Zendesk Review : Help Desk Support Web 2.0 Style

Zendesk Buddha Zendesk is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based help desk support company that contracts its services to any small, medium or enterprise businesses, freelancers, service providers and anybody who is in need of a help desk for efficient customer support, whether they have only one agent handling problems or a large staff. It helps agents answer questions, track issues and streamline interactions. Zendesk’s simplicity of operation, its extensibility and potential for customization and the variety of tools it offers to manage the customer relationship makes it one uniquely proportioned help desk offering in the cloud. (more…)

Zoho BugTracker : Issue Management and Bug Tracking For Small Business

Zoho BugTracker - Bug tracking softwareBugTracker is California-based development firm ZOHO Software’s web-based bug and issue management system. It seems to have been designed specifically to reduce the unproductive down-time that often seems to be part and parcel of being on the managing and coding ends of software development projects. BugTracker’s raison d’être consists in increasing productivity by easing the functional workload of bug tracking and issue management by way of implementing easy-to-use, intuitive management tools that give the whole development team a clear sense of where their project stands at any given point in time. The tools BugTracker uses were clearly designed with ease of use in mind. They work in concert to streamline the whole trajectory of a project, focusing strongly on facilitating communication between users themselves and between managers and users.


Google Picasa 3.8: The Best Photo Viewer And Editor

Picasa 3 LogoPicasa 3.8 is an excellent photo viewing and editing software offered by Google. There are two main offerings made by Picasa. One is software and other is online photo sharing and web album service. Picasa’s latest version Picasa 3.8 offers slew of features. Though image viewing is the primary functionality as perceived by many people around the globe, if you’ve used it for photo editing, and image organization you’ll be amazed by the capabilities Picasa has. Along with these main features, Picasa 3.8 also offers video editing. The Picasa web albums helps you upload and share your photos with family and friends.  Full screen slideshow, pictures arranged on global map and video playback are some of the important features of Google Picasa.


5 Great Tips To Increase Computer Speed

Increase computer speedIs your computer slowing down and freezing often? If you have been using your computer for months or years, its performance might not be as good as it was when you first brought it home. This happened to one of my old laptops as well. Sometime it gets so sluggish that you might bang your head or pull your hair and say “How to make my computer run faster??”. You’ll find effective ways which answers that question.

After applying almost 100 tweaks and nearly destroyed my laptop, I found that these 5 tips are the easiest and most effective ways to speed up computer. It works for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Once you apply these tips to your PC, take a look at these 5 free tools which may further help to increase  computer speed.


How To Make A Stunning Visual Résumé And Get Noticed

Visual resumes gets you noticed from the crowd

Resume is a document used by individuals to present their background and skillsets [Wikipedia]. Traditionally Resumes have always been 2-3 page document explaining you to the best. But with the changing times, format of resumes also changed, initially resumes were limited to  2-3 pages printed with typewriter and now resumes are created in digital formats like .doc , .pdf etc. Your resume speaks a lot about you, not just your qualification and experience, but also about you as a person.

So if you wish to stand out of crowd, your resume must also be unique. Now a days visual resumes are gaining popularity. You can even upload your visual resume to slidshare.com and share it with everyone. So what kind of visual resume you should make? Have dilemma? Then first check out these awesome and creative visual resume samples. If you’ve got hint of what kind of cool resume you can create, then look further for step-by-step guide to creating them. (more…)

Watermark Images For Free With These 5 Tools

Watermarking toolsOften it is required for any professional photographers and artists to watermark their images particularly when they need to show their artworks or photos online. There are many applications available, both online and desktop to do so. These applications allow you to add logo or any text to the images, so that even if the images are downloaded, it will still carry your own mark and can’t be used as such.

Many online tools to watermark images are not secure enough to use, as your non-watermarked images are saved in their servers and they can use it as they like. So in this article I am sharing some best and free tools for watermarking images.


5 Free Computer Clean Up Tools For Faster Speed And Virus Protection

Girl working on computerModern PCs are more durable and stable than ever before, but as software stability and utility have increased, so too have the number and types of errors, infections, and general difficulties users encounter daily. Infected websites are an ever-present threat, conflicts between old and new versions of software can slow a system to a crawl, and more generally, computers slow down and begin to malfunction as more and more programs compete for active memory. Fortunately, all is not lost! Thanks to the internet revolution and the growing online security concerns it has brought with it, the cleanup software industry is booming. Many excellent programs are available free of charge on the web, and a working knowledge of which to use for what purpose can help to promote security and efficiency on any system or network.


Sunlitgreen BatchBlitz : Excellent Batch Photo Editing Software For Free

Batch photo editingWhether you are working for a website or any other project, editing and processing images become a tedious task particularly when number of images is large. Then it is often required to process a series of images or photos simultaneously.

There are many software available for performing common modifications on a series of images. They include tools for file format conversion, batch processing, compression and optimization, thumbnail Web page creation, renaming, and more. One of the best one perhaps is Sunlitgreen BatchBlitz batch photo editor.


Click2try : Test Open Source Software Online Without Installation

Test open source softwareWant to try different open source software to choose the best? Want to try Linux distributions before moving from Windows? Click2try is the answer to your needs. It’s a community powered web service which hosts many open source applications and software. All you need is compatible browser and latest Java version. Let’s see how the need arise to have such a service. Sometime back I wanted to try Ubuntu linux on my machine. I wanted to use it for development work. One option was to use virtual machine software like VirtualBox to test Ubuntu on that. But that will need me to download VirtialBox as well as latest Ubuntu edition. Setting up them both on machine can be headache for novice users. You might also land into glitches and unnecessary complications while doing so. So I dropped that idea for time being. But while surfing the web I encountered Click2Try and bingo, everything was there – I wanted to test – without any hassle and just a click away.


9 Handy Tips And Tools For Resizing Images

Resize images Tom Cruise styleSharing your pictures with your friends is just as enjoyable as taking your pictures. Creating collages or mosaics from these pictures can be real fun. The caveat is, these pictures need to be re-sized for distribution, because the format that is stored on your camera tends to be too large for email or uploading. Resizing pictures can be cumbersome task with some of the in-built tools of your operating systems. To make things simpler for you, I’ve listed some easy image resize tips and tools. Also I’ve pen downed some considerations and explanation about images in general before going forward. That will help you in understanding different aspects of images.



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