All-in-One Windows Troubleshooting Tool For Admins and IT Pros

Windows toolsThere are many things that can go wrong when running a Windows PC. Helge’s Switchblade is a tool which allows administrators and IT professionals to troubleshoot computers and access important information. The program contains a variety of useful system tools which allow administrators to review the current state of a computer’s hardware and software as well as view error logs which may be able to directly indicate the issue at hand. In addition, the program provides basic system information and includes access to important security tools, gives the system administrator access to some very functional system tools which go well beyond the basic function of those offered by the Windows operating system. Networking tools are also provided which allow the administrator to tackle network technology issues which can cause an inability to access the Internet. A series of useful links to tutorials, documentation and drivers is also included in the program, as is an open tech support chat. The program is completely free and can be stored and run on a USB drive, making the program extremely portable and handy for administrators and IT professionals who may need to run diagnostic tests or do troubleshooting on a variety of machines.  (more…)

Get 8 Awesome Mac Apps Worth $117 For Free

Free Mac Apps Bundle

Finding a great deal on apps can be difficult for Mac owners, as productive apps are usually expensive. Fortunately, Stacksocial is offering the Mac Freebie Bundle, which includes $117 worth of eight Mac apps for free. Interested? Here are the apps offered in the package.  (more…)

Free DVD Ripping Tool Handbrake

DVD rippingDVD ripping is the process of making a digital copy of a DVD or Digital Video Disc. Some DVDs are protected by copy protection named Content-Scrambling System (CSS), which prevents byte-for-byte copying of video streams. CSS has been superseded by newer technologies, which also prevent copying of DVDs. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act, or DMCA, prevents copying of copy-protected DVD and BluRay discs. However, it is perfectly legal to make copies of non-protected discs for your own personal use.  (more…)

Adobe Offering CS2 For Free!

Baby shockedAdobe’s Creative Suite software has long proven to be some of the most powerful content on the market for both Windows and Mac computers, as Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs are some of the best on the market. However, most of these programs are incredibly expensive, as several of the titles cost well more than a grand. However, although Adobe has moved up to Creative Suite 6, the previous titles are still useful in providing programming assistance and improving images and creating digital content. And now, Adobe, although it has said it was a mistake, has let Adobe CS2 come out for free. It has done this directly through its website and by doing so it is now possible for anyone, at least at the present time, to log onto the Adobe website and download the content directly to their own computers. With the system requirements significantly lower than what is now required for the latest releases, just about any computer system released within the last several years should be able to use the software.  (more…)

10 Best Free Online Collage Maker Websites


Are you interested in taking pictures? Do you enjoy going back through these pictures and reminiscing about old memories while making new ones? If you answered yes, then an online photo collage-making website is for you! Photo collage making websites are not only fun to use, but they’re incredibly easy. The best part is that the majority of them are free. With a photo collage website, you can combine all of your favorite photos into one giant picture. The most popular photo collage websites offer easy-to-use tools, which makes having to choose the right photos the only “difficult” part. You could make a collage using photos from special moments in your life or different vacations you have gone on. You could also consider making a collage of your or a loved one’s life. Once you are finished with your collage, you can use it as a background on your computer or even print it out and use it as a poster or a present for someone special! The items you can create with a photo collage are endless. You could consider making a collage into a book or into holiday cards that will be both unique and thoughtful. This article will cover reviews of the top ten photo collage websites, innovative ways to make photo collages, and tips to make your photo collages into treasured masterpieces.  (more…)

How To Build Q&A Website Like Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow Logo Stackoverflow is an online Q&A system where programmers and developers from all levels of experience can read, ask and answer questions related to the field of programming. Stack Overflow is a collaborative online community that requires no monthly membership and is not littered with spam. The site is totally user-driven and is frequented as a simple resource to read questions and answers involving programming, source code, software tools, careers, software algorithms, etc. If you are looking to create a similar site for your business or organization, try installing and running Coordino on your website.

This software platform is built as a Stack Overflow clone and is completely open-source and free for the general public to use. Installation and site administration can be quick and simple if you are using the latest updates of MySQL, Apache and PHP. Its easy and speedy installation and set up process is perhaps one of its best features. Moderators can control posts, create spam filters and give out user permissions with out any hassles.  (more…)

How To Build Website With Drag And Drop Widgets

web portalsThe continued development of the Ajax framework has allowed a tremendous increase in what website interfaces are able to do. With truly programmable aspects, Ajax has lead to an Internet that is far more capable than what most imagined in the days of static HTML. One of the most stunning culminations of the power of Ajax is drag and drop interfaces. Google’s iGoogle interface demonstrated how a drag and drop interface can make a website attractive and highly interactive. Websites often emphasize customization and drag and drop functionality allows pages to be customized without having to access a separate “customize” or “personalize” page.  (more…)

5+ Best Music Sites To Tune In

Girl listening to music on headphone

Perhaps the best way to surf internet is to surf it while listening to music. Listening music not only relaxes you, but it also helps in keeping yourself focused. All my developer friends know how hard it is to develop without any music. But at times while searching for sites to listen music, we end up entering a compromised site or the one which has pirated content. To listen music safely and legally too, I have listed 5+ Best Sites to Listen Music Online.


Create Fantastic HDR Photos For Free With Luminance HDR

create hdr photosHDR photography has been all the rage among both the amateur and professional ranks of photographers over the last few years. With the advent of affordable and capable DSLR models like the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, anyone can snap amazing photos and use post-processing software afterwards to bring out their full potential. If you want to create polished, expressive HDR images without spending hundreds on proprietary processing software, Luminance HDR can make it happen. (more…)

Rolling Out New Website Features? Create Slick Feature Tour With Joyride jQuery Plugin

Joyride Car

Over the past few years, the custom design shop known as Zurb has compiled an impressive track record of developing unique and innovative web solutions. One of their latest web design tools is the Joyride jQuery plugin, a Javascript module that helps designers craft interactive features tour pages for websites. A features tour section is a must for any website nowadays, but it’s not always clear how to go about implementing one. The Joyride plugin makes features tour creation simple and hassle-free.  (more…)

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