Chart: Will Bing Become Bigger Than Yahoo By Year End?

chart-bing-yahooMicrosoft’s search engine Bing – launched last summer – actually eating up Search Market Share of Yahoo. If the current trends continue as we’ve shown in the chart, possibly by November this year, Bing can pass Yahoo in the U.S. Though this gain in Bing’s numbers is mostly because of hefty advertisement money burnt by Microsoft. But anyway, this is not good news for Yahoo’s search business. What’s your thoughts on this?


Chart: Android Peeking Up At The Expense Of iPhone?

Android_iPhone_ChartSince Google announced its Android powered Nexus One smartphone, people are getting excited about, it seems. As ChangeWave report suggests , 21% people looking to buy a smartphone in next 90 days want to buy one running on Android. That’s up from 6% when ChangeWave surveyed before 3 months. Now Android is at number 2 position, getting ahead of Blackberry, Windows and Palm. Look at the chart below.


Chart: Twitter Losing Charm?

twitter-user-statsTwitter saw peak in new user sign ups in July,2009. Since then new user sign ups are continuously decreasing. There were 9.4 million new user singups in July, 2009 compared to that of 7.1 million in Nov, 2009. Is twitter losing its charm? Look at the chart below for detailed statistics.


Chart: Why Google Spent $750 Million On AdMob

Two days before, we covered Google’s acquisition of mobile advertising platform AdMob. Google bought AdMob for around $750 million. If you are curious about why so much amount, take a look at the chart below. As reported by AdMob, its ad requests jumped from $2.5 billion in January 2008 to $10.2 billion in September 2009.


Chart: Apple iPhone’s Market Share Closing In On RIM-BlackBerry

Apple’s iPhone 3GS is driving market share higher and higher. iPhone is now close contender of RIM-BlackBerry. Palm is in bad shape, really bad shape!! Smartphone market is growing and iPhone is eating big pie of it.


Chart: Microsoft’s Online Business Arm Still Losing Money

15 consecutive months of losses in Microsoft’s Online Services Division. This quarter sucked more $480 million. But Bing’s growing market share seems a golden line behind the clouds (Real Clouds!!!)


Chart: Google’s Cash Flow More Than Time Warner

10 year old Google’s cash flow pulling away from 100 year old biggest media company Time Warner. Google’s free cash flow coming in at $2.5 billion for the quarter. It’s still not close to Microsoft.


Chart: Top 10 Blogs And Personal Websites – 2009

Top 10 blogs and personal websites as per the report from Hitwise for the month of June, 2009.


Chart: Mobile Advertising Revenue To Be $3.1 Billion By 2013

The chart shows summary about US mobile advertising revenue, but we will see this trend in the whole world mobile market expectedly.


Chart: What Would You Do If Your Favorite News Site Began Charging?

News should be free. Look what the people are saying.


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