4 Online Flash Games That Will Blow Your Mind (Office Timepass)

Timepass_GamesHere is yet another collection of extra ordinary games that would keep you engaged for very long time. This collection consist of games which are quite unique in nature. If you want to feel how Spider Man makes his move, the first game on the list is for you. The second game, Battle for Treasure, is the one which can engage you for the most of the time if you want to be a leading high scorer. There are two more interesting games on the list. And yes, don’t forget to share it with your friends, if you love playing them!


3 Online Table Tennis Games with a Twist (Office Timepass)

Table_Tennis_Game_OnlineTable tennis is considered as a good time pass during the lunch break at the office. But what if you have an option to play Table Tennis online on your work station; definitely Table Tennis lover will find it irresistible. Out of few options available to me, I have handpicked the three best table tennis games for you. I apologize as the second game in the list contains in-built music and you can’t really stop it. Please mute the computer if it is really bugging you. (more…)

40 Insanely Beautiful 3D Printed Objects You Must Watch

The previous article about brief look at 3D printing technology was not sufficient to accommodate all those amazing 3D printed stuff. It pushed me to write this article that demonstrates the power of 3D rapid prototyping in various sectors like medical, defense, fashion, auto mobile, robotics etc. This article contains roughly 40 3D printed objects that will blow your mind.



Explore The Ocean With Google Maps

google maps great barrier reefGoogle maps is used heavily across the world. And to add into their quest of “Indexing all the world’s information”, Google today announced in a blog post about their new feature in Google Maps. Now you can explore the deep sea around the world with Google Maps street view. The amazing world of great barrier reef is just a click away to be seen in spectacular panoramic view.


Cars in Sandbox : Beautiful iPad App For Kids

Cars in Sandbox iPad App for KidsAnimated learning games are great for young children over the age of two years. Cars in Sandbox: Construction is a fun and engaging educational game app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by digital publisher Thematica.  The construction game provides kids with an opportunity to learn valuable skills while engaging in fun play. The app consists of eight neat construction vehicles that feature operation and sounds that are very close to the real thing. And it also supports the beautiful Retina Display of “New iPad”.  (more…)

How To Play Super Mario on PC

Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid? If yes then you must have played ‘Super Mario’ in your childhood. Remember how addicting this game was, and not only this, almost 40 million copies of  ‘Super Mario’ have been sold so far, second only to Nintendo’s best selling game- Wii Sports.

However you can still live those moments of your childhood by playing this amazingly addicting game on your PC. Although many websites offer to play Super Mario online but those Flash versions will never-ever give you classic game play experience. So in this article, I have mentioned quick 4 steps about  how to play authentic Super Mario on your PC and that too without any installation. In addition to Super Mario, you will also be able to play Sonic, Contra, Bomber Man, Tank, Road Fighter and almost all those classic games. Lets see how, (more…)

Top 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Twitter

World’s fastest growing micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’, has really come a long way now. Besides gaining popularity among masses, many celebrities round the world have joined Twitter to communicate with their fans directly. Twitter not only helps celebrities to interact with their fans, but it also helps them to gain popularity and keep their media presence alive.

So in this article I have done a bit of research and found out 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities on Twitter. Interestingly, eight out of ten celebrities are Film Stars, one is the Sports Person and remaining one is the Politician. Here goes the list :- (more…)

7 Addictive Flash Games You Must Play (Office Timepass)

Flash GamesHere I am going to present you list of few really addictive flash games. Many of us crawl through Internet desperately to hunt for something interesting which can keep them occupied. Be it frustrated IT professional who is on bench for last one year or student or any other random guy. Anyways, if you are one of them then this is the right place and you could spend hell lot of time on this page. You could make these games even more interesting by involving the guy or gal sitting next to you in ‘Top Score’ challenge! Let me tell you if you are a real warrior, you won’t bow down to your colleague. ;) (more…)

5 Weird But Funny Android Apps

Weird AndroidOne of the things people consider when searching for mobile phone deals is what apps the platform offers. There are many Android apps available on the market and number is increasing each day. Having an Android powered smartphone enables you to download and install as many apps you want. Some of them are quite strange and deserve to be categorized as downright weird. But that should not hamper you from downloading them as they are fun to use, addictive and good time pass stuff.  Keeping that in mind, let’s review some of the strangest and weirdest ones that can be found.


The Visual Extravaganz Of Facebook Friend Connections!

Wow… Stunning! But what the heck this image is? It looks beautiful but question stands still. Let me tell you briefly, it is a graph plotted between a pair of cities depending on number of Facebook friends between those two. It was done by Facebook intern, yes I-N-T-E-R-N, Paul Buttler. I bet this read will give you detailed insight about Facebook popularity across the globe as well as some Geographical knowledge. This visual clearly depicts that China, Russia and Japan are the places where Facebook is not happening and for rest it is spreading like a deadly wildfire. (more…)

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