5 Free Computer Clean Up Tools For Faster Speed And Virus Protection

Girl working on computerModern PCs are more durable and stable than ever before, but as software stability and utility have increased, so too have the number and types of errors, infections, and general difficulties users encounter daily. Infected websites are an ever-present threat, conflicts between old and new versions of software can slow a system to a crawl, and more generally, computers slow down and begin to malfunction as more and more programs compete for active memory. Fortunately, all is not lost! Thanks to the internet revolution and the growing online security concerns it has brought with it, the cleanup software industry is booming. Many excellent programs are available free of charge on the web, and a working knowledge of which to use for what purpose can help to promote security and efficiency on any system or network.


Create Your Own iPhone App For Free With AppMakr

Create your own iPhone AppHave you ever thought of developing an iPhone Application? Probably not, just because you think that not everyone can develop applications for iPhone, as it requires lot of coding and only a technical person with programming skills would be able to do it. But you know what, you were wrong if you were thinking that, now you can develop your own iPhone application without any programming skills.

With AppMakr you can create your own iPhone application. Appmakr is a browser-based platform designed to help creating your own iPhone app quick and easy. Using existing content and social networking feeds, AppMakr is a user-friendly system allowing for the creation of native iPhone applications.

In this article we will be giving you step by step guide on How to develop iPhone Applications using AppMakr.


Internet Usage Statistics Of India – A 2010 Report

Internet  is emerging at a rapid pace and it’s already been a part in the field of business, economy, entertainment, social groups all over the globe. The rise of Internet usage all over the world unlocked various new businesses, products, services. Internet is constantly changing the way consumers shop and businesses sell their products. Every business related to any niche knows the importance of Internet and creating a website to show their products to potential consumers.

But still in India – a country of billion people has lot to do in the area of Internet usage to catch up with the global pace. According to a report by Point Topic in 2009, Hongkong – a region with a population of only a million people has more broadband connections than India. But year of 2010 can be a silver line in dark clouds as far as the Internet in India is concerned.


Add Social Bookmarking And Sharing Buttons To Your Blog Without Plugin

Social sharing smart buttonsWhat is social bookmarking and why I need that? That might be the question novice blogger ask. For the dummies, social bookmarking is the concept of sharing your favorite internet articles or websites with your friends and followers using social bookmarking services like Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious (Sadly getting scrapped by Yahoo!), Bebo etc. Social sharing is no different concept. The services like Facebook, Twitter, Orkut or any other social networking website where you share your favorite articles with your friends. To ease the process of sharing or bookmarking your articles on your blog or website, most of these services now provides smart buttons which can be integrated with one or two lines of code. Users who likes to share any article can choose any of his favorite service you’ve provided buttons for.


Sunlitgreen BatchBlitz : Excellent Batch Photo Editing Software For Free

Batch photo editingWhether you are working for a website or any other project, editing and processing images become a tedious task particularly when number of images is large. Then it is often required to process a series of images or photos simultaneously.

There are many software available for performing common modifications on a series of images. They include tools for file format conversion, batch processing, compression and optimization, thumbnail Web page creation, renaming, and more. One of the best one perhaps is Sunlitgreen BatchBlitz batch photo editor.


Top 10 Free Android Apps To Maintain Your Fitness And Health

While Google Android apps marketplace is slowly and steadily increasing its pace to catch up with the iPhone apps marketplace – there are still thousands of Android apps that are mind-boggling and amazingly useful available in the marketplace. These days, Android phones are rapidly making its place in everyone’s pocket. People from all ages, different origins and countries are buying Android phones.

Android phones can do anything that you think that only iPhone is capable of – be it helping you in staying fit and healthier. If you are a proud owner of Android phone and interested in staying fit and be in shape – there are plenty of Android fitness apps that are absolutely free and keep track of your daily calories burned, weight loss or gain, running, jogging and exercise activities. But, you know that many of the free apps are either buggy or of no use. So, it’s always hard to find out the best free apps from the junk in the marketplace.


Fax By Email : The Easy Way

There was a time when you mostly saw traditional fax machines in office. Those big heavy machines were the only way of sending and receiving fax few years back. But, technology always played a vital role in the communication field and it has totally changed the people receive or send fax these days.

Now you can receive or send fax online without buying a expensive fax machine. Yes, you are getting it right – Internet fax services increasingly replacing traditional big heavy fax machines. The main advantages of using online fax services that they are cost effective, no hassles of attaching wires with your fax machines, send or receive fax while you are on the go and much more.


The Visual Extravaganz Of Facebook Friend Connections!

Wow… Stunning! But what the heck this image is? It looks beautiful but question stands still. Let me tell you briefly, it is a graph plotted between a pair of cities depending on number of Facebook friends between those two. It was done by Facebook intern, yes I-N-T-E-R-N, Paul Buttler. I bet this read will give you detailed insight about Facebook popularity across the globe as well as some Geographical knowledge. This visual clearly depicts that China, Russia and Japan are the places where Facebook is not happening and for rest it is spreading like a deadly wildfire. (more…)

10 Incredible HTML5 Demos That Will Blow Your Mind!

HTML5 – developed as a superior version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is getting lot of love nowadays. There’s been a lot of talk about HTML5 and one of the major reason is because of Apple and Adobe conflict. There are rumors that HTML5 would take over Adobe Flash some day in the future. One more big reason that makes Apple company to ditch Adobe Flash and use HTML5 because Flash leads to crash computers sometimes if the app is not developed right.

While this is not the case with the HTML5 and hence it can be an used as a alternative for Flash. In comparison to Flash, HTML5 is ultra-light, free from unwanted codes and easily crawled by the search engine crawlers. Frankly, I don’t want to be a part of the argue whether HTML5 is superior to Flash or not but HTML5 surely make lot of things easier for developers out there.


Reliance NetConnect: How To Get 45% Discount On Existing Postpaid Plan

Discount On Reliance NetConnect BroadbandHuge 45% discount on your existing postpaid Reliance Netconnect plan, sounds alluring, right? Let’s see how to avail it. Currently I am using 3GB day-10GB night plan for 600 INR/month, contrary to the fact that this plan actually costs 1049 INR. [source] So, the question is what makes me so special for Reliance Communication? Was it my plain luck or something else? Not sure but I will recommend you to give a shot.

Since last one year, I am using postpaid connection. Initially, I opted for 2GB plan but soon I realized, if I migrate to prepaid connection, I could get similar plan at lower price. So, I just dialed to customer care and asked for postpaid to prepaid migration with the reason citing as it seems costlier. With reluctance, they accepted my request and told that migration will be done at the end of billing cycle. (more…)


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