Electronically Sign Documents Right Inside Gmail

hellosign logoHave you ever had to sign a document that then had to be emailed to someone? There really are a lot of really tedious steps involved in this process. First, you have to print the document out, sign it with pen, scan it into the computer, potentially have to resize the document, and then send it to your client, coworker, or whoever else needed the signature. It’s surprising that something so outdated and time consuming could have gone on for so long without a solution, especially in this era of feature rich web apps and mobile apps.  (more…)

Instantly Capture Ideas In A Sketch [iPhone/iPad]

Ink App for iPhoneHow many times have you been somewhere and needed to jot something down but couldn’t find a pen or paper? It could have been the invention of the century, but you were too shy to ask the waitress for her pencil! How often have you tried to explain something to someone verbally, when a simple sketch would have done the trick?  (more…)

5 Top iPhone Apps To Compare Prices

shopping search on iPhoneWhen you go into a store and select a item you would like to purchase, you may want to be assured that you are getting the best value possible for your money. If this curiosity is something you have ever felt before when buying things at a brick and mortar retail store, you may be interested to know about five iPhone apps that can do price checks and comparisons between many local to you and online retailers for the same things that you may be considering to buy. Albeit, they all have certain things in common; they all check various prices of an item for you, and they allow you to create shopping lists to keep or share by sending them to friends and family. All you have to do is scan the products’ barcode with your phone and let the app do the rest. It’ll bring up a menu filled with different stores and list the item up for question and the price they are selling it for, if it is available for that particular store. If you do not feel up to scanning barcodes, no problem, you can take the product’s picture, or say the products name into your phone, you can even just plain old type it in.  (more…)

5+ Best Music Sites To Tune In

Girl listening to music on headphone

Perhaps the best way to surf internet is to surf it while listening to music. Listening music not only relaxes you, but it also helps in keeping yourself focused. All my developer friends know how hard it is to develop without any music. But at times while searching for sites to listen music, we end up entering a compromised site or the one which has pirated content. To listen music safely and legally too, I have listed 5+ Best Sites to Listen Music Online.


SoundCloud : Create & Publish Sounds Like A Pro

SoundCloud Logo In Orange Background The era of low-cost, DIY song recording and publishing has been boon to indie musicians who lack the funds to book professional studio time. It’s a trend that’s here to stay thanks to inexpensive, readily available sound recording equipment and versatile software. Once the tracks are cut, the real challenge is getting people to listen to your unique musical stylings. The hottest cloud-based music sharing application at the moment is SoundCloud, an innovative service on the rise with an ever-expanding base of loyal customers.  (more…)

Social Gift Giving At A Smartphone Near You : Try Karma App

Karma App for social gift givingKarma is a revolutionary free new app for your iPhone and Android device that allows you to send gifts instantly via SMS, email or Facebook. Products and services can be gifted from person to person via mobile devices in real-time. How does Karma make gifting easier? It handles many of the major problems normally encountered when ordering products online. To begin with, you don’t need to remember or even know the recipient’s shipping address. All you need is their phone number, email or to be Facebook friends. The Karma app sends them a text informing them of their gift and asks them where they want the present shipped.  (more…)

Cars in Sandbox : Beautiful iPad App For Kids

Cars in Sandbox iPad App for KidsAnimated learning games are great for young children over the age of two years. Cars in Sandbox: Construction is a fun and engaging educational game app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by digital publisher Thematica.  The construction game provides kids with an opportunity to learn valuable skills while engaging in fun play. The app consists of eight neat construction vehicles that feature operation and sounds that are very close to the real thing. And it also supports the beautiful Retina Display of “New iPad”.  (more…)

Viber : Make Free Phone Calls From iPhone And Android

Viber free phone calls Viber might be the new app on the block, but it’s worth checking out for anyone who goes over their monthly voice or message usage. This can result in costly extra fees that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars over the typical 2-year cellular contract. Viber aims to help consumers to reduce these fees by providing a way to make free calls and send messages over 3G or wireless networks from your iPhone or Android mobile devices. More than 40 million users have already downloaded Viber. (more…)

Wunderlist : Multiplatform Task Management App

Wunderlist logo One of the hardest things to do for many people is staying on track with their goals. Sticky notes, reminders, and to-do lists are all designed to help with this, but one of the major flaws of this system is that it only works if it’s directly in front of you. Wunderlist takes the idea of the to-do list and makes it work no matter where you are by creating a platform for reminders that works on just about every device available. Wunderlist is claimed to be the best GTD (Getting Things Done) app out there by leading tech blogs and tech evangelists.   (more…)

Use Filer To Transfer Files Onto Your iPhone Without iTunes! [iOS]

Filer iPhone App Logo Have you ever been caught out and about without a file you really needed? Maybe you want to show your friends some awesome pictures you took while on vacation or you want to make sure you have backups of all your important work documents. For iPhone and iPad users, this usually means going through the painful process of syncing your phone with iTunes, which means you need to remember to put all of your files on the phone manually through iTunes. With Filer, you can forego the use of iTunes software.  (more…)

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