Google Acquires AdMob – Future Of Mobile Advertising?

admob-googleGoogle announced today about its fresh acquicition of mobile advertising platform AdMob. Though mobile web browsing is still in its early stage, it’s expected that by 2013 mobile advertisement revenues will reach $3.1 billions. With adwords and adsense Google has already captured the web advertising and almost monopolized it. With the acquisition of AdMob, Google seems to be almost taking over the mobile advertising 5 years ahead from its competitors like Yahoo, AOL and others.


How To Count Words, Lines And Characters In Linux/Unix Files

We’ve seen how to count words in PDF files. In this article I’ll tell you how to count words in Unix/Linux files. Unix/Linux systems are generally used by developers who works on lots of coding projects. Many times they need to know the number of words, lines and characters in file or files. And this command you can use with multiple files at once.


How The Internet Sees You – Check With Personas Web


Have you ever wondered, how internet sees you and your persona? Check your online identity with Personas. Personas is created by MIT Media Lab. Enter your name, and Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterized the person. It fits them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data. Personas algorithm uses sophisticated natural language processing to gather and categorized the information it extracts from the web about you. I’ve shown the persona of Michael Arrington of Techcrunch.


Google Dashboard – Transparency, Choice And Control – I Don’t Think So


Google today announced the latest offering – Google Dashboard. In a blog post, Google offered this new feature to the general public stating its continuous endeavor for transparency, choice and control. Everybody is praising this as “Don’t be evil” Google.  But I don’t see it as much of “Don’t be evil” thing. Google is claiming to provide the information it knows about you through the medium of dashboard. But this dashboard doesn’t contain much of the real knowledge Google collects about a person. It’s just showing some tidbits like number of emails in Gmail, number of documents in Docs, reader stats, YouTube videos you have watched and all other such google services you are using. But is that the real information or knowledge google has about you?


Google Trends Showing Up On Google Search Pages


I was just researching for the next post for the GoosPoos, I got this search result page which is showing Google Trends result on it. It shows how hot is that search term and on which number it’s placed on most popular search in the past hour. Very useful information. I see it as one more step in the direction of real-time search by Google. Seems it is also including results from Google Blogsearch.


9 Best Free Tools To Analyze And Compare Your Website Popularity


As a webmaster or owner of the website, everybody wants to know how their website is doing; compared to the big players of his/her niche. Here I’ve listed 9 best of the analysis and comparison tools available on the web to check, compare and optimize your website. These tools include services which provides traffic statistics, SEO information about your site, social popularity like on Twitter, digg etc, feed statistics comparison and other details like how much your website is worth. Have a look and use these tools to optimize your website.


How To Count Words In PDF, HTML, XML, CSV And Text Files

pdf-countEarlier we have seen how to count words in Microsoft Word documents. This article will show how to count words and characters in PDF files. Along with PDF files, you can count words in HTML, XML, CSV and text files too. CountOnIt is free online utility which will help you to do this. There are lots of software utilities are available but this method I feel is quite easy and handy. You can use CountOnIt where internet connection is available.


Successful Bootstrapping Tips For Entrepreneurs And Startups

bootstrapping-tipsIndia is land of entrepreneurs. I’ve been closely connected with these entrepreneur families for past two decades and a half (Guess my age..huh!!). Do they really know all these blah-blah like bootstrapping, entrepreneur, venture capitals, VCs and so on? No they don’t, but from small “Kirana” stores to mid level industries and from neighborhood “Paanwalha” to Tatas and Ambanis, India have seen flourishing businesses in toughest times. They followed very simple rules. Want to know those rules? Read on.


Chart: Apple iPhone’s Market Share Closing In On RIM-BlackBerry

Apple’s iPhone 3GS is driving market share higher and higher. iPhone is now close contender of RIM-BlackBerry. Palm is in bad shape, really bad shape!! Smartphone market is growing and iPhone is eating big pie of it.


How To Make Lists In Twitter And Use Them

twitter-lists-how-toTwitter just rolled out very eagerly awaited list feature. Now you can make lists of your friends, family or any specific set of people you would like to see updates from. For sometime I really wanted to control the updates from the people I see on my Twitter page. My Twitter page get full of twitter updates from the people I don’t want to see daily when I login to my account. There was no way before. But with Twitter Lists, it’s very much possible to control (or say arrange for that matter) the updates I see. Let’s see how you can make the twitter lists and use them.



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