Found App : All-in-One Search For All Your Files in Cloud Or Mac

FoundApp Logo Sure, it’s easy enough to find files on your hard drive, if your Mac is right in front of you, and maybe you can find documents in your Gmail account quickly enough, if you sign in to the website in your browser. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search all those places — and more — from a single app, without signing into every service individually? The makers of Found App have declared that you can do all this. This app lets you find word documents, emails, contacts, music and more from your Mac or cloud drive accounts. We certainly like the sound of that, so we decided to get to know the program a little better.  (more…)

Sandisk Memory Zone : Your Data Everywhere – On The Phone, In The Cloud (Android)

Sandisk memory zone logo One of the major benefits of faster mobile broadband speeds through 3G and 4G service is that it makes sense to have documents, music, pictures, and other files stored in the cloud to be accessible from anywhere. As storage space is precious in phones as it is, keeping these files in the cloud to have access to them whenever you need them is a real time saver. The only downfall of this method is keeping track of all your cloud services and their respective apps for Android. SanDisk has solved the problem with the SanDisk Memory Zone app, an app that will read and store data from both your internal and external SD cards, as well as various cloud services. (more…)

Top 10 Android Productivity Apps

Productive Apps simple means applications that let you do things quite easily, swiftly and much more efficiently. And when it comes to Android Apps, the whole internet world is clustered with millions of such apps primarily because of Android being open source. And finding right apps to download or use can actually be tricky and tiresome for you. So in this article I have listed 10 Best Productivity Apps for Android, for you so that you don’t have to go through the tedious task of searching the right one on internet. These apps will help you to work smarter, get things organized and most importantly save your precious time. (more…)

Send Fax From Google Docs with InterFax

Google Docs Logo SquareSending a fax is something that is not frequently done business today. However, there are still instances and circumstances when faxes need to be sent or received. For the business that does not physically have a fax machine, one option would be to utilize a fax and copy center. The problem with this is that it is inconvenient and can be expensive. An economical and easy method would be by utilizing InterFax.

Setup is extremely easy and pricing is very affordable. One specific e-mail or an entire domain is able to be registered on the service. Once set up, a dedicated fax number is assigned and faxes get automatically forwarded to the business. (more…)

6 Free Online Document Editors Which Will Change The Way You Work!

Best online document editorsThe internet has made it possible for people work together with one another on a large scale, regardless of their location. In order to create and share information, documents need to pass through a large number of people’s supervision. You might know certain office software like MS Office or Lotus Notes, but if you’re looking for online word processor which can be accessed from anywhere and can be collaborated with other people then you should look for online counterparts of these software. Online document editors are a great way to simplify these processes, and many of them can be found for free. Here are a few popular choices.


Microsoft Office Alternatives That Work

Microsoft Office AlternativesIt goes without saying that Microsoft has dominated the market of office application, but by no means does that suggest it is your only choice. Some of your other options include going the route of Sun Microsystems, Apple, Corel, IBM or others. Some come at only a portion of the price tag that comes attached to Microsoft Office, and some are even free. Some have different features than others, and while they all come with their pros, there are some cons to boot, such as with any program. This article intends to bring light into the truth behind each leading program, its features, pros & cons.


Google Docs : Now Share Folders Too

google-docs-logo-goospoosGoogle docs has announced a most awaited feature – Shared Folders. Now you can share folders too. Previously only documents could be shared. Shared folders feature was much awaited, as sharing each document separately was a very tedious task if you maintain lots of documents on Google Docs. Blogs like ours, where multiple authors write articles first on Google Docs as drafts, will love this feature of shared folders. Because, you see, you can easily make folders with each author name separately and share the folders with editors or other authors.



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