Make Awesome Collage From Facebook Photos

Hollywood actress in heart shape collage photo The hot new trend in digital scrap-booking is undoubtedly the Facebook Photo Collage, which is an easy way to bring all your memories together in one visual tableau for all your friends to see. While you could slap one together manually using an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop, that approach isn’t as full-featured and flexible as some would like it to be. A better option would be to use a dedicated application like Loupe to do the heavy lifting for you. With Loupe, you can easily compile a timeless collage online that will stand out. (more…)

Top 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Twitter

World’s fastest growing micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’, has really come a long way now. Besides gaining popularity among masses, many celebrities round the world have joined Twitter to communicate with their fans directly. Twitter not only helps celebrities to interact with their fans, but it also helps them to gain popularity and keep their media presence alive.

So in this article I have done a bit of research and found out 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities on Twitter. Interestingly, eight out of ten celebrities are Film Stars, one is the Sports Person and remaining one is the Politician. Here goes the list :- (more…)

15 Must-Have Apps For New iPhone Users

Steve Jobs Presentation One more thing...

It’s highly expected within the technological world that the iPhone 5 will be released within the coming weeks. If you’re one of the millions of people eagerly anticipating the release, you’re probably wondering what sort of apps are available that most iPhone users can’t live without. If you’ve just bought an iPhone, your first question will be “Which apps should I install on my new iPhone?” So we went through hundreds of apps and came out with an essential collection of iPhone apps. These apps include social experience, games, entertainment, music and photography, lifestyle and on the go iPhone apps. Check out this collection of 15 apps we feel are essential to the iPhone experience. (more…)

Create Your Own Infographics at

All About Instagram Infographic Infographics are a means to display numbers and data in a more interesting manner so they’re easy to consume and easy to follow. Most people process visual information more readily than numerical information, so understanding information graphics are much easier for most of the population. Up until recently there has been no reliable way to create your own infographics without Photoshop knowledge and the manual entry of data. But here comes the which helps you to create your own infographics as well as share and explore other people’s interesting infographics too. (more…)

Better Manage Your Twitter Community With SocialBro

If you are a heavy Twitter user and need to keep track of your followers, or, if you are a business or organization looking to track and analyze your social media campaign, you may want to look into high-performance social media analyzing software or try an easy-to-use app like SocialBro. SocialBro allows Twitter users to manage and analyze their Twitter contacts and communities. The app allows users to segment and chart their own Twitter postings and also permits users to organize their followers by filters such as location and time. SocialBro gives Twitter users the ability to import their contact list and Twitter activities into the app, and then provides visual statistical information about each of your followers and their online Twitter activities. (more…)

Social Media Statistics India

Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate to each other. Not just that, ‘Social Media‘ has no longer confined to merely being a communication platform, rather it has now become a virtual world online where people come, become friends, develop relationship, form gangs, listen music, play games and much more. India too has not remained untouched with such an evolution of social media. In India most popular social media sites are ‘Facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Orkut’, YouTube’ and ‘Twitter’. And their number of registered members are increasing at a mind boggling rate.

So today it has become all the more important for Businesses and brands to use social media tools to market their product or services. But to use these tools, you will need to have correct stats and info with you to start with. In this article I am trying to give you the stats of almost all social media sites. (more…)

5 Best Free Twitter Android Apps

Twitter Android AppsWell as now a days smartphones have entered into each one’s lives and have become an integral part of our daily entertainment. These gadgets have literary made whole world come in to our pockets, including social media. And when it comes to social media, its too obvious that these gadgets have built in apps for them, particularly for Twitter. That is because Twitter is perhaps the best place in the whole internet world to get latest update on almost anything . All you need is to follow and updates will start streaming in your timeline.

If you are an Android user and looking for some cool and free Twitter apps for your smartphone, then its a ‘bingo’…as the whole Android Market  is full of many free android twitter apps.

Here are Top Five Free Android Twitter apps which you should check out. (more…)

Twitter’s Pagerank Zero!!!

Twitter bird shockedIt’s a shocking news. Twitter’s Google Pagerank is 0 (zero)!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Twitter’s pagerank status in my Firefox browser’s Quirk searchstatus plugin. So I reloaded twitter again in new browser window. And still it’s 0!! How that happened? In this month itself Google updated it’s pagerank. Also it recently updated it’s search algorithm called Panda-Update. In Panda update many content farm websites got hit badly and lost millions of pageviews. Is twitter victim of Google’s Panda update? Or Google just tried to slap Twitter. It’s all matter of time when we’ll come to know when this news spreads like wildfire on every blog and news sites. What’s your take on this situation? Is Twitter Google’s algorithm Victim? Is it an human error? Or it’s just temporary problem…!!


How Social Media Manager Can Help Your Business

Business is not everyone’s cup of coffee. If you are a businessman, you already know that handling business and all activities related to it sometimes feel like pain in the ass. On one hand you have to think about generating business while on other hand about advertising of your business, campaign cost, appropriate media to run your Ad. campaigns and much more. Already, there are too many available in Advertising and new ones are coming every day. You might have run some campaigns in one of traditional media like print or television at any point of time in your business life. But traditional media are always expensive and much broader in range to reach customers.

We all know that technology is expanding at a rapid pace and already have its place in the field of business, marketing, economy and advertising. One thing that comes with rise of technology and creating a hell lot of buzz these days is Social Media. Mostly, every small and large businesses using this media to engage with their consumers. The advantage of using Social Media is its ability to narrow down your range, get the desired target audience come to you and that too not expensive in any mean. If you haven’t used Social Media yet for expanding business, I am sorry you are way behind and surely missing the next big thing of the future. This article is specially for those who are interested in Social Media marketing and want to know How Social Media will be useful for their business? So, let’s not be in hurry and take every thing slow and steady to know what Social Media is all about, role of Social Media Manager etc.


Top 10 Free Social Networking Apps For Android Mobile

Social networking Android appsAndroidopen-source mobile operating system developed by Google is the fastest growing OS among various manufactures from all over the world. There are many big companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sharp developing their mobile phones using Android OS. Mostly, every day you will listen announcement of various Android phones that will surely make you say WOW. Android phones are talks of the town these days because it is cheaper than its major rival Apple iPhone and having awesome features.

Android phones are getting better and better these days with bigger screens, better camera quality, unique features like NFC, Augmented-realty and much more. Android Phones are becoming much faster, smoother and reliable with latest versions of OS also. Not only Android OS market share is growing, even Android apps are also growing tremendously in Android Market. One can find apps for almost everything like fitness, business, entertainment etc.

Latest introduction of Android Web Marketplace also helps users to download and install their favorite apps over the cloud without even looking at their mobile phones.


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