Legal Documents And Other Resources For Startup Founders

Founders workbenchIn order to start a successful company, owners have to overcome a lot of legal hurdles. Basically, they have to choose the legal structure that will best fit the business goals. At the beginning, start-up businesses have to deal with three main issues. This includes taxes, ownership or management and the owner’s limited liability.

Many business owners prefer entities like LLCs because of the protection they can get. The government does not impose a separate level of taxation for LLCs. However, the organization documents can be very challenging. This is why Founder’s Workbench was created that provides people everything they need to start a business. It features Document Driver and Founder’s Toolbox that provide online legal document generation and related information about starting up a new business.


Free Business Model Generation Tool For Entrepreneurs

Business modelThe Business Model Canvas is an essential tool for entrepreneurs. The application captures an entire business model on one single page. Its concrete infrastructure helps you better pivot your business model with the help of nine core business segments that impress venture capitalists, clients or anyone else interested in seeing your business concept.  (more…)

10 Reasons To Use Cloud Computing For Businesses

Cloud computing for businessCloud computing has become the latest buzzword that has caught the fancy of businesses and IT professionals alike. As a result, there is a rush to implement cloud computing in enterprises to stay updated with the latest technological trend. Unfortunately quite a significant number of cloud computing projects fail to deliver intended results – mostly because those are unplanned, ad hoc and lack clear vision. Cloud implementation can certainly benefit your business if you know what to look for.

What is cloud?

To a layman the definition of cloud is obscure. It becomes fuzzier and vague with the complexities and varieties of services available through cloud.  But to keep it simple we can say that cloud computing refers to a bunch of services, hosted in one or more remote servers and available via internet. Depending on their features clouds can be –private; which is basically a proprietary cloud, and public; services offered by a third-party hosting company. There is another type which is becoming increasingly popular. It’s called hybrid cloud and as the name suggests it has the best of both public and private cloud.  (more…)

Beesy Wants To Be Your Ultimate iPad To-Do App

Beesy To-Do iPad App

BeesApps is a Paris-based start-up delivering iPad personal productivity solutions for business people. Founded in 2011 by David Chevenement and 3 associates,  we decided to develop a professional application which could make business people more productive using their tablet. One year ago, BeesApps started developing Beesy, a smart note taking and automated task management App for iPad. BeesApps has launched Beesy on February 15th, 2012 and it is already ranked in the TOP 20 iTunes French productivity store.  (more…)

Find Free Legal Document Templates For Everything At Docracy

Free Legal Documents

It seems like our personal and professional lives continue to become more and more litigious with each passing year. It’s a wonder anyone can get anything done when you consider how much red tape we all have to wade through every day. Regardless, contracts and legal documents are a crucial part of a modern, technologically-advanced society when it comes to keeping the engines of commerce humming along smoothly. Docracy takes legal document creation into the realm of open source collaboration, eliminating at least some of the headache of drafting contracts, legal documents and more.  (more…)

Advertising Your Online Business : The Startup Guide

Online business

Internet is not only responsible for changing our lifestyle – it has also created new opportunities for professionals and entrepreneurs to earn money through online business. In simple words, a business that is started on Internet and rely on Internet for all its operations is called Online Business. Entrepreneurs are using Internet to its fullest to make money and many of them take risks to come up with the new types of businesses. In recent times, online business has proved to be fruitful thing for those who has chosen the right type of the business and worked on the right track.

Do you know one thing that starting a online business is same as any other offline business. The funda is same for both areas of businesses – you need to advertise your business if you want to earn revenue. In whatever business you are, main objectives of advertising is to increase your product or service reach to larger audience. Surely, there will be difference when it comes to advertise your online business because all the business resources and information is based on Internet. But knowing that advertising is necessary mean to increase your revenue; you have to spend money smartly and wisely to make your advertising campaign viral. So, in this article, I am sharing tips to advertise your online business, where to spend money on advertising, how to decide your advertising budget and other aspects.


Startup Interview: With GizaPage Founder And CEO Amit Jaipuria

GizaPage-Logo“I have Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter and blah,blah,blah social network profiles. I can’t manage them.” You hear and might feel yourself the same things as social networks are increasing in numbers and nature. GizaPage can end this dilemma by providing one common platform where you can organize all your social network profiles and share them with friends. GizaPage organizes your all social network profiles in no-nonsense way of tabbed pages and one single vanity URL. You can register with GizaPage and get one fancy url which will be your homepage for all social networks. On that page you can see different tabs for each social network profile and can manage through that. GizaPage helps organizations make one brand of all their social network presence. That’s a brief overview of GizaPage. But in this article we will see more about entrepreneurial journey of the founder in the making of GizaPage, his learning and experiences and most importantly – the advice for early stage entrepreneurs and startups in whole. Recently I talked to Amit – Founder and CEO of GizaPage. He candidly explained about GizaPage as well as his experiences and entrepreneurial journey. Here’s that Q&A session.


TechCrunch50 : Are Indian Startups Ready Yet?

india_flag_tcTechCrunch50 : “Startup Mahakumbh” has  just summed up at San Francisco. The results are out. Here is the list.
1) –  Local service providers platform.
2) –  Online communication platform.
3) –  Mobile civic engagement tool.
4) –  Search and view any moment from any movie.

These startups will get limelight and enough money for publicity and marketing. They may succeed or die in vein. The perspective I am looking at is, whether Indian startups are ready for the market capture? Whether Indian people are ready to accept the new online systems?



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