How To Backup Gmail Emails To Hard Drive

GMail LogoGoogle’s Gmail is easily one of the most convenient and reliable free cloud email services on the web at the moment. When you consider how important Gmail is to so many people around the world, it’s a wonder that there aren’t more utilities available on the market for backing up and restoring your email archives. However, there is one nifty little program called Gmvault that makes backing up and restoring bulk email from your Gmail account an absolute breeze. (more…)

YouSendIt : Send Large Files Via Email Plus Cloud Storage

YouSendIt Logo YouSendIt allows companies or individuals to send large files through web-based application without the limitations of email attachments, mail or FTP processes. This is a convenient service used by more than 20 million users around the globe; allows companies to check the receipt of the document, obtain electronic signatures and password-protect documents.

When sending time-sensitive and privacy-sensitive information, clients can be assured that their client’s information is delivered in a timely manner without unauthorized individuals accessing the information. This is an affordable and worthwhile convenience for the company. (more…)

Fax By Email : The Easy Way

There was a time when you mostly saw traditional fax machines in office. Those big heavy machines were the only way of sending and receiving fax few years back. But, technology always played a vital role in the communication field and it has totally changed the people receive or send fax these days.

Now you can receive or send fax online without buying a expensive fax machine. Yes, you are getting it right – Internet fax services increasingly replacing traditional big heavy fax machines. The main advantages of using online fax services that they are cost effective, no hassles of attaching wires with your fax machines, send or receive fax while you are on the go and much more.


How To Insert Images/Pictures In Gmail Email Message

gmail-trickI wonder why this feature is not by default in Gmail? Most of the people who writes Emails want to insert images inline in to their messages more often. Process to enable this feature is bit tricky in Gmail and I’ll explain that with screen-shots to make it easy to understand and follow. Let’s see this process step-by-step.


Email Phishing Attack Reportedly Now Spreading To GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Earthlink

Email phishing attack at a large scale (supposedly affecting 30,000 Email accounts) is now spreading to Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Earthlink including Hotmail. As reported by Neowin and DNA. The phishing scam appears to be tricking users to reveal their passwords at fake websites. Over 20,000 email accounts are compromised and its login and passwords are now being circulated on the internet. The lists originated from, a site commonly used by developers to share code snippets. We have checked PasteBin, which shows message “The leaked passwords are not on the site”.


No more blank subject lines in important emails : MS Outlook

I work in software company and here I got a nice trick via email about MS Outlook which might be helpful to many people who works in corporate world.

We have situation when we are sending official mails. You forgot subject line of an important mail ( Who shouted behind that boss will screw..!!!)


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