfying and fulfilling position in the career or field of your choice. Zerply allows people to interact with other professionals in similar fields to create opportunity and increase communication. (more…)

Create Your Own Infographics at Visual.ly

All About Instagram Infographic Infographics are a means to display numbers and data in a more interesting manner so they’re easy to consume and easy to follow. Most people process visual information more readily than numerical information, so understanding information graphics are much easier for most of the population. Up until recently there has been no reliable way to create your own infographics without Photoshop knowledge and the manual entry of data. But here comes the Visual.ly which helps you to create your own infographics as well as share and explore other people’s interesting infographics too. (more…)


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