Line2 : Add Phone Features To iPad

Line2 iPad The iPad is an amazing device for performing day-to-day activities such as checking email, keeping your tasks in check, and managing your finances. The only limitation of the device is that it is not capable of making phone calls, until now. While Skype is always an option for users, there is something better. Line2 is a service that transforms your iPad into a full-fledged conference calling machine that is capable of making calls, sending texts, and having your very own phone number. Capability of making phone calls from your iPad adds nifty feature to this amazing device which helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives using it rise to whole new level of productivity.  (more…)

15 Must-Have Apps For New iPhone Users

Steve Jobs Presentation One more thing...

It’s highly expected within the technological world that the iPhone 5 will be released within the coming weeks. If you’re one of the millions of people eagerly anticipating the release, you’re probably wondering what sort of apps are available that most iPhone users can’t live without. If you’ve just bought an iPhone, your first question will be “Which apps should I install on my new iPhone?” So we went through hundreds of apps and came out with an essential collection of iPhone apps. These apps include social experience, games, entertainment, music and photography, lifestyle and on the go iPhone apps. Check out this collection of 15 apps we feel are essential to the iPhone experience. (more…)

Conqu : Task Management Made Easy [Multi-Platform]

Conqu Task Management and GTD Getting organized using a tablet makes perfect sense since they are more accessible than laptops and have larger screens than smartphones. Conqu is the app for arranging all of your tasks in one place and with the optional ConquSync service, you can work with others to complete tasks and have shared completed tasks sync to every user. Conqu supports range of tablets including iPad, BlackBerry Playbook, Nook and any Android tablet. Getting Things Done (GTD) is top priority app for any professional or business person as they have many tasks and To-Do at their disposal which they can’t remember in its entirety. So apps like Conqu which supports not just tablets but Android smartphones too, comes in handy when you’ve different set of devices in your kitty.  (more…)

Read It Later : Save And Read Web Pages On Any Device Any Time

Read It Later Logo One of the most perplexing questions most people face when tacking their RSS feeds on both their home computers and their phones is, “How do I get links I want to read later onto my device without emailing them to myself?” Google tried to resolve this with the Chrome to Phone extension for Android, but Read It Later has a much more elegant solution that is both mobile and PC friendly. Read It Later saves web pages and let you read it any time you want on any device like your iPhone or Android mobile. Saved web pages are also available offline so when you don’t have internet access you still can read your pages. (more…)

Convore Provides Quick & Easy Group Instant Messaging

Convore group instant messaging Logo If you’ve ever tried to collaborate on a project without the hassle of video conferencing, you know how much trouble finding a means to get everyone together can be. The problem with traditional instant messaging programs that support group messaging such as Yahoo! and MSN is that once the session is ended, the chat is lost, unless someone thought to copy/paste the chat into some other format. Convore aims to solve this problem by providing users with a quick and easy way to set up a group instant messaging platform for just about any subject under the sun. And it comes with lot of other great features too. (more…)

Use Manilla To Get Control Of Your Finances & Bills

One of the major inconveniences of paperless billing is that with no reminders set up, payments can often be forgotten. Manilla aims to set this straight by working with a number of providers and financial institutions so you can have a quick glance of your balance across all of your accounts, as well as see upcoming bills that are due. Good thing is, it has iPhone and Android app options too.

In some instances, assigning a service to Manilla will initiate paperless billing for that service and all reminders will be sent through the service to alert you through your email. The handy Manilla app for both iPhone and Android makes checking your balance and finding out when your next bill is due a breeze. (more…)

CardFlick: The Newest Way To Share Your Business Card [iPhone]

Card Flick - iPone App to Share Business CardIf you’ve ever been to a convention of any note, one of the first things you do when you get home is sort through the many business cards you’ve collected over the course of a few days. This used to be a hassle, but thankfully there’s a new iPhone app, CardFlick on the horizon that aims to help you sort through your business cards, keep them organized, and design a stunning digital business card of your own.  (more…)

Zombies, Run! Running Game With Twist Of Storytelling

Zombies Run Logo We could all use a little motivation to work out now and then, but development team Six to Start has created a unique concept in their upcoming game/adventure called Zombies, Run!. The premise is that any real world running you complete helps a story driven adventure where you can collect supplies and find other benefits for your colony. The more you run, the more supplies you collect and the more story is told as you listen to the app. (more…)

Use EnSoul To Put The “I” In iPhone

EnSould for iPhone Customization is one of the best ways to make our electronics our own. Modern smartphones come with several features that make this possible, including supporting contact avatars, live wallpapers, and custom ringtones. The only problem with customizing your iPhone with contact pictures and new wallpapers is that the iTunes interface leaves more than a little to be desired. This is where EnSoul comes in to help you crop, resize, and create images for your iPhone with a snap. This images can be assigned as contact photos or wallpapers. EnSoul works with variety of online photo services plus the images on your local drive. (more…)

PayMeBack : Keep Track Of Borrowed Or Lent Money [iPhone]

PayMeBack App For iPhone We’ve all been in a situation where either we owe friends money, or they owe us money. Keeping track of who owes what while on a vacation, on a shopping trip, or simply dividing up the monthly bills can be a hassle no one wants to deal with. Thankfully, PayMeBack keeps track of all the important information for you and then allows you to share it with your friends so they’re aware as well. (more…)

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