Android App To Download Million Wallpapers

Wallpapers for AndroidIf you’re like most people, you like to be able to customize your Android device. One of the most popular ways to do this is to download and set a new background image—a.k.a wallpaper. One way to change your Android wallpaper is by browsing the Internet and saving images which look nice. However, these won’t always look as good when they’re set to be the background, as your device may have proportions which don’t match the image’s, or may only show a small part of the picture you wanted.

The solution is to try an app with pre-loaded wallpapers. There are many apps out there which have these, but if you’re bored with the usual 20 to 30 wallpaper choices, all of which are ugly, there’s an even better solution. Welcome to Wallbase, an app which pulls wallpapers from popular website, The selection is massive, with over one million images to choose from, many of which are in HD (High Definition)(more…)

The Best Yet Free Screenshot Android App – ‘Screen Capture Shortcut Free’

Few Android devices come with a native capability to capture the screen where you don’t need any external app. For example in Samsung Galaxy Y, click Back button and immediately Home button to captures the screen. However I don’t want to discuss the native capabilities. What I will highlight in this article is, the best app to capture the screen. I installed and played with quite a few such free Android apps but I found hardly one Android app that meets all expectations. (more…)

Top Android Apps to Keep Watch On Kids

Ever wondered, what your kid is doing? Where he/she is going? Whom does he/she talk with? I know that sometimes you might have wanted to know this, and some of you might have even tried spying on your kids’ activity, but somehow at the end of the day it is kid that turned out to be the smarter one. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of children until they become wise enough to take right decisions. If you are one of such worried parents, you should thank to this digital era which has made ‘Smart Phones’ quite affordable and also to those dedicated developers who have developed some wonderful apps to keep watch on you kids through smart phones.


Easiest Way To Send Multiple Files Via Bluetooth To Windows

The scenario is not uncommon where you want to send number of files from mobile phone or other device to Windows machine and suddenly you realize the limitation of Windows machine; ‘Windows machine can receive only one file at a time.’ It is absurd. What if the files to be transferred via Bluetooth is big in number? Definitely it is not wise to repeat the process for each and every file. Continue reading the article to find out the solution of this particular problem. (more…)

Top 10 Android Business Apps

Android business appsGartner analysts predict that Android will become the world’s second most popular smartphone platform by 2012, topping all platforms but Symbian. So as Android grows, so does the importance of the Android Marketplace.

Apps are what smartphones are all about and there are numerous applications available in Android Market. That includes social networking, fitness, entertainment, games, communication, lifestyle,  news, media and more. Out of which I have selected some best free useful android applications for business community. I am sure you would love to have them installed in your Droid.


Top 10 Free Social Networking Apps For Android Mobile

Social networking Android appsAndroidopen-source mobile operating system developed by Google is the fastest growing OS among various manufactures from all over the world. There are many big companies like Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sharp developing their mobile phones using Android OS. Mostly, every day you will listen announcement of various Android phones that will surely make you say WOW. Android phones are talks of the town these days because it is cheaper than its major rival Apple iPhone and having awesome features.

Android phones are getting better and better these days with bigger screens, better camera quality, unique features like NFC, Augmented-realty and much more. Android Phones are becoming much faster, smoother and reliable with latest versions of OS also. Not only Android OS market share is growing, even Android apps are also growing tremendously in Android Market. One can find apps for almost everything like fitness, business, entertainment etc.

Latest introduction of Android Web Marketplace also helps users to download and install their favorite apps over the cloud without even looking at their mobile phones.


Top 10 Free Android Apps To Maintain Your Fitness And Health

While Google Android apps marketplace is slowly and steadily increasing its pace to catch up with the iPhone apps marketplace – there are still thousands of Android apps that are mind-boggling and amazingly useful available in the marketplace. These days, Android phones are rapidly making its place in everyone’s pocket. People from all ages, different origins and countries are buying Android phones.

Android phones can do anything that you think that only iPhone is capable of – be it helping you in staying fit and healthier. If you are a proud owner of Android phone and interested in staying fit and be in shape – there are plenty of Android fitness apps that are absolutely free and keep track of your daily calories burned, weight loss or gain, running, jogging and exercise activities. But, you know that many of the free apps are either buggy or of no use. So, it’s always hard to find out the best free apps from the junk in the marketplace.



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