How to Block Unwanted Game/App Notifications In Facebook

Plenty of Facebook Apps shoot hell lot of notifications and act like a spammer. Be it apps like Birthday Calendar, SkillPages, FarmVille, Zyanga Slingo or unwanted Group notifications! Many of us think that, it would take bit of an effort to block these notifications and hence live with that. But wait, now blocking such notifications is just a matter of one click. Facebook has given an intuitive way to kill all unwanted notifications. (more…)

Facebook Email – The Much Hyped Launch That Never Took Off

“Why You’ll Give Up Gmail for Facebook Mail,” reported the popular electronics and gadgets news website, Gizmodo. Yet another sensational story, “Facebook Mail – The Gmail Killer”, was reported by Huffington Post and TechCrunch. It was believed that estimated 500 million users would make the switch from Google’s popular Gmail to Facebook Email. Really? Forget about switching from Gmail; The real question is how many of us are really aware about this “Email” feature? Not to worry, it was then forced upon Facebook users without them ever knowing. (more…)

5 Best Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone Apps on Nokia Lumia 800In spite of a shaky start , Windows Phone is slowly gaining ground and particularly after collaborating with Nokia, Microsoft has come out with remarkable OS (Windows Phone 7), that can surely give shiver to Google and Apple.

So if you are a windows phone owner and looking out to fill your phone with amazing apps, this article is so surely for you. Out of around 45k apps, I am presenting 5 best apps for your Windows Phone. Though I’ll come up with some more WP7 apps, have a look at this list.  (more…)

Make Awesome Collage From Facebook Photos

Hollywood actress in heart shape collage photo The hot new trend in digital scrap-booking is undoubtedly the Facebook Photo Collage, which is an easy way to bring all your memories together in one visual tableau for all your friends to see. While you could slap one together manually using an image editing program like Adobe Photoshop, that approach isn’t as full-featured and flexible as some would like it to be. A better option would be to use a dedicated application like Loupe to do the heavy lifting for you. With Loupe, you can easily compile a timeless collage online that will stand out. (more…)

Top 10 Most Liked Indian Celebrities On Facebook

Yesterday I Googled to find out which Indian celebrities are most liked on Facebook, and to my dismay I couldn’t find much satisfactory results. So I thought why not do this ‘Hard Work’ all by myself and deliver it to the readers. As usual, list is dominated by Bollywood stars and Cricketers with hardly one or two exceptions. And here goes the list of Top 10 Most Liked Celebrities on Facebook.


15 Must-Have Apps For New iPhone Users

Steve Jobs Presentation One more thing...

It’s highly expected within the technological world that the iPhone 5 will be released within the coming weeks. If you’re one of the millions of people eagerly anticipating the release, you’re probably wondering what sort of apps are available that most iPhone users can’t live without. If you’ve just bought an iPhone, your first question will be “Which apps should I install on my new iPhone?” So we went through hundreds of apps and came out with an essential collection of iPhone apps. These apps include social experience, games, entertainment, music and photography, lifestyle and on the go iPhone apps. Check out this collection of 15 apps we feel are essential to the iPhone experience. (more…)

Social Media Statistics India

Social media has drastically changed the way we communicate to each other. Not just that, ‘Social Media‘ has no longer confined to merely being a communication platform, rather it has now become a virtual world online where people come, become friends, develop relationship, form gangs, listen music, play games and much more. India too has not remained untouched with such an evolution of social media. In India most popular social media sites are ‘Facebook’, ‘LinkedIn’, ‘Orkut’, YouTube’ and ‘Twitter’. And their number of registered members are increasing at a mind boggling rate.

So today it has become all the more important for Businesses and brands to use social media tools to market their product or services. But to use these tools, you will need to have correct stats and info with you to start with. In this article I am trying to give you the stats of almost all social media sites. (more…)

Android App : Download And Upload Facebook Photos With MyAlbum

Facebook Android IconHaven’t you ever seen a picture on Facebook and wanted to download it to your phone? Everyone has! Well now with MyAlbums for Facebook Android app, uploading and downloading photo albums from Facebook to an Android phone has never been easier. With a click of a button, you can have up to 200 photos that you want downloaded, on your phone right away. Another great option that the app gives is hat you can download all the photos that you are tagged in. And it’s Free too! All of these options, at our fingertips with MyAlbums for Facebook!


How To Stay Invisible On Facebook To Get Rid Off Certain Annoying Friends

Usually there is a situation, when you go online on Facebook and some unwanted pings follow you. Any such ‘Hi-Hello’ chat session takes at least 10-15 minutes to wind up. One option is just ‘Go Offline’ but that would be unacceptable if you can’t resist having chat with certain people. If this is the situation with you then this article is for you. Facebook enables you to stay invisible for certain friends and at the same time relish chat with special ones. Please find step by step explanation below.


Get Noticed On Facebook : Stratagies To Get More Fans, Likes And Comments

Get Noticed On FacebookWhen it comes to promoting your blog posts or branding your product or services, then perhaps online social media services like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, My Space etc play a vital role in this regard. Facebook with its mammoth number of users tops the list of social networks, with more than 700 million users till date (and still counting!!), promoting your product, services, blog posts etc can actually give you a much desired kick start to your business.

But the question is, how to do it? How to get noticed on Facebook, while there are several others trying the same. Well this article is all about this. In this article I would be giving you some insights of Facebook, with the help of some surveys conducted by BuddyMedia. So lets begin.


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