Instantly Capture Ideas In A Sketch [iPhone/iPad]

Ink App for iPhoneHow many times have you been somewhere and needed to jot something down but couldn’t find a pen or paper? It could have been the invention of the century, but you were too shy to ask the waitress for her pencil! How often have you tried to explain something to someone verbally, when a simple sketch would have done the trick?  (more…)

5 Top iPhone Apps To Compare Prices

shopping search on iPhoneWhen you go into a store and select a item you would like to purchase, you may want to be assured that you are getting the best value possible for your money. If this curiosity is something you have ever felt before when buying things at a brick and mortar retail store, you may be interested to know about five iPhone apps that can do price checks and comparisons between many local to you and online retailers for the same things that you may be considering to buy. Albeit, they all have certain things in common; they all check various prices of an item for you, and they allow you to create shopping lists to keep or share by sending them to friends and family. All you have to do is scan the products’ barcode with your phone and let the app do the rest. It’ll bring up a menu filled with different stores and list the item up for question and the price they are selling it for, if it is available for that particular store. If you do not feel up to scanning barcodes, no problem, you can take the product’s picture, or say the products name into your phone, you can even just plain old type it in.  (more…)

How To Turn Blog Into eBook

ebook readerBloggers are better poised than ever before to expand their reach into the deeper reaches within publishing, and embracing eBook creation is showing them how. There are several eBook benefits for online writers. Consumers can carry the equivalent of full scale libraries within the palm of their hands, which is handy from a portability perspective. Ebooks don’t get wet, they can be delivered instantaneously via the internet, and the lack of paper used makes them ecologically friendly. Ebook tablet readers like the iPad and Amazon Kindle are superb at keeping today’s traveler occupied for commuter and holiday trips with their favorite material – from the classics to the current online sensations.  (more…)

Beesy Wants To Be Your Ultimate iPad To-Do App

Beesy To-Do iPad App

BeesApps is a Paris-based start-up delivering iPad personal productivity solutions for business people. Founded in 2011 by David Chevenement and 3 associates,  we decided to develop a professional application which could make business people more productive using their tablet. One year ago, BeesApps started developing Beesy, a smart note taking and automated task management App for iPad. BeesApps has launched Beesy on February 15th, 2012 and it is already ranked in the TOP 20 iTunes French productivity store.  (more…)

How To Import JSON Bookmarks In Firefox

Firefox Logo With Red Bookmark RibbonBookmarks are a way to store your favourite article links in the browser. When you buy new PC or tablet, you want your saved bookmarks in old machine to be transferred. There are two ways to backup bookmarks in Firefox, HTML or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) file.  (more…)

Paper : Must Have iPad App For Designers and Creative Professionals

Paper by FiftyThree iPad app

It’s been said that the iPad is better-suited for consuming media than creating it. That doesn’t have to be the case, and full-featured graphic design apps are the way to change the status quo. That means that a full-featured and comprehensive sketch program should emulate the experience of working with pen and paper as closely as possible. The perfect sketch app should also stay out of the way of the user by delivering an experience that’s gesture-based and doesn’t rely on buttons that break up work flow. As it turns out, such an app already exists.  (more…)

Build Mobile Commerce Store App On Your Own With MobiCart

DIY M-Commerce Store with MobiCart

An increasing amount of e-commerce is moving from the laptop to the mobile phone. We all know that having a dedicated mobile website optimized for smart devices is a must, but many neglect to tune their e-commerce stores for mobile as well. Mobile commerce or m-commerce is just anther way to facilitate buying and selling online. People will go out of their way to buy from Amazon, but a lack of an m-commerce portal for mobile users can be a deal breaker for smaller shops. MobiCart is an easy way to create mobile stores quickly for free.  (more…)

Home Automation : How Smart Home Technology Is Geared Up For Future

Home Automation Console Home automation systems provide automatic control and operation of the home or of specific activities, tasks and work in the home. Among the common tasks and systems handled using home automation are temperature control, ventilation, lighting, security systems, appliances, power consumption, power generation, robotics, entertainment systems and medical systems. We’ll see how major technology firms like AT&T, Apple, Verizon, Comcast, Google and Microsoft have invested significant capital in research and development for the “smart home” of the future. And how they are shaping up the future of “Smart Home”.  (more…)

Cars in Sandbox : Beautiful iPad App For Kids

Cars in Sandbox iPad App for KidsAnimated learning games are great for young children over the age of two years. Cars in Sandbox: Construction is a fun and engaging educational game app developed for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch by digital publisher Thematica.  The construction game provides kids with an opportunity to learn valuable skills while engaging in fun play. The app consists of eight neat construction vehicles that feature operation and sounds that are very close to the real thing. And it also supports the beautiful Retina Display of “New iPad”.  (more…)

Viber : Make Free Phone Calls From iPhone And Android

Viber free phone calls Viber might be the new app on the block, but it’s worth checking out for anyone who goes over their monthly voice or message usage. This can result in costly extra fees that can add up to hundreds or thousands of dollars over the typical 2-year cellular contract. Viber aims to help consumers to reduce these fees by providing a way to make free calls and send messages over 3G or wireless networks from your iPhone or Android mobile devices. More than 40 million users have already downloaded Viber. (more…)

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