Free Business Model Generation Tool For Entrepreneurs

Business modelThe Business Model Canvas is an essential tool for entrepreneurs. The application captures an entire business model on one single page. Its concrete infrastructure helps you better pivot your business model with the help of nine core business segments that impress venture capitalists, clients or anyone else interested in seeing your business concept.  (more…)

10 Reasons To Use Cloud Computing For Businesses

Cloud computing for businessCloud computing has become the latest buzzword that has caught the fancy of businesses and IT professionals alike. As a result, there is a rush to implement cloud computing in enterprises to stay updated with the latest technological trend. Unfortunately quite a significant number of cloud computing projects fail to deliver intended results – mostly because those are unplanned, ad hoc and lack clear vision. Cloud implementation can certainly benefit your business if you know what to look for.

What is cloud?

To a layman the definition of cloud is obscure. It becomes fuzzier and vague with the complexities and varieties of services available through cloud.  But to keep it simple we can say that cloud computing refers to a bunch of services, hosted in one or more remote servers and available via internet. Depending on their features clouds can be –private; which is basically a proprietary cloud, and public; services offered by a third-party hosting company. There is another type which is becoming increasingly popular. It’s called hybrid cloud and as the name suggests it has the best of both public and private cloud.  (more…)

Find Free Legal Document Templates For Everything At Docracy

Free Legal Documents

It seems like our personal and professional lives continue to become more and more litigious with each passing year. It’s a wonder anyone can get anything done when you consider how much red tape we all have to wade through every day. Regardless, contracts and legal documents are a crucial part of a modern, technologically-advanced society when it comes to keeping the engines of commerce humming along smoothly. Docracy takes legal document creation into the realm of open source collaboration, eliminating at least some of the headache of drafting contracts, legal documents and more.  (more…)

Build Mobile Commerce Store App On Your Own With MobiCart

DIY M-Commerce Store with MobiCart

An increasing amount of e-commerce is moving from the laptop to the mobile phone. We all know that having a dedicated mobile website optimized for smart devices is a must, but many neglect to tune their e-commerce stores for mobile as well. Mobile commerce or m-commerce is just anther way to facilitate buying and selling online. People will go out of their way to buy from Amazon, but a lack of an m-commerce portal for mobile users can be a deal breaker for smaller shops. MobiCart is an easy way to create mobile stores quickly for free.  (more…)

Line2 : Add Phone Features To iPad

Line2 iPad The iPad is an amazing device for performing day-to-day activities such as checking email, keeping your tasks in check, and managing your finances. The only limitation of the device is that it is not capable of making phone calls, until now. While Skype is always an option for users, there is something better. Line2 is a service that transforms your iPad into a full-fledged conference calling machine that is capable of making calls, sending texts, and having your very own phone number. Capability of making phone calls from your iPad adds nifty feature to this amazing device which helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives using it rise to whole new level of productivity.  (more…)

Create Free Website And Free Blog At Weebly

Weebly Logo One of the biggest hassles of having an online presence is learning HTML and CSS in order to create and manage your own website. Even for people who are familiar with these markup languages, posting using them every day can eat up valuable time spent growing your business. This is where Weebly can help, as it is one of the best drag and drop editors for website building available. Weebly helps you create free website ( No Ads! ) or free blog with lots of useful features, themes, templates and powerful hosting. And you don’t spend a single penny over it. You can use your own domain name too. (more…)

Onepager : Create Simple Website Very Easily

Onepager Logo Onepager is a awesome new web 2.0 app to create simple website for small businesses very quickly. It gives you everything you need and nothing more. Though all the fat is cut out of creation process, the resulting website design is elegant and professional. Onepager’s simple graphical interface is without much fluff to get in the way of creating a website. The process of creating website is exceedingly simple, so much so that even a child could do it. (more…)

Zendesk Review : Help Desk Support Web 2.0 Style

Zendesk Buddha Zendesk is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based help desk support company that contracts its services to any small, medium or enterprise businesses, freelancers, service providers and anybody who is in need of a help desk for efficient customer support, whether they have only one agent handling problems or a large staff. It helps agents answer questions, track issues and streamline interactions. Zendesk’s simplicity of operation, its extensibility and potential for customization and the variety of tools it offers to manage the customer relationship makes it one uniquely proportioned help desk offering in the cloud. (more…)

Highrise : Small Business CRM With Simplicity

Highrise LogoCustomer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses organize all of their interactions with customers into one tool. With CRM software, businesses may track sales leads, issues product quotes or keep track of any product sold. Any conversations or correspondence mailed to the customer will be included in the customer and prospect contact details and history. CRM is an exceptional tool because anyone in the organization can view the file and determine where the sales person is in the process. The person that fields the call can address the issue according to the correspondence. The process will seem seamless to the customer.

Highrise – from Chicago based 37 Signals, specifically, can help small businesses organize email conversations and notes for up to 30,000 customers. The software may also keep track of all the proposals and deals. Sales people will also receive reminders to follow up with messages. This software is recommended for all businesses that want to increase productivity and provide seamless customer service. This article will explore the benefits of this software by examining how CRM and Highrise help businesses retain customers and convert sales.


Zoho BugTracker : Issue Management and Bug Tracking For Small Business

Zoho BugTracker - Bug tracking softwareBugTracker is California-based development firm ZOHO Software’s web-based bug and issue management system. It seems to have been designed specifically to reduce the unproductive down-time that often seems to be part and parcel of being on the managing and coding ends of software development projects. BugTracker’s raison d’être consists in increasing productivity by easing the functional workload of bug tracking and issue management by way of implementing easy-to-use, intuitive management tools that give the whole development team a clear sense of where their project stands at any given point in time. The tools BugTracker uses were clearly designed with ease of use in mind. They work in concert to streamline the whole trajectory of a project, focusing strongly on facilitating communication between users themselves and between managers and users.


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