How To Open ePub Files On Windows

ePub file iconHave you ever tried to open an ePub on your regular computer and experienced an error message. Because these are files made for e-readers or tablets like the iPad, they can’t be opened without special software. But there are special software programs or browser add-ons you can install which can help you open these ebooks.  (more…)

Find Coupons Automatically While Shopping Online

Find coupons and codesEveryone is tightening their financial belts due to the rough economy. That doesn’t mean we need to stop shopping altogether! Things need to replaced, unique items purchased for special occasions and we may even need a treat or two throughout the year. To save on shopping electronics, ordering pizza online, buying tickets for a show or buying book from online store, many websites offer coupons. Coupons can lead to a significant amount of savings. But finding best coupons from different websites is a lot of hassle. Many manufacturers are offering great coupons for their online stores, eliminating the need to travel to their retail locations. For all your orders online, wouldn’t be it great if you can find coupons from all over the web in one easy way!  (more…)

How To Import JSON Bookmarks In Firefox

Firefox Logo With Red Bookmark RibbonBookmarks are a way to store your favourite article links in the browser. When you buy new PC or tablet, you want your saved bookmarks in old machine to be transferred. There are two ways to backup bookmarks in Firefox, HTML or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file.  (more…)

5 Best Firefox Addons For Web Designers

Firefox addons for web designersFirefox remains top choice for any web designer and that is because of its vast range of addons available. These addons give you amazing functionality, you as web designer can virtually design anything on Firefox. All what you will need is a bunch of Firefox addons.

You will find millions of Firefox addons  on internet and believe me it can be quite a tiresome task to choose among them. However to make your task easy, in this article I am going to share with you the best 5 Firefox Addons that all web designer would love to have. (more…)

Know The Charming Relationship Between Microsoft IE And Firefox Teams

Microsoft-IE-Sent-A-Cake-To-FirefoxFew days back I came across the interesting relationship between Microsoft IE and Mozilla Firefox teams. Microsoft looks quite modest this time. Let me start with Bill Gates’ comment on Firefox in 2005 in interview with BBC, “so much software gets downloaded all the time, but do people actually use it?”. Now, Firefox could answer this question confidently with its 46% of whooping market share. Surprisingly Microsoft IE team, notorious for its unhealthy competition with Netscape, is maintaining (or pretending like having) very good relationship with Firefox team. (For your information, Netscape was having 90% market share in mid 1990s, which was reduced to mere 1% at the end of 2006. One of the reason behind this was decision by Microsoft to bundle IE with OS at free of cost. The antitrust case was filed against Microsoft for this move and it was settled with huge penalty of $750 million to Microsoft.) (more…)

9 Best FireFox Add-Ons


Firefox is getting better and better. It has now almost captured 50% of all browsers’ market share. And the coolest feature about firefox is it’s add-ons. There are lots of them to chose from and we will try to make your selection process easier with presenting these 9 best firefox add-ons which are comprised of bookmarking, security, gmail, development, youtube video downloader and more add-ons.


Firefox Almost Eating Up 50% Of All Browsers’ Share – Microsoft Are You Listening

firefox-eating-browser-shareHuman race bore IE6 for almost 7 years until it dropped to 49.9% of all the the browser share world wide in 2006. I still remember the day I read about Firefox in local newspaper 11 years ago. I really didn’t know what it was! I was in 10th standard back then. At that time Internet was IE. But today the scenario is almost upside down with Firefox is heading towards 50% mark of all browsers’ share in the web world. These statistics are taken from the renowned websites having millions of hits per month. Mozilla changed the game single handedly and that too, is big achievement as it’s an open source project (Free as in beer! or something like that).



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