Chart: Google’s Cash Flow More Than Time Warner

10 year old Google’s cash flow pulling away from 100 year old biggest media company Time Warner. Google’s free cash flow coming in at $2.5 billion for the quarter. It’s still not close to Microsoft.


Startup Interview: With GizaPage Founder And CEO Amit Jaipuria

GizaPage-Logo“I have Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter and blah,blah,blah social network profiles. I can’t manage them.” You hear and might feel yourself the same things as social networks are increasing in numbers and nature. GizaPage can end this dilemma by providing one common platform where you can organize all your social network profiles and share them with friends. GizaPage organizes your all social network profiles in no-nonsense way of tabbed pages and one single vanity URL. You can register with GizaPage and get one fancy url which will be your homepage for all social networks. On that page you can see different tabs for each social network profile and can manage through that. GizaPage helps organizations make one brand of all their social network presence. That’s a brief overview of GizaPage. But in this article we will see more about entrepreneurial journey of the founder in the making of GizaPage, his learning and experiences and most importantly – the advice for early stage entrepreneurs and startups in whole. Recently I talked to Amit – Founder and CEO of GizaPage. He candidly explained about GizaPage as well as his experiences and entrepreneurial journey. Here’s that Q&A session.


Google Docs : Now Share Folders Too

google-docs-logo-goospoosGoogle docs has announced a most awaited feature – Shared Folders. Now you can share folders too. Previously only documents could be shared. Shared folders feature was much awaited, as sharing each document separately was a very tedious task if you maintain lots of documents on Google Docs. Blogs like ours, where multiple authors write articles first on Google Docs as drafts, will love this feature of shared folders. Because, you see, you can easily make folders with each author name separately and share the folders with editors or other authors.


How To Check Broken Links For Free

Broken-link-cheker can check for broken links on your website or blog for free. It’s a site-wide broken link checker; that means, you provide website/blog name and it will check all the pages for broken links and will provide comprehensive list of broken links after completion of scanning. Generally, blog owners uses lots of links – inbound and outbound – in their articles for relevance of the content and for ease of use for the readers. In the process of providing links, sometime authors do typo and misspell the original link. Such link will lead users to ‘404 Page Note Found’ error and that’s ridiculous.


Chart: Top 10 Blogs And Personal Websites – 2009

Top 10 blogs and personal websites as per the report from Hitwise for the month of June, 2009.


Web Is Growing Infinitely : Look In To The Space Using SLOOH

slooh_logo_goospoosEvery kid has that curiosity to look what’s in the space. And at teenage, everybody (most of us!) dreams to become that cool astronaut. But life doesn’t seem fair to everybody and we wander on different paths of career.  SLOOH is now giving such opportunity to fulfill our dreams of the teenage or curiosity of the kids through its 3 mountain telescopes and a web based interface by which you can control the telescopes. Yeah, you read it right. Slooh lets you explore space live through its online telescopes. You can control the telescope via web interface, look up into the sky and find a comet!!! And Slooh offers membership at very nominal fee. Slooh lets you wander the space through its 3 observatories set in Australia, Chile and Canary Islands (Spain). Here are the Observatories Specifications. As mentioned on their website, Slooh advanced users are making scientific discoveries. Let’s see its features in more detail.


Amazon Kindle Is Now In India : Here’s Why Buy Kindle And Why Not?

amazon_kindle_2_with_booksAmazon Kindle – The most popular eBook reader – is now launched in India. Shipping starts on 19th October, 2009. On the homepage of, you can see below excerpt from founder Jeff Bezos’ letter,

With this new kindle, you can get your books, newspapers, and magazines delivered wirelessly while at home or abroad in over 100 countries. Whether you’re in Paris, Mumbai, or Sao Paulo, you can think of a book and be reading it in less than 60 seconds.

Kindle’s base price is about 13,500 INR in India, now include shipping charges, import Fee deposits and higher prices of eBooks, it will add up to total price of kindle to 19,000 INR! It seems higher price, but book lovers will definitely love this device for its flexibility of use, portability and capacity of storing eBooks (1500 Books at max!!!), but there are some things for which Kindle can’t stand. Here’s discussion about the reasons of why you should buy Kindle and why shouldn’t.


The Geeky Trail Continues To Explore Enterprise Portal Technology Liferay

liferay_logo_goospoosIn my earlier post – Enterprise Portal Basics, I’ve covered introduction of Enterprise Portal Technology, its advantages-disadvantages and a little bit of history. Also I compared some of the latest Enterprise Portal Technologies available today including Sakai, uPortal, EXO, Gridsphere, Liferay and Stringbeans. Liferay was ahead of all its competitors in that comparison. So in this post I’ll cover more in detail about Liferay from developer point of view, end user point of view and Administrator point of view.


Chart: Mobile Advertising Revenue To Be $3.1 Billion By 2013

The chart shows summary about US mobile advertising revenue, but we will see this trend in the whole world mobile market expectedly.


Email Phishing Attack Reportedly Now Spreading To GMail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail and Earthlink

Email phishing attack at a large scale (supposedly affecting 30,000 Email accounts) is now spreading to Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Earthlink including Hotmail. As reported by Neowin and DNA. The phishing scam appears to be tricking users to reveal their passwords at fake websites. Over 20,000 email accounts are compromised and its login and passwords are now being circulated on the internet. The lists originated from, a site commonly used by developers to share code snippets. We have checked PasteBin, which shows message “The leaked passwords are not on the site”.



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