The Visual Extravaganz Of Facebook Friend Connections!

Wow… Stunning! But what the heck this image is? It looks beautiful but question stands still. Let me tell you briefly, it is a graph plotted between a pair of cities depending on number of Facebook friends between those two. It was done by Facebook intern, yes I-N-T-E-R-N, Paul Buttler. I bet this read will give you detailed insight about Facebook popularity across the globe as well as some Geographical knowledge. This visual clearly depicts that China, Russia and Japan are the places where Facebook is not happening and for rest it is spreading like a deadly wildfire. (more…)

10 Incredible HTML5 Demos That Will Blow Your Mind!

HTML5 – developed as a superior version of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is getting lot of love nowadays. There’s been a lot of talk about HTML5 and one of the major reason is because of Apple and Adobe conflict. There are rumors that HTML5 would take over Adobe Flash some day in the future. One more big reason that makes Apple company to ditch Adobe Flash and use HTML5 because Flash leads to crash computers sometimes if the app is not developed right.

While this is not the case with the HTML5 and hence it can be an used as a alternative for Flash. In comparison to Flash, HTML5 is ultra-light, free from unwanted codes and easily crawled by the search engine crawlers. Frankly, I don’t want to be a part of the argue whether HTML5 is superior to Flash or not but HTML5 surely make lot of things easier for developers out there.


Reliance NetConnect: How To Get 45% Discount On Existing Postpaid Plan

Discount On Reliance NetConnect BroadbandHuge 45% discount on your existing postpaid Reliance Netconnect plan, sounds alluring, right? Let’s see how to avail it. Currently I am using 3GB day-10GB night plan for 600 INR/month, contrary to the fact that this plan actually costs 1049 INR. [source] So, the question is what makes me so special for Reliance Communication? Was it my plain luck or something else? Not sure but I will recommend you to give a shot.

Since last one year, I am using postpaid connection. Initially, I opted for 2GB plan but soon I realized, if I migrate to prepaid connection, I could get similar plan at lower price. So, I just dialed to customer care and asked for postpaid to prepaid migration with the reason citing as it seems costlier. With reluctance, they accepted my request and told that migration will be done at the end of billing cycle. (more…)

Wanna Get Cool Website Name! Use These Domain Name Generators

Domain name generator

So you get that cool startup idea which will change the world! Or you’ve that killer app which will take the web by storm! But you need the most to float these things online is a super cool domain name which conveys the idea of service or product, catchy, easy to remember and which has “oo” somewhere stuffed in ( Am I referring Google, Yahoo or Goospoos for that matter!? ).


6 Free Online Document Editors Which Will Change The Way You Work!

Best online document editorsThe internet has made it possible for people work together with one another on a large scale, regardless of their location. In order to create and share information, documents need to pass through a large number of people’s supervision. You might know certain office software like MS Office or Lotus Notes, but if you’re looking for online word processor which can be accessed from anywhere and can be collaborated with other people then you should look for online counterparts of these software. Online document editors are a great way to simplify these processes, and many of them can be found for free. Here are a few popular choices.


Top 25 Technology Video Websites And Youtube Channels

Kid watching videos on MacAs internet grows, bandwidths are getting cheaper, faster and more reliable. And this translates into more and more video content generation and consumption around the globe. Actually we are habitual to watching videos because of the Television and it attracts people en masse. Youtube, Hulu, Metacafe, Dailymotion are few of the popular online video websites which provides platform to upload, watch and share videos. In this article I’m aggregating some of the best technology video resources online. Some of them covers tech news while some of them do reviews of new tech products and services. I’ve also included some educational resources which provides video resources of lectures on vast array of technologies. These resources are individual video channels of websites or youtube channels of popular tech websites and magazines.

50+ Top E-commerce Websites In India And Still Counting!

eCommerce in India is still in its inception stage. Except very few trusted eCommerce sites, many struggle for survival. Though Indian talent has unprecedented lead in IT industry, they failed to capitalize on it in India. I won’t say Indian audience is still reluctant with online buying option otherwise,,,,, would have failed. The thing is until and unless people find reliability, assurance of good product or services and competitive price; they won’t prefer buying online. Before proceeding further, let me remind you, eCommerce is buying and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as the Internet. (more…)

Click2try : Test Open Source Software Online Without Installation

Test open source softwareWant to try different open source software to choose the best? Want to try Linux distributions before moving from Windows? Click2try is the answer to your needs. It’s a community powered web service which hosts many open source applications and software. All you need is compatible browser and latest Java version. Let’s see how the need arise to have such a service. Sometime back I wanted to try Ubuntu linux on my machine. I wanted to use it for development work. One option was to use virtual machine software like VirtualBox to test Ubuntu on that. But that will need me to download VirtialBox as well as latest Ubuntu edition. Setting up them both on machine can be headache for novice users. You might also land into glitches and unnecessary complications while doing so. So I dropped that idea for time being. But while surfing the web I encountered Click2Try and bingo, everything was there – I wanted to test – without any hassle and just a click away.


Backup Mobile Contacts Online For Free Using Mobical

Backup mobile contacts onlineDo you often lose your mobille phone? How important are your contact numbers to you? Does losing them and collecting again is tiring task? Then you must read this article. One of my friends, who lost his mobile phone, sent every friend he remembers an email asking them to revert back with their contact numbers. Indeed painful! It will be worst if you’re a business man or freelancer who stores valuable contact numbers of clients or leads in mobile phone, then losing it can be disastrous. But now you don’t need to worry about losing your contacts again. In this article I’ll show you how to save and synchronize your mobile contacts online safely and free. Ones you synchronize all your contacts online using Mobical service, even if you lose your cellphone, getting back them will be as easy as 123. Sometime back I wrote article about same trick using Zyb service, but Zyb is closed now. So  Mobical can be your alternative to Zyb service.


9 Handy Tips And Tools For Resizing Images

Resize images Tom Cruise styleSharing your pictures with your friends is just as enjoyable as taking your pictures. Creating collages or mosaics from these pictures can be real fun. The caveat is, these pictures need to be re-sized for distribution, because the format that is stored on your camera tends to be too large for email or uploading. Resizing pictures can be cumbersome task with some of the in-built tools of your operating systems. To make things simpler for you, I’ve listed some easy image resize tips and tools. Also I’ve pen downed some considerations and explanation about images in general before going forward. That will help you in understanding different aspects of images.



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