Top 10 Most Liked Indian Celebrities On Facebook

Yesterday I Googled to find out which Indian celebrities are most liked on Facebook, and to my dismay I couldn’t find much satisfactory results. So I thought why not do this ‘Hard Work’ all by myself and deliver it to the readers. As usual, list is dominated by Bollywood stars and Cricketers with hardly one or two exceptions. And here goes the list of Top 10 Most Liked Celebrities on Facebook.


Wunderlist : Multiplatform Task Management App

Wunderlist logo One of the hardest things to do for many people is staying on track with their goals. Sticky notes, reminders, and to-do lists are all designed to help with this, but one of the major flaws of this system is that it only works if it’s directly in front of you. Wunderlist takes the idea of the to-do list and makes it work no matter where you are by creating a platform for reminders that works on just about every device available. Wunderlist is claimed to be the best GTD (Getting Things Done) app out there by leading tech blogs and tech evangelists.   (more…)

Apply Amazing Photo Filters And Effects With Picfull [Web App]

Apply Photo Filter If you’re a smartphone user, you’ve probably seen apps such as Paper Camera and Instagram that allow you to take pictures with unique effects. These apps are great for smartphone users, but what about users who already have pictures taken and want to add filter effects? Usually this means firing up Photoshop and tinkering with the settings until you get it just right. However, Picfull makes this process easier by automating the process for several different kinds of filters and effects.  (more…)

Send Large Files Via Email Free With Transferbigfiles

Send Large files via email free Sending large files via email to others makes it possible for you to share many different things such as videos, presentations and large text files. While you always have the option of sending files to your contacts through your regular email, every standard email provider has limits on the size of the files that you can send. If you have a file that is bigger than this limit, you won’t be able to utilize your regular email provider to share it with others. We have a solution for you. (more…)

How To Play Super Mario on PC

Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid? If yes then you must have played ‘Super Mario’ in your childhood. Remember how addicting this game was, and not only this, almost 40 million copies of  ‘Super Mario’ have been sold so far, second only to Nintendo’s best selling game- Wii Sports.

However you can still live those moments of your childhood by playing this amazingly addicting game on your PC. Although many websites offer to play Super Mario online but those Flash versions will never-ever give you classic game play experience. So in this article, I have mentioned quick 4 steps about  how to play authentic Super Mario on your PC and that too without any installation. In addition to Super Mario, you will also be able to play Sonic, Contra, Bomber Man, Tank, Road Fighter and almost all those classic games. Lets see how, (more…)

Top 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Twitter

World’s fastest growing micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’, has really come a long way now. Besides gaining popularity among masses, many celebrities round the world have joined Twitter to communicate with their fans directly. Twitter not only helps celebrities to interact with their fans, but it also helps them to gain popularity and keep their media presence alive.

So in this article I have done a bit of research and found out 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities on Twitter. Interestingly, eight out of ten celebrities are Film Stars, one is the Sports Person and remaining one is the Politician. Here goes the list :- (more…)

Use Trello As A Virtual Whiteboard To Communicate With Your Team

If you’ve ever worked on a project with numerous people, you know how hard it can be to collaborate together using traditional tools. Emailing information back and forth de-centralizes everything and what happens if someone forgets to hit Reply All? For people working together in the same office, a white board has long been the standard for keeping ideas and tasks centralized, but what about people who are thousands of miles apart.

Trello seeks to solve this dilemma by providing you with a virtual whiteboard you can use to organize your collaborative effort. (more…) Is A Simplest Way To Sell Stuff Online

Tinypay.meOne of the biggest hassles of selling products online is finding the correct outlet for it. Sure, there are always auction sites like eBay, but the fees incurred from selling on these sites often dwindle profits. Setting up a proprietary shop is also an option, but often the work that goes into setting up a system like this doesn’t make returns for several months. This is where can help individuals and businesses a like with your own easy to set up online shop.  (more…)

Kindle Fire Silk Browser : A Privacy Concern?

Amazon Silk Browser Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is taught to be the real cloud connected device due to its Silk Browser capability to use AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud technology. But privacy advocates have expressed concerns over whether or not the pre-fetching technology utilized by Amazon’s Silk Browser could be a gaping hole into a user’s browsing habits. The specially designed mobile browser is designed to serve pages to users more quickly than having the device render the pages itself, which means Amazon’s Elastic Computer Cloud, or EC2 will be the processing power behind the new technology.  (more…)

How To Find Lost Or Stolen Windows Phone?

Find My PhoneI recently bought Nokia Lumia 800, Windows Phone OS powered phone after much of research. iPhone was my obvious choice before I came to know about Lumia and from the time I bought this amazing phone, I totally love the experience. I recently pen down some of my experiences in article “Why Windows Phone”. The first important thing comes to mind after buying such an expensive device is how to safeguard it from losing or getting stolen. Risk is always there to misplace the phone or forget it somewhere. And thieves have all eyes for such eye-candies. With its Windows Phone 7 OS, Microsoft has made it quite easy to exactly point to the place where your phone is located. Plus you can Ring it remotely as well as wipe out the data if your phone is stolen. And these services are totally free of cost. Let’s see how.  (more…)


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