Online Code Editing Framework CodeMirror

baboonCodeMirror is an open-source JavaScript library that provides an in-browser code editor. It is customizable with CSS theming support and rich programming API. CodeMirror supports numerous program modes which supports programming languages like C, C++, C#, D, and Java; scripting languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Shell, Python, VBScript, and Perl; markup languages such as HTML, XML, Markdown, Cascading Stylesheet, and reStructuredText; and miscellaneous modes like diff. CodeMirror can be embedded in the major desktop web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.  (more…)

How To Build Q&A Website Like Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow Logo Stackoverflow is an online Q&A system where programmers and developers from all levels of experience can read, ask and answer questions related to the field of programming. Stack Overflow is a collaborative online community that requires no monthly membership and is not littered with spam. The site is totally user-driven and is frequented as a simple resource to read questions and answers involving programming, source code, software tools, careers, software algorithms, etc. If you are looking to create a similar site for your business or organization, try installing and running Coordino on your website.

This software platform is built as a Stack Overflow clone and is completely open-source and free for the general public to use. Installation and site administration can be quick and simple if you are using the latest updates of MySQL, Apache and PHP. Its easy and speedy installation and set up process is perhaps one of its best features. Moderators can control posts, create spam filters and give out user permissions with out any hassles.  (more…)

How To Build Website With Drag And Drop Widgets

web portalsThe continued development of the Ajax framework has allowed a tremendous increase in what website interfaces are able to do. With truly programmable aspects, Ajax has lead to an Internet that is far more capable than what most imagined in the days of static HTML. One of the most stunning culminations of the power of Ajax is drag and drop interfaces. Google’s iGoogle interface demonstrated how a drag and drop interface can make a website attractive and highly interactive. Websites often emphasize customization and drag and drop functionality allows pages to be customized without having to access a separate “customize” or “personalize” page.  (more…)

GnuCash – Free Accounting Software For Personal And Small Business Use

Nowadays, keeping the books straight in both the personal and professional spheres requires some capable and powerful softwares. Though there are a number of proprietary software suites available for accounting purposes, it’s not always necessary to shell out a lot of money for a superb bookkeeping program. One open source alternative to the more expensive paid accounting utilities is GnuCash, a free and easy accounting powerhouse worth considering. Whether you need to keep track of invoices, tabulate expenses or create financial statements, GnuCash has got you covered. (more…)

Create Clean CSS Image Sprites With Glue

Google Sprite CSSEvery webmaster should know how useful CSS sprites can be in reducing the overall size of any given web page. Additionally, it’s far more convenient to have all of your images condensed into one simple PNG when designing a layout. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many high-quality sprite creation programs available online for everyday developers. One versatile utility that can easily whip up CSS sprites in a flash is Glue, an automatic command-line tool for stitching together images.  (more…)

Simplified Server Monitoring And Error Logging Tool Amon

Amon server monitoring toolIf you’re any kind of systems administrator or app developer, the need to monitor servers and log data is a constant worry. In the cloud era, server monitoring and administration has become an ever greater concern for even the simplest of websites and mobile apps. While Nagios has been the go-to solution for sysadmins for years when it comes to server monitoring, it’s hardly the only option. An up and coming platform called Amon is an excellent alternative that features a light footprint and manages to deliver the same performance as more bloated monitoring programs with far less overhead.  (more…)

Is Your Website Slow?

Lightning fast speed Web pages continue to become larger and more complex with each passing year, presenting ever greater difficulties for webmasters. Tuning a website or application for the best performance possible can become a significant headache when you have to contend with numerous files and resources, many of which are pulled from various remote locations. A utility by the name of WebPagetest aims to simplify the process by delivering detailed website performance metrics and highlighting areas where developers can improve their sites.  (more…)

How To Backup Gmail Emails To Hard Drive

GMail LogoGoogle’s Gmail is easily one of the most convenient and reliable free cloud email services on the web at the moment. When you consider how important Gmail is to so many people around the world, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more utilities available on the market for backing up and restoring your email archives. However, there is one nifty little program called Gmvault that makes backing up and restoring bulk email from your Gmail account an absolute breeze. (more…)

Dia : Visio Like Free Software For Diagram And Flowchart Creation

Dia Gnome Logo Microsoft is understandably worried about competition from the likes of Google and Apple, due to their dominance of the web and mobile markets. What they should really be concerned about, however, is the slew of open source programs that threaten their monopoly of the office software sphere. In many ways, Open Office is just as full-featured and capable as Microsoft Office. Likewise, Microsoft Visio has a direct and potent competitor in the form of Dia from GNOME, a powerful vector graphics editor designed from the ground up for crafting stellar diagrams and flowcharts. Dia is free, open source and have small footprint in memory.  (more…)

Click2try : Test Open Source Software Online Without Installation

Test open source softwareWant to try different open source software to choose the best? Want to try Linux distributions before moving from Windows? Click2try is the answer to your needs. It’s a community powered web service which hosts many open source applications and software. All you need is compatible browser and latest Java version. Let’s see how the need arise to have such a service. Sometime back I wanted to try Ubuntu linux on my machine. I wanted to use it for development work. One option was to use virtual machine software like VirtualBox to test Ubuntu on that. But that will need me to download VirtialBox as well as latest Ubuntu edition. Setting up them both on machine can be headache for novice users. You might also land into glitches and unnecessary complications while doing so. So I dropped that idea for time being. But while surfing the web I encountered Click2Try and bingo, everything was there – I wanted to test – without any hassle and just a click away.


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