Android App To Download Million Wallpapers

Wallpapers for AndroidIf you’re like most people, you like to be able to customize your Android device. One of the most popular ways to do this is to download and set a new background image—a.k.a wallpaper. One way to change your Android wallpaper is by browsing the Internet and saving images which look nice. However, these won’t always look as good when they’re set to be the background, as your device may have proportions which don’t match the image’s, or may only show a small part of the picture you wanted.

The solution is to try an app with pre-loaded wallpapers. There are many apps out there which have these, but if you’re bored with the usual 20 to 30 wallpaper choices, all of which are ugly, there’s an even better solution. Welcome to Wallbase, an app which pulls wallpapers from popular website, The selection is massive, with over one million images to choose from, many of which are in HD (High Definition)(more…)

Bing Desktop Is Awesome – Must Try For Bing Wallpaper Lovers

Bing Desktop If you’re great fan of images, here’s a simple way to set them as your desktop wallpaper automatically. homepage may not be known as the leading search engine but it’s definitely home to some of coolest images on the planet. I visit bing just to get a glimpse of those images. And I believe many of you are also fans of those mesmerizing sights the search engine hosts. There is now official software utility called “Bing Desktop” from Microsoft by which you can automatically set those images as your desktop wallpaper(more…)

Use EnSoul To Put The “I” In iPhone

EnSould for iPhone Customization is one of the best ways to make our electronics our own. Modern smartphones come with several features that make this possible, including supporting contact avatars, live wallpapers, and custom ringtones. The only problem with customizing your iPhone with contact pictures and new wallpapers is that the iTunes interface leaves more than a little to be desired. This is where EnSoul comes in to help you crop, resize, and create images for your iPhone with a snap. This images can be assigned as contact photos or wallpapers. EnSoul works with variety of online photo services plus the images on your local drive. (more…)

Android Wallpaper Changer : Automatically Change Wallpapers

Wallpaper Changer App for AndroidGoogle’s Android has become a very popular operating system for smartphones. Unlike another popular smartphone option, Android smartphone users can be found on practically every mobile phone service provider in existence. The popularity of Android can also be attributed to the fact that it offers many options for users to customize their phone. Apart from the customizing that is already offered by Android smartphones by default, they can be enhanced even further by downloading apps from the Android App Market. These apps can make your smartphone experience more suited to your own personal needs and also provide additional customization options.

For example, one app that is great for making your Android smartphone a unique experience is Wallpaper Changer from the app developer j4velin. This app is great for anyone who is constantly changing their Android wallpaper to suit their tastes at the moment.


20+ High Definition Sci-Fi Wallpapers

Science Fiction Wallpapers

You must have seen our 3D Glass Wallpapers collection posted earlier. This time we will fill your desktop screen with aliens, spaceships, futuristic cities and slums, robos and much more science fiction stuff. All of us have a secret temptation of knowing the unknown. And that exactly replicates in this marvelous collection of wallpapers. These high definition wallpapers are sure way to amaze your friends with their enigmatic presence on your desktop screen. You can also use them as screen-saver which will show all the wallpapers one after other.


25 Awesome 3D Glass Wallpapers


We keep posted our readers with fantastic design resources. This time we present collection of 25 3D Glass Effect Wallpapers, which can be used as Desktop wallpapers. These high resolution wallpapers contain beautiful 3D objects like fruits, hearts, lollypops and more, redered in excellent glassy effects. All wallpapers are zipped in one archive file and available for download freely at the end of this article.



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