Mobile Internet Usage In India : Statistics, Facts & Opportunities

Mobile InternetDo you know that number of mobile phone users in India are more than 65% of total population now, and what more is the fact that this figure is still increasing to new heights at 20 million new subscribers per month! Each month millions of new users are added and a chunk of them use internet on their mobile phones.

Expert also believe that in not so distant future number of internet users will exceed number of PC internet users. Well I would say that personally I am practically optimistic about this fact. And if it happens (that number of mobile internet users exceed PC internet users), it will open a pandora of new opportunities for all of us.

So it is very important for us to know about mobile internet usage in India. And in this article we are going to get some insights on this topic. So without moving any further lets get into the nuances of mobile internet usage in India.


Twitter + Airtel : Now Use Twitter Via SMS Through Your Airtel Mobile Phone In India

twitter-airtelIn the strategic move to gain the advantage of large tehcno-savvy Indian population, Twitter recently announced an exclusive deal with Bharti Airtel. Airtel is also promoting this deal prominently through advertising on various online newspaper editions as well as Television. See the Airtel campaign here. Airtel punchline for the campaign goes something like this “Share from anywhere. Twitter on SMS, only on Airtel”. Now you can send updates to your Twitter account via SMS from your Airtel mobile phone. Let’s see how you can do that.


Chart: Mobile Advertising Revenue To Be $3.1 Billion By 2013

The chart shows summary about US mobile advertising revenue, but we will see this trend in the whole world mobile market expectedly.


How To Save Mobile Contacts( Address Book ) Online?

zyb-logoHave you lost all your friends’ contact numbers, because you lost your mobile phone? You bought a new mobile and manually entering those 400 contacts from your old phone address book? Zyb is here, rocking and FREE. You can save all your mobile contacts from address book online with Zyb. Follow the steps and stop worrying.


skyfire : New era in the Mobile Browsing?

Ones there was battle to be best in the computer browser field.
Now another battle is setting up in the mobile browsing industry.
In this article we will review the new star in the making : Skyfire

Samsung India launches solar powered mobile “Solar Guru” 1107

Samsung India launched its latest innovative solar powered mobile phone named Solar Guru. It’s code named Guru E1107. Its battery is charged using solar energy. This is pioneering advancement in mobile phone technology. (more…)


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