How To Evolve And Stay Edgy In Online Business

Girl with laptop and colleguesThe web is an ever evolving platform which means you, the online business owner, must keep up with the current trends and future paths of where the web will take your business else be faced with a slow, diminishing demise to the sands of time.

An online business that fails to evolve will, in time, lose favor with its customers because it’s what they want and demand that dictates how successful your online business can truly be. A business that avoids adapting to how its customers shop, their interests and even their lifestyle will become dated at which time new, agile businesses will rise to take your market share.

In this article, you will learn how to continually evolve your business and stay on the edge of technology so you can continue to reach your customers for many years to come.


How To Increase Your Broadband Speed

Broadband ethernet cableComputer users who remember the days of telephone modems and dial up access can sadly recall the days of downloading one song in 20 minutes and wouldn’t even consider trying to stream a movie over their 28.8 modem. Broadband has changed all this. Broadband is defined as any speed above 256 kbits/second, though in US it’s 4 Mbits/second. Broadband internet access is considered to be high-speed because it provides faster data transfer between your computer and internet. Though many are quite happy with the comparative speed of their service today, did you know there are ways to make your already snappy broadband even faster? Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your broadband experience and optimize your speed.


5 Essential Skills That Make You Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Mark Zuckerberg Of Facebook

The explosion of the web did two things for entrepreneurs: it gave everyone a platform to share their vision and business to the world but opened the flood gates for unlimited competition. To be an entrepreneur, this day and age, doesn’t take a masters in Business; in fact, you may already have a majority of skills required to launch you first online business – today!

Although each of the following is up for debate; I believe these five items are the most essential to the modern Internet entrepreneur.


Internet Usage Statistics Of India – A 2010 Report

Internet  is emerging at a rapid pace and it’s already been a part in the field of business, economy, entertainment, social groups all over the globe. The rise of Internet usage all over the world unlocked various new businesses, products, services. Internet is constantly changing the way consumers shop and businesses sell their products. Every business related to any niche knows the importance of Internet and creating a website to show their products to potential consumers.

But still in India – a country of billion people has lot to do in the area of Internet usage to catch up with the global pace. According to a report by Point Topic in 2009, Hongkong – a region with a population of only a million people has more broadband connections than India. But year of 2010 can be a silver line in dark clouds as far as the Internet in India is concerned.


Internet And Broadband User Statistics – India v/s World

internet-statsIn this study of internet and broadband penetration analysis, I’ve included top 5 countries having the largest number of internet users across the world. Though this study is about top 5 countries, we will be more interested in India’s internet and broadband user analysis against that of other top 4 countries. This analysis can be helpful to internet entrepreneurs as well as bloggers and startup companies working in the web services domain.


How The Internet Sees You – Check With Personas Web


Have you ever wondered, how internet sees you and your persona? Check your online identity with Personas. Personas is created by MIT Media Lab. Enter your name, and Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterized the person. It fits them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data. Personas algorithm uses sophisticated natural language processing to gather and categorized the information it extracts from the web about you. I’ve shown the persona of Michael Arrington of Techcrunch.



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