Home Automation : How Smart Home Technology Is Geared Up For Future

Home Automation Console Home automation systems provide automatic control and operation of the home or of specific activities, tasks and work in the home. Among the common tasks and systems handled using home automation are temperature control, ventilation, lighting, security systems, appliances, power consumption, power generation, robotics, entertainment systems and medical systems. We’ll see how major technology firms like AT&T, Apple, Verizon, Comcast, Google and Microsoft have invested significant capital in research and development for the “smart home” of the future. And how they are shaping up the future of “Smart Home”.  (more…)

Make Your Stories Standout With Google News “Standout” Tag

Google News Standout Tag If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ve noticed the sweeping design changes Google is making to its many services. The service that has received the most attention is its social division, which now houses Google News and as such, the service has received a few changes to make it easier for sites to have their articles picked up by the news aggregator.

The major change is the addition of the “standout” tag that can be embedded into the header of any story so that the story is flagged as top content for the publisher. There are measures in place to avoid the abuse of the standout tag, but the basics of how it works is pretty ingenious and should help improve the stories Google pulls in for its front page news. (more…)

Revolution or Another Fail…!

Google Wallet

Google Wallet officially launched on 19th this month after being announced several months ago as a way for people to use their mobile phones to pay for goods. Google Wallet works on Near Field Technology (NFC). The Samsung Nexus S for Sprint Nextel is currently the only smart phone supported due to hardware limitations, but as phones grow more advanced, Google Wallet will become a better service for mobile payments. Google Wallet is taught to be the revolution in how we pay. As per the Google Wallet vision,

In the past few thousand years, the way we pay has changed just three times—from coins, to paper money, to plastic cards. Now we’re on the brink of the next big shift.


Improve Your Google Search Experience With CloudMagic

CloudMagic Google Search Google has quickly become an online hub with their cloud offerings, as many people use Gmail, GDocs, and Google Contacts in their daily lives. The only problem with these services is that they are connected, but not to the degree that they could be. For example, say you’re writing an email to a co-worker and you want to find a document to send them. Normally you would have to open another tab, search for that document in Google Documents, and then share the document that way. With CloudMagic, you can search all of Google’s services in one place. (more…)

Send Fax From Google Docs with InterFax

Google Docs Logo SquareSending a fax is something that is not frequently done business today. However, there are still instances and circumstances when faxes need to be sent or received. For the business that does not physically have a fax machine, one option would be to utilize a fax and copy center. The problem with this is that it is inconvenient and can be expensive. An economical and easy method would be by utilizing InterFax.

Setup is extremely easy and pricing is very affordable. One specific e-mail or an entire domain is able to be registered on the service. Once set up, a dedicated fax number is assigned and faxes get automatically forwarded to the business. (more…)

Twitter’s Pagerank Zero!!!

Twitter bird shockedIt’s a shocking news. Twitter’s Google Pagerank is 0 (zero)!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Twitter’s pagerank status in my Firefox browser’s Quirk searchstatus plugin. So I reloaded twitter again in new browser window. And still it’s 0!! How that happened? In this month itself Google updated it’s pagerank. Also it recently updated it’s search algorithm called Panda-Update. In Panda update many content farm websites got hit badly and lost millions of pageviews. Is twitter victim of Google’s Panda update? Or Google just tried to slap Twitter. It’s all matter of time when we’ll come to know when this news spreads like wildfire on every blog and news sites. What’s your take on this situation? Is Twitter Google’s algorithm Victim? Is it an human error? Or it’s just temporary problem…!!


Mobile Internet Usage In India : Statistics, Facts & Opportunities

Mobile InternetDo you know that number of mobile phone users in India are more than 65% of total population now, and what more is the fact that this figure is still increasing to new heights at 20 million new subscribers per month! Each month millions of new users are added and a chunk of them use internet on their mobile phones.

Expert also believe that in not so distant future number of internet users will exceed number of PC internet users. Well I would say that personally I am practically optimistic about this fact. And if it happens (that number of mobile internet users exceed PC internet users), it will open a pandora of new opportunities for all of us.

So it is very important for us to know about mobile internet usage in India. And in this article we are going to get some insights on this topic. So without moving any further lets get into the nuances of mobile internet usage in India.


Google Picasa 3.8: The Best Photo Viewer And Editor

Picasa 3 LogoPicasa 3.8 is an excellent photo viewing and editing software offered by Google. There are two main offerings made by Picasa. One is software and other is online photo sharing and web album service. Picasa’s latest version Picasa 3.8 offers slew of features. Though image viewing is the primary functionality as perceived by many people around the globe, if you’ve used it for photo editing, and image organization you’ll be amazed by the capabilities Picasa has. Along with these main features, Picasa 3.8 also offers video editing. The Picasa web albums helps you upload and share your photos with family and friends.  Full screen slideshow, pictures arranged on global map and video playback are some of the important features of Google Picasa.


Top 10 Free Android Apps To Maintain Your Fitness And Health

While Google Android apps marketplace is slowly and steadily increasing its pace to catch up with the iPhone apps marketplace – there are still thousands of Android apps that are mind-boggling and amazingly useful available in the marketplace. These days, Android phones are rapidly making its place in everyone’s pocket. People from all ages, different origins and countries are buying Android phones.

Android phones can do anything that you think that only iPhone is capable of – be it helping you in staying fit and healthier. If you are a proud owner of Android phone and interested in staying fit and be in shape – there are plenty of Android fitness apps that are absolutely free and keep track of your daily calories burned, weight loss or gain, running, jogging and exercise activities. But, you know that many of the free apps are either buggy or of no use. So, it’s always hard to find out the best free apps from the junk in the marketplace.


Google Is All Set To Go Colorful

Bored of plain Google home page? Then some good news for you. Soon Google is going to introduce new personalization feature that allows you to set background image on Google home page. Choose your favorite background image from your computer or your Picasa web album or any public gallery hosted by Picasa. So, now it is not only Bing who offers dazzling homepage or not only Yahoo who has the power of personalization, It is Google too who offers personalized colorful experience.


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