SkyDrive Shrunk! Act Now Or Lose Free Storage

Honey I Shrunk The Kids Poster  As I’ve learnt moments ago from this post on TheNextWeb, two things are happening. One, SkyDrive app is released for Windows and Mac, and Second and more important if you’re using as your free storage of documents, is the free storage is being dropped. For the starters, is Microsoft’s cloud offering in which you can store your documents, photos and videos. The familiar folder structure of the Windows PC is present and hence the good experience. As a Windows Phone owner, it’s mandatory to have hotmail id which by default entitles you for 25 GB of free storage on But as just now learnt the free storage is shrinking, and if you don’t act now, only 7 GB will remain as free storage for you account.  (more…)

Top 10 Most Liked Indian Celebrities On Facebook

Yesterday I Googled to find out which Indian celebrities are most liked on Facebook, and to my dismay I couldn’t find much satisfactory results. So I thought why not do this ‘Hard Work’ all by myself and deliver it to the readers. As usual, list is dominated by Bollywood stars and Cricketers with hardly one or two exceptions. And here goes the list of Top 10 Most Liked Celebrities on Facebook.


Get A Free Photo Album(6″x9″) From

Zoomin free photo album That’s right! Free ( Free as in free beer) photo album (6″x9″) from one of the India’s finest startup This is no sponsored post or no advertising, I’m writing only because I got free flipbook worth INR 279 just after opening my account with Zoomin. There are no Terms & Conditions attached to it. The flipbook is high quality and consists of as many as 33 photos. Paper quality is good too. Let’s see what you’ll get. (more…)

Social Media Statistics India

Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate to each other. Not just that, ‘Social Media‘ has no longer confined to merely being a communication platform, rather it has now become a virtual world online where people come, become friends, develop relationship, form gangs, listen music, play games and much more. India too has not remained untouched with such an evolution of social media. In India most popular social media sites are ‘Facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Orkut’, YouTube’ and ‘Twitter’. And their number of registered members are increasing at a mind boggling rate.

So today it has become all the more important for Businesses and brands to use social media tools to market their product or services. But to use these tools, you will need to have correct stats and info with you to start with. In this article I am trying to give you the stats of almost all social media sites. (more…)

Internet Usage Statistics Of India – A 2010 Report

Internet  is emerging at a rapid pace and it’s already been a part in the field of business, economy, entertainment, social groups all over the globe. The rise of Internet usage all over the world unlocked various new businesses, products, services. Internet is constantly changing the way consumers shop and businesses sell their products. Every business related to any niche knows the importance of Internet and creating a website to show their products to potential consumers.

But still in India – a country of billion people has lot to do in the area of Internet usage to catch up with the global pace. According to a report by Point Topic in 2009, Hongkong – a region with a population of only a million people has more broadband connections than India. But year of 2010 can be a silver line in dark clouds as far as the Internet in India is concerned.


Internet And Broadband User Statistics – India v/s World

internet-statsIn this study of internet and broadband penetration analysis, I’ve included top 5 countries having the largest number of internet users across the world. Though this study is about top 5 countries, we will be more interested in India’s internet and broadband user analysis against that of other top 4 countries. This analysis can be helpful to internet entrepreneurs as well as bloggers and startup companies working in the web services domain.


LOL: Google’s New Product – IceGola AKA GoGola

Google-icegolaLook at the logo on the left closely. Seems Google has new product in the making. Though it has nothing to do with the technology part, I couldn’t resist myself from posting this funny take on Google by Indian Ice-Gola verndor. And these guys have their website too. Check GoGolaIndia.  Anybody who don’t know what ice-gola is, check out this article on wikipedia. Below I’ve posted more images of that stall.


Twitter + Airtel : Now Use Twitter Via SMS Through Your Airtel Mobile Phone In India

twitter-airtelIn the strategic move to gain the advantage of large tehcno-savvy Indian population, Twitter recently announced an exclusive deal with Bharti Airtel. Airtel is also promoting this deal prominently through advertising on various online newspaper editions as well as Television. See the Airtel campaign here. Airtel punchline for the campaign goes something like this “Share from anywhere. Twitter on SMS, only on Airtel”. Now you can send updates to your Twitter account via SMS from your Airtel mobile phone. Let’s see how you can do that.


Amazon Kindle Is Now In India : Here’s Why Buy Kindle And Why Not?

amazon_kindle_2_with_booksAmazon Kindle – The most popular eBook reader – is now launched in India. Shipping starts on 19th October, 2009. On the homepage of, you can see below excerpt from founder Jeff Bezos’ letter,

With this new kindle, you can get your books, newspapers, and magazines delivered wirelessly while at home or abroad in over 100 countries. Whether you’re in Paris, Mumbai, or Sao Paulo, you can think of a book and be reading it in less than 60 seconds.

Kindle’s base price is about 13,500 INR in India, now include shipping charges, import Fee deposits and higher prices of eBooks, it will add up to total price of kindle to 19,000 INR! It seems higher price, but book lovers will definitely love this device for its flexibility of use, portability and capacity of storing eBooks (1500 Books at max!!!), but there are some things for which Kindle can’t stand. Here’s discussion about the reasons of why you should buy Kindle and why shouldn’t.


TechCrunch50 : Are Indian Startups Ready Yet?

india_flag_tcTechCrunch50 : “Startup Mahakumbh” has  just summed up at San Francisco. The results are out. Here is the list.
1) –  Local service providers platform.
2) –  Online communication platform.
3) –  Mobile civic engagement tool.
4) –  Search and view any moment from any movie.

These startups will get limelight and enough money for publicity and marketing. They may succeed or die in vein. The perspective I am looking at is, whether Indian startups are ready for the market capture? Whether Indian people are ready to accept the new online systems?


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