Free OCR Software to Convert Image to Text

OCR photo to textOptical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a type of software that is used to recognize characters, such as letters and numbers, from an image file. For example, OCR software could use a JPEG image of a scanned document, and recognize the words that are in the file. This can be very useful when a document needs to be in a format the can be edited, but you only have access to an image file or a hard copy of the document that you can scan. It can also help you avoid having to retype a document if you need to email it, or access it from a computer. OCR software can often be used in conjunction with a number of file formats, such as JPEG, PNG etc. OCR technology is used in a number of applications regularly, including in the postal service to sort mail. It can also be used for blind people in conjunction with software that reads text. It is apparent that OCR technology is very useful in a number of different applications.  (more…)

How To Run Multiple Skype Accounts On One Computer

skype-accountWhen it comes to running a Skype account, for years the only way to do so was with one account at a time. On a Windows or Mac computer, you would just download the Skype software, which in turn allows you to create an account and log into one account at a time. Even if you had different accounts, say one for work and another for friends, you could only log onto one at a time. This made it rather difficult to stay in touch with both work and friends at the same time, unless two computers were available. Thankfully, it is possible to move past this issue now, thanks to the help of Multi Skype Launcher. This program allows you to run multiple Skype accounts on one computer. It doesn’t take long to figure out the software and it is free to download and install, so if you need to use several different Skype accounts at once, this service is perfect for you.  (more…)

Free DVD Ripping Tool Handbrake

DVD rippingDVD ripping is the process of making a digital copy of a DVD or Digital Video Disc. Some DVDs are protected by copy protection named Content-Scrambling System (CSS), which prevents byte-for-byte copying of video streams. CSS has been superseded by newer technologies, which also prevent copying of DVDs. The Digital Millenium Copyright Act, or DMCA, prevents copying of copy-protected DVD and BluRay discs. However, it is perfectly legal to make copies of non-protected discs for your own personal use.  (more…)

Adobe Offering CS2 For Free!

Baby shockedAdobe’s Creative Suite software has long proven to be some of the most powerful content on the market for both Windows and Mac computers, as Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs are some of the best on the market. However, most of these programs are incredibly expensive, as several of the titles cost well more than a grand. However, although Adobe has moved up to Creative Suite 6, the previous titles are still useful in providing programming assistance and improving images and creating digital content. And now, Adobe, although it has said it was a mistake, has let Adobe CS2 come out for free. It has done this directly through its website and by doing so it is now possible for anyone, at least at the present time, to log onto the Adobe website and download the content directly to their own computers. With the system requirements significantly lower than what is now required for the latest releases, just about any computer system released within the last several years should be able to use the software.  (more…)

Bing Desktop Is Awesome – Must Try For Bing Wallpaper Lovers

Bing Desktop If you’re great fan of images, here’s a simple way to set them as your desktop wallpaper automatically. homepage may not be known as the leading search engine but it’s definitely home to some of coolest images on the planet. I visit bing just to get a glimpse of those images. And I believe many of you are also fans of those mesmerizing sights the search engine hosts. There is now official software utility called “Bing Desktop” from Microsoft by which you can automatically set those images as your desktop wallpaper(more…)

Shotty : Tiny Little But Amazing Screenshot Utility For Windows

Shotty Screen Capture Utility For WindowsWhether it’s Windows’ Snipping Tool or just the PrintScreen key and copying and pasting it into paintshop, some people seem content using the old fashioned screen capturing tools that come built into Windows when they want to create a screenshot of what’s on their screen. But these built-in Windows apps are very limited for those who expect more options. If you’re looking for a good free app with extra features that gives you the versatility and options needed to make quality screenshots, Shotty is definitely a must-have screen capture tool in your Windows arsenal.   (more…)

Android OS Default Font Roboto Now Freely Available For Download

Roboto Font AndroidRoboto is a font that was created in-house at Google, to be specifically used for their Android operating system. It was introduced in the 4th release of the OS, which is codenamed “Ice Cream Sandwich.” The designer of Roboto is Christian Robertson, one of Google’s interface designers. It serves as the default font of Android and comes with every 4.0 device, but now it can also be freely downloaded and installed on your computer, as of January 12, 2012. Also the app developers for Android can use Roboto to give their apps native look. As far as fonts go, Roboto is very reminiscent of the beloved Helvetica typeface, but it has some of its own charm that comes from the small differences between the two. Google has called the font “modern, yet approachable” and “emotional.”  (more…)

Google Picasa 3.8: The Best Photo Viewer And Editor

Picasa 3 LogoPicasa 3.8 is an excellent photo viewing and editing software offered by Google. There are two main offerings made by Picasa. One is software and other is online photo sharing and web album service. Picasa’s latest version Picasa 3.8 offers slew of features. Though image viewing is the primary functionality as perceived by many people around the globe, if you’ve used it for photo editing, and image organization you’ll be amazed by the capabilities Picasa has. Along with these main features, Picasa 3.8 also offers video editing. The Picasa web albums helps you upload and share your photos with family and friends.  Full screen slideshow, pictures arranged on global map and video playback are some of the important features of Google Picasa.


25 Awesome 3D Glass Wallpapers


We keep posted our readers with fantastic design resources. This time we present collection of 25 3D Glass Effect Wallpapers, which can be used as Desktop wallpapers. These high resolution wallpapers contain beautiful 3D objects like fruits, hearts, lollypops and more, redered in excellent glassy effects. All wallpapers are zipped in one archive file and available for download freely at the end of this article.



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