Electronically Sign Documents Right Inside Gmail

hellosign logoHave you ever had to sign a document that then had to be emailed to someone? There really are a lot of really tedious steps involved in this process. First, you have to print the document out, sign it with pen, scan it into the computer, potentially have to resize the document, and then send it to your client, coworker, or whoever else needed the signature. It’s surprising that something so outdated and time consuming could have gone on for so long without a solution, especially in this era of feature rich web apps and mobile apps.  (more…)

How To Backup Gmail Emails To Hard Drive

GMail LogoGoogle’s Gmail is easily one of the most convenient and reliable free cloud email services on the web at the moment. When you consider how important Gmail is to so many people around the world, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more utilities available on the market for backing up and restoring your email archives. However, there is one nifty little program called Gmvault that makes backing up and restoring bulk email from your Gmail account an absolute breeze. (more…)

Found App : All-in-One Search For All Your Files in Cloud Or Mac

FoundApp Logo Sure, it’s easy enough to find files on your hard drive, if your Mac is right in front of you, and maybe you can find documents in your Gmail account quickly enough, if you sign in to the website in your browser. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search all those places — and more — from a single app, without signing into every service individually? The makers of Found App have declared that you can do all this. This app lets you find word documents, emails, contacts, music and more from your Mac or cloud drive accounts. We certainly like the sound of that, so we decided to get to know the program a little better.  (more…)

Improve Your Google Search Experience With CloudMagic

CloudMagic Google Search Google has quickly become an online hub with their cloud offerings, as many people use Gmail, GDocs, and Google Contacts in their daily lives. The only problem with these services is that they are connected, but not to the degree that they could be. For example, say you’re writing an email to a co-worker and you want to find a document to send them. Normally you would have to open another tab, search for that document in Google Documents, and then share the document that way. With CloudMagic, you can search all of Google’s services in one place. (more…)

Rapportive : Cool Gmail Plugin To Know Your Contacts Better

Rapportive Gmail Rapportive is a unique software tool that allows you to view rich information like social media profiles, crunchbase profile about all of your contacts right inside GMail inbox. You may view where they are located, what skills they have and even what they look like. This information can be linked to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Notes may also be left and notes may be recorded. This is a powerful tool that manages all of your contacts for free.

Since Rapportive works with Gmail, customers can use this software as CRM (customer relationship management) software. Immediately, you will know the basic information about your contact before you email them for a more personal experience and message. (more…)

5 Must-Have Mobile Applications [Freely Available]

mobile-appsHow to get more out of your mobile phone? There are lots of applications available on internet. Are they all useful? I don’t think so. Then I thought why not post about the mobile apps I am using in day-to-day activity. These are general applications consisting dictionary, gmail, maps, messenger and browser apps. All apps are java based (.jar files) and can be used on any mobile phone which supports java. Try it. It’s worth the experience.


How To Insert Images/Pictures In Gmail Email Message

gmail-trickI wonder why this feature is not by default in Gmail? Most of the people who writes Emails want to insert images inline in to their messages more often. Process to enable this feature is bit tricky in Gmail and I’ll explain that with screen-shots to make it easy to understand and follow. Let’s see this process step-by-step.


How to create filter in Gmail using labels

gmail-logoSuppose you want emails from xyz@example.com to go directly in to the label “myLabel” without appearing in Inbox. It’s bit tricky and the trick is here. (more…)


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