Google Godfather – Rajeev Motwani’s Life Celebration On 25th September

Rajeev-MotwaniRajeev Motwani- might be this name seems unfamiliar to many, but in the technology world and at Stanford University ( Google born from this university ), he was a very respectable person and mentor in whole. Rajeev passed away on June 5, 2009.

Google Co-founder Sergey Bin wrote in his Blog in the memory of Rajeev, this article. Sergey remembers Rajeev as mentor and friend.

Rajeev was a professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. His homepage at Stanford University here. His research interests included Databases, data mining, information retrieval, and web searching. Motwani was one of the co-authors ( With Larry Page and Sergey Bin- Google co-founders ) of influential PageRank Algorithm. And the people who knows about how google works, knows the importance of Pagerank Algorithm. One can say – The Google is PageRank Algorithm. Motwani never seemed to care about that limelight. He was quietly working for the technology which is affecting every one of us who uses Google today and forever. He was an early advisor and supporter of Google and Paypal.


How To Save Mobile Contacts( Address Book ) Online?

zyb-logoHave you lost all your friends’ contact numbers, because you lost your mobile phone? You bought a new mobile and manually entering those 400 contacts from your old phone address book? Zyb is here, rocking and FREE. You can save all your mobile contacts from address book online with Zyb. Follow the steps and stop worrying.


Daniel Ek: Spotify CEO’s Advice For Startups And Entrepreneurs

SpotifyIn less then a year, Swedish music-streaming company Spotify has changed the face of music industry. Over 2 million users in the UK alone. Over 6 million songs in the catalogue and adding more 10,000 songs every day. The CEO Daniel Ek is 26 years old(Only!!). Daniel started his journey as an entrepreneur at the age of 14 and now he is the 3rd most influential person in the tech world.  At Glasshouse event, Daniel shared some great thoughts on Entrepreneurship, Funding, Economics and Networking in very few but practical words.


Create Your Own PDF Documents For Free Using doPDF

do-pdf-freedoPDF is one free converter which converts virtually every printable source to PDF file for personnel as well as commercial use.

With one click, you can convert your Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents or your Emails and your favorite website to PDF files. And these generated PDFs are searchable, i.e. you can search text in the PDF file and search engines can too.


TechCrunch50 : Are Indian Startups Ready Yet?

india_flag_tcTechCrunch50 : “Startup Mahakumbh” has  just summed up at San Francisco. The results are out. Here is the list.
1) –  Local service providers platform.
2) –  Online communication platform.
3) –  Mobile civic engagement tool.
4) –  Search and view any moment from any movie.

These startups will get limelight and enough money for publicity and marketing. They may succeed or die in vein. The perspective I am looking at is, whether Indian startups are ready for the market capture? Whether Indian people are ready to accept the new online systems?


All-in-One Guide To Windows 7 Upgrade

windows7_logoMicrosoft is now moving ahead from Windows Vista to launch it’s latest OS windows 7. If you are using Windows XP/Vista and want to upgrade to Windows 7, then here is your all-in-one guide to Windows 7 Upgrade. What will be the cost, When its releasing, What will be the features, How to get Windows 7 for FREE and many more questions has been answered.


How to create filter in Gmail using labels

gmail-logoSuppose you want emails from to go directly in to the label “myLabel” without appearing in Inbox. It’s bit tricky and the trick is here. (more…)

myFontbook – View installed fonts in browser for free

myFontbook LogomyFontbook is one amazing browser-based free font  viewer which views, arranges, prints and do much more with the fonts installed on your computer to help designers save tons of time. (more…)

9 Promising, Free and Open Source CMS ( Content Management System ) Reviews

Which CMS is the best suitable for your needs?
Starting a new website or blog? Don’t know which CMS suites your needs the best?
Here is your guide to choose from the best open source CMS around.

No more blank subject lines in important emails : MS Outlook

I work in software company and here I got a nice trick via email about MS Outlook which might be helpful to many people who works in corporate world.

We have situation when we are sending official mails. You forgot subject line of an important mail ( Who shouted behind that boss will screw..!!!)


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