How To Start A Business From Your Bedroom

Woman Laying in Bed with LaptopThe computer that’s sitting in front of you, at this very moment, has given you every opportunity to start your own online business. Combined with the web, you’re now able to launch a business around any number of ideas, interests, hobbies or ventures. And that too in your pajamas without getting out of that comfortable couch. Doing business is not just about starting but keeping faith in your idea and going ahead concurring every obstacle that comes in your way. In this post, you will learn how to craft your idea and combine it with online tools so you too can launch your own source of online income with incredibly low costs to get started.


Google Picasa 3.8: The Best Photo Viewer And Editor

Picasa 3 LogoPicasa 3.8 is an excellent photo viewing and editing software offered by Google. There are two main offerings made by Picasa. One is software and other is online photo sharing and web album service. Picasa’s latest version Picasa 3.8 offers slew of features. Though image viewing is the primary functionality as perceived by many people around the globe, if you’ve used it for photo editing, and image organization you’ll be amazed by the capabilities Picasa has. Along with these main features, Picasa 3.8 also offers video editing. The Picasa web albums helps you upload and share your photos with family and friends.  Full screen slideshow, pictures arranged on global map and video playback are some of the important features of Google Picasa.


Choosing Wireless Home Router : Reveiws, Comparison & Specifications

Wireless home and office routersPicking out a wireless router for your home or office isn’t always the most enjoyable task. With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing even for seasoned experts. But finding the right router is a crucial step when it comes to getting the most out of your local network and broadband internet connection. There are a number of factors like operating systems, printer sharing and Network-attached Storage that you’ll need to take into consideration when choosing the best model. Depending on your particular situation, at least one of the following routers should be a perfect match for your networking needs.


How To Clean Your Smartphone

Cleaning smartphone with shirtWhen undertaking any sort of cleaning or freshening operations on your smart phone, the most important thing to know is the need for gentleness. Think of it as attending to a newborn kitten or a tiny, fragile baby bird. Use only soft materials and mild detergents for cleaning your smart phone. Most cleaning should only be performed on the outside of the phone and, barring a certified emergency, you should never open up your phone at all, much less clean the inside. Opening it up will void the warranty on most phones and probably do more harm than good.


Make Awesome Facebook Profile Picture Using Profile Maker

Profile Maker AppFacebook with its 500+ million users has virtually become a world of its kind on internet. As in real world your looks are your identity, and so in the internet world your Facebook profile is your identity. Your facebook profile speaks a lot about you as a person, and so most definitely you would love to have it customized, particularly its looks.

There are a lot of tools available online to do it, and one of them is Profile Maker application on Facebook. It is perhaps the best and most easy to use application to make your facebook profile into a creative artwork. In this article I am sharing step-by-step guide on “How to create facebook profile hack using Profile Maker“.


How To Increase Your Broadband Speed

Broadband ethernet cableComputer users who remember the days of telephone modems and dial up access can sadly recall the days of downloading one song in 20 minutes and wouldn’t even consider trying to stream a movie over their 28.8 modem. Broadband has changed all this. Broadband is defined as any speed above 256 kbits/second, though in US it’s 4 Mbits/second. Broadband internet access is considered to be high-speed because it provides faster data transfer between your computer and internet. Though many are quite happy with the comparative speed of their service today, did you know there are ways to make your already snappy broadband even faster? Here are some helpful tips to get the most out of your broadband experience and optimize your speed.


Top 5 Android Music Apps

Playing guitarGoogle’s Android Market where it provides platform for the developers to feature their apps, sell them and earn money through it. Android apps are preinstalled on most android devices. It also allow the users to browse and download apps through Android Market. Android Market was established on 22nd October 2008, and from the latest reports of 2010, Android market has reached 200,000 app milestones. Android market is the place where an individual can get access to lot of free apps with over 57% free downloads. Amid the many roumours of Google launching it’s own music streaming service, on April 11, 2011 it bought the Toronto (Canada ) based startup PushLife Inc. PushLife Inc is a serious player in the non-Apple mobile music apps. It’s apps helps users organize their favorite songs, share them or buy them. It also recommends songs, give extra information about artists and allow to share them on Twitter or Facebook. With PushLife in its kitty, Google will be a serious competitor to the Apple’s iTunes store. But putting all this aside, let’s see what apps are out there for Android devices which can get you shaking your leg at it’s beats or empower to edit and create music.


Top Mobile App Stores

Young woman holding mobile

Of late, the mobile industry has been booming offering endless possibilities to its users and a mobile store is the hub which has millions of applications catering to the consumer needs. Each mobile store is specific and exclusive to its mobile OS platform. Apple is the pioneer with their App store which still reigns the market followed closely by Google Android’s Market. Right from productivity tools, messaging and business apps, the stores engage the users with movies, music, games and so on. As per the analysis of Dutch apps analysis firm Distimo, during each day of December 2010 top 300 free applications in different app stores generated 3 million downloads. If that’s not the enough data to surprise you keep reading for more analysis and highlights of top mobile apps stores.


How To Delete Facebook Album

Facebook woman photoFacebook is the social network; used to create personal profile, share pictures, messages, etc. Thanks to facebook for having such a wonderful options. One can upload up to 200 photos per album. People always love to share their pictures taken in vacations, party photos, etc. They can make use of this Album options to add their favorite photos to share it with their friends and peers. They can also tag with the people who joined in their vacation and can be given comments too. Sharing comments with friends makes healthy relationship. Creating a facebook album is very easy. But deleting a photo album in Facebook is tricky. If you don’t know exactly where to look then you might lost finding option to delete album. So in this post I’ve explained how to delete photo album in Facebook with screen shots.


How To Clean Your Printer

Whenever print quality deteriorates, the printer needs to be cleaned. Regardless of the style of printer the first step is to find the printer manual, printed or electronic copy. Gather some basic supplies, including: small vacuum, lint-free cloth, acid brush, cotton swabs and balls, and 99-proof isopropyl alcohol. Unplug the printer and open the main panel. Without reaching inside, read any labels or instructions that are affixed to the interior side of the panel door. Take a mental note of the inside of the printer so you know how each part is to be replaced when finished. Let’s see methods to clean Laser Printer and Inkjet Printer one-by-one.



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