Top 10 Most Liked Indian Celebrities On Facebook

Yesterday I Googled to find out which Indian celebrities are most liked on Facebook, and to my dismay I couldn’t find much satisfactory results. So I thought why not do this ‘Hard Work’ all by myself and deliver it to the readers. As usual, list is dominated by Bollywood stars and Cricketers with hardly one or two exceptions. And here goes the list of Top 10 Most Liked Celebrities on Facebook.


Top 10 Free Android Apps To Maintain Your Fitness And Health

While Google Android apps marketplace is slowly and steadily increasing its pace to catch up with the iPhone apps marketplace – there are still thousands of Android apps that are mind-boggling and amazingly useful available in the marketplace. These days, Android phones are rapidly making its place in everyone’s pocket. People from all ages, different origins and countries are buying Android phones.

Android phones can do anything that you think that only iPhone is capable of – be it helping you in staying fit and healthier. If you are a proud owner of Android phone and interested in staying fit and be in shape – there are plenty of Android fitness apps that are absolutely free and keep track of your daily calories burned, weight loss or gain, running, jogging and exercise activities. But, you know that many of the free apps are either buggy or of no use. So, it’s always hard to find out the best free apps from the junk in the marketplace.


Fax By Email : The Easy Way

There was a time when you mostly saw traditional fax machines in office. Those big heavy machines were the only way of sending and receiving fax few years back. But, technology always played a vital role in the communication field and it has totally changed the people receive or send fax these days.

Now you can receive or send fax online without buying a expensive fax machine. Yes, you are getting it right – Internet fax services increasingly replacing traditional big heavy fax machines. The main advantages of using online fax services that they are cost effective, no hassles of attaching wires with your fax machines, send or receive fax while you are on the go and much more.


10 Best Visual Resume Samples. You Should Make One Too!!

visual-resumesWhen anybody hears the word “Resume” or “CV” (Curriculum Vitae) , the images of 3 paged document containing academic records, employer details, project details, personal details and some other blah blah flickers in their minds. Traditionally from 265 B.C.(Kidding!!!) the same format is being used by every human species dwelling on the earth. The world gone wild with the digital era. Everything seems to be getting in digital format eventually, but our beloved CVs have not evolved from their 3 paged format. But today I’ll present some fantastic samples of Visual Resumes prepared in latest digital formats with elegant design, witty presentation of their skills, academics and more. And I believe every computer professional has one such nice Visual CV. These digital resumes might capture the attention of prospective employer and may help you get that dream job!!


Top 10 Java Developer Forums

java_forumsDevelopers get into tricky situations while programming. Some syntax problem or any specific feature about Java, there are lots of confusions and doubts which we encounter. Best way is to ask community alike. This time, we have collected best Java communities and forums where you can post your doubts and errors, find resources, ask questions and get them answered by other java developers. These resources are authenticated and popular among Java developers. Have a look at these top Java forums.


Chart: Top 10 Blogs And Personal Websites – 2009

Top 10 blogs and personal websites as per the report from Hitwise for the month of June, 2009.



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