How To Reduce Outlook Calendar Folder Size

Outlook Calendar LogoMicrosoft Outlook is essential for any professional working out there. And so does the Outlook Calendar as it houses all the meeting requests, reminders and appointments. But most of the organizations put data storage limit in their user Outlook usage. So mostly people will get around 100 MB of storage (and even less if you’re just developer or junior employee). Continuous inflow of mails and meeting requests/appointments will soon choke up the storage limit of Outlook. To free up the space you can move mails to personal folders, delete meeting requests/appointments from Calendar which are expired. But wait, that’s the tricky part. Cleaning up mails is easy but not the Calendar. If you’re facing problem in reducing the size of your Outlook Calendar, keep reading.  (more…)

Dia : Visio Like Free Software For Diagram And Flowchart Creation

Dia Gnome Logo Microsoft is understandably worried about competition from the likes of Google and Apple, due to their dominance of the web and mobile markets. What they should really be concerned about, however, is the slew of open source programs that threaten their monopoly of the office software sphere. In many ways, Open Office is just as full-featured and capable as Microsoft Office. Likewise, Microsoft Visio has a direct and potent competitor in the form of Dia from GNOME, a powerful vector graphics editor designed from the ground up for crafting stellar diagrams and flowcharts. Dia is free, open source and have small footprint in memory.  (more…)

Home Automation : How Smart Home Technology Is Geared Up For Future

Home Automation Console Home automation systems provide automatic control and operation of the home or of specific activities, tasks and work in the home. Among the common tasks and systems handled using home automation are temperature control, ventilation, lighting, security systems, appliances, power consumption, power generation, robotics, entertainment systems and medical systems. We’ll see how major technology firms like AT&T, Apple, Verizon, Comcast, Google and Microsoft have invested significant capital in research and development for the “smart home” of the future. And how they are shaping up the future of “Smart Home”.  (more…)

SkyDrive Shrunk! Act Now Or Lose Free Storage

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Poster  As I’ve learnt moments ago from this post on TheNextWeb, two things are happening. One, SkyDrive app is released for Windows and Mac, and Second and more important if you’re using as your free storage of documents, is the free storage is being dropped. For the starters, is Microsoft’s cloud offering in which you can store your documents, photos and videos. The familiar folder structure of the Windows PC is present and hence the good experience. As a Windows Phone owner, it’s mandatory to have hotmail id which by default entitles you for 25 GB of free storage on But as just now learnt the free storage is shrinking, and if you don’t act now, only 7 GB will remain as free storage for you account.  (more…)

Bing Desktop Is Awesome – Must Try For Bing Wallpaper Lovers

Bing Desktop If you’re great fan of images, here’s a simple way to set them as your desktop wallpaper automatically. homepage may not be known as the leading search engine but it’s definitely home to some of coolest images on the planet. I visit bing just to get a glimpse of those images. And I believe many of you are also fans of those mesmerizing sights the search engine hosts. There is now official software utility called “Bing Desktop” from Microsoft by which you can automatically set those images as your desktop wallpaper(more…)

Shotty : Tiny Little But Amazing Screenshot Utility For Windows

Shotty Screen Capture Utility For WindowsWhether it’s Windows’ Snipping Tool or just the PrintScreen key and copying and pasting it into paintshop, some people seem content using the old fashioned screen capturing tools that come built into Windows when they want to create a screenshot of what’s on their screen. But these built-in Windows apps are very limited for those who expect more options. If you’re looking for a good free app with extra features that gives you the versatility and options needed to make quality screenshots, Shotty is definitely a must-have screen capture tool in your Windows arsenal.   (more…)

Why Windows Phone

Why Windows Phone

Recently I bought Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone OS powered smartphone. I was a big fan of iPhone and considering to buy one before Nokia Lumia 800 came out. I was on the verge to buy iPhone but couldn’t because of some personal situations. And then one day I got promotional email of Nokia Lumia 800. From that day onwards I watched every video available for Nokia Lumia 800. I read every blog post, many forums and tons of news before I made the decision to go with Nokia Lumia 800 then to move to iPhone. So if you are still confused between Windows Phone and iPhone, you can read the conclusions of my heavy research before I made my decision. Hope this enlightens some of you. (more…)

Will Apple Erection Of Profits Surpass Microsoft’s? [Chart]

Chart Apple Microsoft ProfitsIs that a legitimate word to use for anything to do with financial speculations? But look at the chart and you will realize that its ture. For Apple, these numbers are more than satisfying. Apple’s market cap has already been crossed that of Microsoft’s. For now the operating income of Apple is $3.9 billion trailing Microsoft’s $5.2 billion. But the future looks different with the trend showing up on this chart. Apple’s iPhone proved to  be growth engine while iPad is climbing new heights. Apple’s profits are increasing at the pace of F1 car an may cross past to Microsoft’s profits in few years. What Steve Ballmer has to say on this? Nothing. Steve Jobs will have the last laugh.


Know The Charming Relationship Between Microsoft IE And Firefox Teams

Microsoft-IE-Sent-A-Cake-To-FirefoxFew days back I came across the interesting relationship between Microsoft IE and Mozilla Firefox teams. Microsoft looks quite modest this time. Let me start with Bill Gates’ comment on Firefox in 2005 in interview with BBC, “so much software gets downloaded all the time, but do people actually use it?”. Now, Firefox could answer this question confidently with its 46% of whooping market share. Surprisingly Microsoft IE team, notorious for its unhealthy competition with Netscape, is maintaining (or pretending like having) very good relationship with Firefox team. (For your information, Netscape was having 90% market share in mid 1990s, which was reduced to mere 1% at the end of 2006. One of the reason behind this was decision by Microsoft to bundle IE with OS at free of cost. The antitrust case was filed against Microsoft for this move and it was settled with huge penalty of $750 million to Microsoft.) (more…)

Logo Evolution Of 7 Tech Giants

I was observing the logo evolution of Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel etc and it was reasonably interesting. There is one clear trend, more the company becomes mature and prominent, logo becomes more simpler. Along with logo evolution, I will brief you about some very interesting facts as well. For example, Intel was given a name like ‘Moore Noyce’ but idea was dropped due to funny reason! Initially Nokia was nothing but a paper manufacturing unit and last but not least, due to trademark conflict, Mozilla changed the name twice for its browser before settling for Firefox.


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