All-in-One Windows Troubleshooting Tool For Admins and IT Pros

Windows toolsThere are many things that can go wrong when running a Windows PC. Helge’s Switchblade is a tool which allows administrators and IT professionals to troubleshoot computers and access important information. The program contains a variety of useful system tools which allow administrators to review the current state of a computer’s hardware and software as well as view error logs which may be able to directly indicate the issue at hand. In addition, the program provides basic system information and includes access to important security tools, gives the system administrator access to some very functional system tools which go well beyond the basic function of those offered by the Windows operating system. Networking tools are also provided which allow the administrator to tackle network technology issues which can cause an inability to access the Internet. A series of useful links to tutorials, documentation and drivers is also included in the program, as is an open tech support chat. The program is completely free and can be stored and run on a USB drive, making the program extremely portable and handy for administrators and IT professionals who may need to run diagnostic tests or do troubleshooting on a variety of machines.  (more…)

How To Download All Your Instagram Photos In One Zip File

Old Cameras Instagram Filter The recent purchase of Instagram by Facebook demonstrates that the popular mobile photography app is more than just a fad. Of all the many iOS apps to gain prominence in the post-PC era, Instagram is easily one of the most recognizable. The platform has gotten so popular that it has even spawned third-party services to manage functionality and improve performance. As with Twitter, we can expect to see more and more “helper” apps that piggyback on top of the primary service. One such tool is Instarchive, a helpful management utility for users who want download all their Instagram photos in one convenient zip file.  (more…)

50+ Most Useful Web 2.0 Applications And Tools

Web 2.0 Applications & ToolsWhen I started learning computers 12 years back, I never thought that it will become integral part of my life. Today our virtual life has almost overshadowed our physical life. We learn, play, shop, chat, socialize, work and what not on computer – rather, specifically say online – on the web. Web is growing at rapid pace and with emerging technologies like cloud computing, it’s becoming even bigger, efficient and responsive. The days are not far away when we will use internet services just like our wired electricity – Pay as much as you use. In present times, thousands of applications, tools and services are available which infuses more confusion over which are really useful, trustworthy and reliable. To help you choose better and wisely, we have researched and aggregated some 50+ tools and apps which can be useful to students, professionals, tech enthusiasts and even your mom-&-pop. These tools and apps are either FREE or come with decent free option. So, here is your dose of tech,


Freebies : Top Websites And Tools [May 2010 Collection]

We are yet again here with some of the useful yet free apps. We collect these websites and tools in hope that it will help our readers in some way in their daily lives. This time the collection contains entertainment,  screen  savers, amazement, 3D modelling and online storage websites and tools. So let’s checkout ‘em


10 Fantastic Free Apps [March Collection]


The latest collection of web apps and tools for our readers. These websites or software are freely available or come with decent free account option. Indulge.


9 Best Free Tools To Analyze And Compare Your Website Popularity


As a webmaster or owner of the website, everybody wants to know how their website is doing; compared to the big players of his/her niche. Here I’ve listed 9 best of the analysis and comparison tools available on the web to check, compare and optimize your website. These tools include services which provides traffic statistics, SEO information about your site, social popularity like on Twitter, digg etc, feed statistics comparison and other details like how much your website is worth. Have a look and use these tools to optimize your website.


10 Tools To Improve Your YouTube Experience

YouTube-logoThese ten tools can help you make your YouTube experience better. These tools includes ad blocking, video acceleration, downloading YouTube videos easily. Let’s take a look at them.



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