How To Open ePub Files On Windows

ePub file iconHave you ever tried to open an ePub on your regular computer and experienced an error message. Because these are files made for e-readers or tablets like the iPad, they can’t be opened without special software. But there are special software programs or browser add-ons you can install which can help you open these ebooks.  (more…)

How To Find Domain Name Registration History

Domain TLDsRecently I was trying to find domain nameThe idea was to grab a domain name with technology influence. So I was searching for different keywords like web, net, connect, tech etc. Finally I found a good premium class domain name Webx1.comThis domain name was recently deleted and available for registration again. I quickly registered it with my name registrar. But after few hours, curiosity erupted to know who were the past domain name owners of this domain. Using I could find out that the domain was first registered in 2001. But from there onward there were few different owners who had in their possession.  (more…)

How To Run Multiple Skype Accounts On One Computer

skype-accountWhen it comes to running a Skype account, for years the only way to do so was with one account at a time. On a Windows or Mac computer, you would just download the Skype software, which in turn allows you to create an account and log into one account at a time. Even if you had different accounts, say one for work and another for friends, you could only log onto one at a time. This made it rather difficult to stay in touch with both work and friends at the same time, unless two computers were available. Thankfully, it is possible to move past this issue now, thanks to the help of Multi Skype Launcher. This program allows you to run multiple Skype accounts on one computer. It doesn’t take long to figure out the software and it is free to download and install, so if you need to use several different Skype accounts at once, this service is perfect for you.  (more…)

How To Turn Blog Into eBook

ebook readerBloggers are better poised than ever before to expand their reach into the deeper reaches within publishing, and embracing eBook creation is showing them how. There are several eBook benefits for online writers. Consumers can carry the equivalent of full scale libraries within the palm of their hands, which is handy from a portability perspective. Ebooks don’t get wet, they can be delivered instantaneously via the internet, and the lack of paper used makes them ecologically friendly. Ebook tablet readers like the iPad and Amazon Kindle are superb at keeping today’s traveler occupied for commuter and holiday trips with their favorite material – from the classics to the current online sensations.  (more…)

How To Build Q&A Website Like Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow Logo Stackoverflow is an online Q&A system where programmers and developers from all levels of experience can read, ask and answer questions related to the field of programming. Stack Overflow is a collaborative online community that requires no monthly membership and is not littered with spam. The site is totally user-driven and is frequented as a simple resource to read questions and answers involving programming, source code, software tools, careers, software algorithms, etc. If you are looking to create a similar site for your business or organization, try installing and running Coordino on your website.

This software platform is built as a Stack Overflow clone and is completely open-source and free for the general public to use. Installation and site administration can be quick and simple if you are using the latest updates of MySQL, Apache and PHP. Its easy and speedy installation and set up process is perhaps one of its best features. Moderators can control posts, create spam filters and give out user permissions with out any hassles.  (more…)

How To Build Website With Drag And Drop Widgets

web portalsThe continued development of the Ajax framework has allowed a tremendous increase in what website interfaces are able to do. With truly programmable aspects, Ajax has lead to an Internet that is far more capable than what most imagined in the days of static HTML. One of the most stunning culminations of the power of Ajax is drag and drop interfaces. Google’s iGoogle interface demonstrated how a drag and drop interface can make a website attractive and highly interactive. Websites often emphasize customization and drag and drop functionality allows pages to be customized without having to access a separate “customize” or “personalize” page.  (more…)

Can’t Connect To WiFi After Windows Vista Update [Solved]

internet not workingMy other Acer laptop runs on Windows Vista OS. Today I got automatic update from Microsoft. Once I finished with updating and laptop rebooted, I tried to connect to Wireless router for surfing internet. But to my surprise, internet was not working. I’m using Belkin wireless router. Laptop was not at all connecting to the router. LED for wireless network activity was not blinking anymore. So I tried many solutions, many of them which didn’t work. Finally I had success by tweaking Atheros AR5007 network adapter driver settings. See the step-by-step solution with screenshots below.  (more…)

How to Block Unwanted Game/App Notifications In Facebook

Plenty of Facebook Apps shoot hell lot of notifications and act like a spammer. Be it apps like Birthday Calendar, SkillPages, FarmVille, Zyanga Slingo or unwanted Group notifications! Many of us think that, it would take bit of an effort to block these notifications and hence live with that. But wait, now blocking such notifications is just a matter of one click. Facebook has given an intuitive way to kill all unwanted notifications. (more…)

How To Reduce Outlook Calendar Folder Size

Outlook Calendar LogoMicrosoft Outlook is essential for any professional working out there. And so does the Outlook Calendar as it houses all the meeting requests, reminders and appointments. But most of the organizations put data storage limit in their user Outlook usage. So mostly people will get around 100 MB of storage (and even less if you’re just developer or junior employee). Continuous inflow of mails and meeting requests/appointments will soon choke up the storage limit of Outlook. To free up the space you can move mails to personal folders, delete meeting requests/appointments from Calendar which are expired. But wait, that’s the tricky part. Cleaning up mails is easy but not the Calendar. If you’re facing problem in reducing the size of your Outlook Calendar, keep reading.  (more…)

How To Import JSON Bookmarks In Firefox

Firefox Logo With Red Bookmark RibbonBookmarks are a way to store your favourite article links in the browser. When you buy new PC or tablet, you want your saved bookmarks in old machine to be transferred. There are two ways to backup bookmarks in Firefox, HTML or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file.  (more…)

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