Found App : All-in-One Search For All Your Files in Cloud Or Mac

FoundApp Logo Sure, it’s easy enough to find files on your hard drive, if your Mac is right in front of you, and maybe you can find documents in your Gmail account quickly enough, if you sign in to the website in your browser. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to search all those places — and more — from a single app, without signing into every service individually? The makers of Found App have declared that you can do all this. This app lets you find word documents, emails, contacts, music and more from your Mac or cloud drive accounts. We certainly like the sound of that, so we decided to get to know the program a little better.  (more…)

10 Best Entertainment Apps For iPad

iPad Apps EntertainmentSorting out useful iPad apps among zillions of apps available for iPad is in itself a unique way of killing time, but this may sound quite odd to you and there is hardly any possibility for you to do it. The next best option to kill time is to play games, but over a period of time even playing games doesn’t solve the purpose.

But you don’t worry about it, in case you are wondering over how to kill your boredom, there are many entertaining iPad Apps (not games) available in the market to help you in this regard.

In this article I have gathered 10 Best Entertainment iPad Apps, so that you never feel bored again. And here is the list.  (more…)

Sucker Punch?

Amazon Kindle Fire v/s Apple iPad 2 Amazon announced their entry into the tablet market recently with Kindle Fire and as anticipated, the price point could potentially be something Cupertino-based Apple should fear. While the device’s specs are nowhere near that of the iPad 2, the basic function of the device appeals to a broad range of consumers and the $199 price tag has had consumers snatching them up since they became available.

Let’s look at some numbers. Just after its announcement Amazon received more than 250,000 pre-orders for the tablet in less than a week. That amounts to around 50,000 pre-orders a day with no signs of slowed growth on behalf of the device. Plus nearly 4 million Kindle Fire sold this holiday season. In fact, Kindle Fire is the second best-selling item on Amazon, with the new $79 Kindle taking the top spot.  (more…)

15 Must-Have Apps For New iPhone Users

Steve Jobs Presentation One more thing...

It’s highly expected within the technological world that the iPhone 5 will be released within the coming weeks. If you’re one of the millions of people eagerly anticipating the release, you’re probably wondering what sort of apps are available that most iPhone users can’t live without. If you’ve just bought an iPhone, your first question will be “Which apps should I install on my new iPhone?” So we went through hundreds of apps and came out with an essential collection of iPhone apps. These apps include social experience, games, entertainment, music and photography, lifestyle and on the go iPhone apps. Check out this collection of 15 apps we feel are essential to the iPhone experience. (more…)

And The Best Smartphone Award Goes To…

Superman As consumer technology moves more towards smartphones that are capable of performing functions of mobile as well as a full fledged computer, J.D. Power notes that customer satisfaction with a particular handset depends heavily on its build quality, form factor, quality of materials, and the functions that can be performed by the phone’s operating system. Volume 2 of the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 Phone Satisfaction survey was released recently and the results are not too surprising. (more…)

Use EnSoul To Put The “I” In iPhone

EnSould for iPhone Customization is one of the best ways to make our electronics our own. Modern smartphones come with several features that make this possible, including supporting contact avatars, live wallpapers, and custom ringtones. The only problem with customizing your iPhone with contact pictures and new wallpapers is that the iTunes interface leaves more than a little to be desired. This is where EnSoul comes in to help you crop, resize, and create images for your iPhone with a snap. This images can be assigned as contact photos or wallpapers. EnSoul works with variety of online photo services plus the images on your local drive. (more…)

Sprint To Keep Unlimited Data Plans For iPhone 5 Launch… For Now

Sprint iPhone5 When the iPhone launched on AT&T’s network in 2007, the strain of accommodating the heavy data usage of smartphone users took a toll on the network’s infrastructure. It wasn’t too long before AT&T did away with unlimited data plans in an effort to get control of the amount of data served up by their networks. Even users who have been grandfathered in on the AT&T unlimited data plan will experience throttling at some point if AT&T feels as though the user is consuming more data than they should.

Fast forward to 2010 and Verizon is scheduled to begin offering the iPhone 4 on their network. Verizon featured unlimited data plans, but quickly followed in AT&Ts footsteps this year as they did away with unlimited plans and moved to the same tiered plans offered by AT&T. Obviously Verizon wasn’t comfortable serving up massive amounts of data on 3G/4G to its users and as it’s currently ranked as the No. 1 carrier in the United States, it’s hard to believe that a little guy like Sprint will stand much of a chance. (more…)

Track Stolen MacBook With HiddenApp

Hiddenapp Logo One of the greatest fears of any laptop owner is losing the laptop to theft. Important documents, family photos, and financial information can all be lost in the blink of an eye. Homeowner’s or car insurance may cover the loss of the device depending on your policy, but no amount of monetary compensation can replace your documents. Thankfully, Hidden App is designed to help you recover your MacBook no matter where it is in the world so you can worry not about replacing your laptop, but about recovering it. (more…)

PayMeBack : Keep Track Of Borrowed Or Lent Money [iPhone]

PayMeBack App For iPhone We’ve all been in a situation where either we owe friends money, or they owe us money. Keeping track of who owes what while on a vacation, on a shopping trip, or simply dividing up the monthly bills can be a hassle no one wants to deal with. Thankfully, PayMeBack keeps track of all the important information for you and then allows you to share it with your friends so they’re aware as well. (more…)

PicStitch: App to Create Photo Collages on iPhone and iPad

Hotrod car photo using Pic Stitch PicStitch is an app available for the iPhone or the iPad that is designed to create framed and balanced photo collages, all from the handy convenience of your mobile device. You can even take the photos with your device’s camera, stitch them together with PicStitch, and then share them online with your social network without ever having to sit down at a computer. See the picture of Hotrod car on the left which is made using Pic Stitch app with different effects. PicStitch is currently available free of charge and allows you to choose from its nearly 30 presets of photo collage grid styles in order to invent your own personalized creation. (more…)

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