Better Manage Your Twitter Community With SocialBro

If you are a heavy Twitter user and need to keep track of your followers, or, if you are a business or organization looking to track and analyze your social media campaign, you may want to look into high-performance social media analyzing software or try an easy-to-use app like SocialBro. SocialBro allows Twitter users to manage and analyze their Twitter contacts and communities. The app allows users to segment and chart their own Twitter postings and also permits users to organize their followers by filters such as location and time. SocialBro gives Twitter users the ability to import their contact list and Twitter activities into the app, and then provides visual statistical information about each of your followers and their online Twitter activities. (more…)

Social Media Statistics India

Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate to each other. Not just that, ‘Social Media‘ has no longer confined to merely being a communication platform, rather it has now become a virtual world online where people come, become friends, develop relationship, form gangs, listen music, play games and much more. India too has not remained untouched with such an evolution of social media. In India most popular social media sites are ‘Facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Orkut’, YouTube’ and ‘Twitter’. And their number of registered members are increasing at a mind boggling rate.

So today it has become all the more important for Businesses and brands to use social media tools to market their product or services. But to use these tools, you will need to have correct stats and info with you to start with. In this article I am trying to give you the stats of almost all social media sites. (more…)

Mobile Internet Usage In India : Statistics, Facts & Opportunities

Mobile InternetDo you know that number of mobile phone users in India are more than 65% of total population now, and what more is the fact that this figure is still increasing to new heights at 20 million new subscribers per month! Each month millions of new users are added and a chunk of them use internet on their mobile phones.

Expert also believe that in not so distant future number of internet users will exceed number of PC internet users. Well I would say that personally I am practically optimistic about this fact. And if it happens (that number of mobile internet users exceed PC internet users), it will open a pandora of new opportunities for all of us.

So it is very important for us to know about mobile internet usage in India. And in this article we are going to get some insights on this topic. So without moving any further lets get into the nuances of mobile internet usage in India.


Top Mobile App Stores

Young woman holding mobile

Of late, the mobile industry has been booming offering endless possibilities to its users and a mobile store is the hub which has millions of applications catering to the consumer needs. Each mobile store is specific and exclusive to its mobile OS platform. Apple is the pioneer with their App store which still reigns the market followed closely by Google Android’s Market. Right from productivity tools, messaging and business apps, the stores engage the users with movies, music, games and so on. As per the analysis of Dutch apps analysis firm Distimo, during each day of December 2010 top 300 free applications in different app stores generated 3 million downloads. If that’s not the enough data to surprise you keep reading for more analysis and highlights of top mobile apps stores.


Is IRCTC Losing Its Ground?

In 2001, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) came into existence when Indian railway decided to detach its loss making catering services. Now, in July 2010, the news is coming like Indian Railway has decided to take over catering services from IRCTC in certain privileged trains due to bad quality of food. It makes me think, ‘Ohh! It wasn’t only web portal ( that was bad, it was food too!’ I mean, Does IRCTC mission-statement says, ‘To make sure that your journey remains painful?’ I sound little skeptical but if you could have experienced the while 8AM-9AM then certainly you will agree with me. I hope you would have learnt smartest way of booking IRCTC Tatkal ticket in my last article. Now, let’s learn some amazing facts about sluggish


How Credible Website Traffic Statistics Are?

web-stats In last article, we saw how traffic stats are measured, a bit controversial article but yes, it is fact. Now, let’s take a look at drastically different results. I decided to check Vs statistics on each and Google Trends. (Note: As doesn’t show result for itself, I have included only Compete and Google Trends results.)


How Website Traffic Is Measured?

website-trafficSometimes you get curious to know traffic statistics of particular website. Then you might visit,,  Google Trends etc to know the traffic statistics and specifically rank of your site among all existing websites. Generally they display number of statistics like Number of unique visits, Rank of your site, Pageviews per User, Bounce Rate, and Time on Site etc.

Internet And Broadband User Statistics – India v/s World

internet-statsIn this study of internet and broadband penetration analysis, I’ve included top 5 countries having the largest number of internet users across the world. Though this study is about top 5 countries, we will be more interested in India’s internet and broadband user analysis against that of other top 4 countries. This analysis can be helpful to internet entrepreneurs as well as bloggers and startup companies working in the web services domain.


9 Best Free Tools To Analyze And Compare Your Website Popularity


As a webmaster or owner of the website, everybody wants to know how their website is doing; compared to the big players of his/her niche. Here I’ve listed 9 best of the analysis and comparison tools available on the web to check, compare and optimize your website. These tools include services which provides traffic statistics, SEO information about your site, social popularity like on Twitter, digg etc, feed statistics comparison and other details like how much your website is worth. Have a look and use these tools to optimize your website.



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