How to Block Unwanted Game/App Notifications In Facebook

Plenty of Facebook Apps shoot hell lot of notifications and act like a spammer. Be it apps like Birthday Calendar, SkillPages, FarmVille, Zyanga Slingo or unwanted Group notifications! Many of us think that, it would take bit of an effort to block these notifications and hence live with that. But wait, now blocking such notifications is just a matter of one click. Facebook has given an intuitive way to kill all unwanted notifications. (more…)

Easiest Way To Send Multiple Files Via Bluetooth To Windows

The scenario is not uncommon where you want to send number of files from mobile phone or other device to Windows machine and suddenly you realize the limitation of Windows machine; ‘Windows machine can receive only one file at a time.’ It is absurd. What if the files to be transferred via Bluetooth is big in number? Definitely it is not wise to repeat the process for each and every file. Continue reading the article to find out the solution of this particular problem. (more…)

Facebook Email – The Much Hyped Launch That Never Took Off

“Why You’ll Give Up Gmail for Facebook Mail,” reported the popular electronics and gadgets news website, Gizmodo. Yet another sensational story, “Facebook Mail – The Gmail Killer”, was reported by Huffington Post and TechCrunch. It was believed that estimated 500 million users would make the switch from Google’s popular Gmail to Facebook Email. Really? Forget about switching from Gmail; The real question is how many of us are really aware about this “Email” feature? Not to worry, it was then forced upon Facebook users without them ever knowing. (more…)

GnuCash – Free Accounting Software For Personal And Small Business Use

Nowadays, keeping the books straight in both the personal and professional spheres requires some capable and powerful softwares. Though there are a number of proprietary software suites available for accounting purposes, it’s not always necessary to shell out a lot of money for a superb bookkeeping program. One open source alternative to the more expensive paid accounting utilities is GnuCash, a free and easy accounting powerhouse worth considering. Whether you need to keep track of invoices, tabulate expenses or create financial statements, GnuCash has got you covered. (more…)

Explore The Ocean With Google Maps

google maps great barrier reefGoogle maps is used heavily across the world. And to add into their quest of “Indexing all the world’s information”, Google today announced in a blog post about their new feature in Google Maps. Now you can explore the deep sea around the world with Google Maps street view. The amazing world of great barrier reef is just a click away to be seen in spectacular panoramic view.


Volatility of Technology Companies – The Ace Factor Behind Dramatic Rise and Fall

Lightning fast changes in technology can make or break the fortunes of large and small companies. Nearly everyone knows the story of how Facebook emerged from a student’s brainstorm for a college dating website to become 100 billion dollar business. At the same time, quite a few technology business heartbreaks have also been making the news as corporations have been nudged into bankruptcy by fast selling new technology. Owners of technology companies operate in a brave new world, where empire gets built or gets vanished in no time. (more…)

9 Windows Phone Apps You Must Grab

With Microsoft phone 7.5 (Code named ‘Mango’) taking 5.2% share of the smartphone market, and number of apps in the Microsoft marketplace crossing the 100k mark, you need all the help you can get to know about the best apps in windows phone marketplace. It is our continuous effort to help you to the extent possible.

Having said that, let’s take you through some of the apps we consider noteworthy. (more…)

Defeating The Great Firewall Of China

Chinese soldier denying accessThe Chinese government blocks certain worldwide social networking, news and micro-blogging websites from being accessed from inside of China. Similarly, it blocks Chinese websites from being accessed from outside of China. This is blocking policy and implementation is known as the “Great Firewall.” When members of the world media, Chinese residents traveling abroad, foreign students, expatriates or researchers want to access websites hosted in China, they often cannot do so.

China does this by tracking the IP address of users trying to access these Chinese sites. If the IP address is not Chinese, the user is blocked from access. The solution to this restriction is the use of a China VPN to provide unfiltered, unrestricted access.  (more…)

How to Search For a File into ZIP (or other archive)

Playing with ZIP or other archives like RAR, TAR, JAR, CAB, WAR or EAR gets tricky unless you know how to deal with it. After exploring various options for searching for a file in multiple archives, including windows search, I zeroed on WinRAR. It has very powerful search capabilities on top of easy availability and ease of use. It can search not only filenames inside ZIP but can also search text inside ZIP. Please note, WinRAR supports more archive types than what I have mentioned. Let’s take a brief look on WinRAR Search Capabilities, (more…)

How To Reduce Outlook Calendar Folder Size

Outlook Calendar LogoMicrosoft Outlook is essential for any professional working out there. And so does the Outlook Calendar as it houses all the meeting requests, reminders and appointments. But most of the organizations put data storage limit in their user Outlook usage. So mostly people will get around 100 MB of storage (and even less if you’re just developer or junior employee). Continuous inflow of mails and meeting requests/appointments will soon choke up the storage limit of Outlook. To free up the space you can move mails to personal folders, delete meeting requests/appointments from Calendar which are expired. But wait, that’s the tricky part. Cleaning up mails is easy but not the Calendar. If you’re facing problem in reducing the size of your Outlook Calendar, keep reading.  (more…)


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