Volatility of Technology Companies – The Ace Factor Behind Dramatic Rise and Fall

Lightning fast changes in technology can make or break the fortunes of large and small companies. Nearly everyone knows the story of how Facebook emerged from a student’s brainstorm for a college dating website to become 100 billion dollar business. At the same time, quite a few technology business heartbreaks have also been making the news as corporations have been nudged into bankruptcy by fast selling new technology. Owners of technology companies operate in a brave new world, where empire gets built or gets vanished in no time. (more…)

Top 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Twitter

World’s fastest growing micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’, has really come a long way now. Besides gaining popularity among masses, many celebrities round the world have joined Twitter to communicate with their fans directly. Twitter not only helps celebrities to interact with their fans, but it also helps them to gain popularity and keep their media presence alive.

So in this article I have done a bit of research and found out 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities on Twitter. Interestingly, eight out of ten celebrities are Film Stars, one is the Sports Person and remaining one is the Politician. Here goes the list :- (more…)

Microsoft Office Alternatives That Work

Microsoft Office AlternativesIt goes without saying that Microsoft has dominated the market of office application, but by no means does that suggest it is your only choice. Some of your other options include going the route of Sun Microsystems, Apple, Corel, IBM or others. Some come at only a portion of the price tag that comes attached to Microsoft Office, and some are even free. Some have different features than others, and while they all come with their pros, there are some cons to boot, such as with any program. This article intends to bring light into the truth behind each leading program, its features, pros & cons.


It’s Steve Jobs v/s Bill Gates Again : Pirates Of Silicon Valley [Trailer]

Pirates of silicon valley trailerI found this on Vimeo and couldn’t resist myself from posting it here. The story unfolds in rather dramatic manner between Apple founder Steve Jobs and Microsoft founder Bill Gates on who’s ahead in the race of building the personal computer.This is a 1999 movie based on the book Fire in the Valley : The Making of The Personal Computer written by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine.


20+ High Definition Sci-Fi Wallpapers

Science Fiction Wallpapers

You must have seen our 3D Glass Wallpapers collection posted earlier. This time we will fill your desktop screen with aliens, spaceships, futuristic cities and slums, robos and much more science fiction stuff. All of us have a secret temptation of knowing the unknown. And that exactly replicates in this marvelous collection of wallpapers. These high definition wallpapers are sure way to amaze your friends with their enigmatic presence on your desktop screen. You can also use them as screen-saver which will show all the wallpapers one after other.


10 Best Visual Resume Samples. You Should Make One Too!!

visual-resumesWhen anybody hears the word “Resume” or “CV” (Curriculum Vitae) , the images of 3 paged document containing academic records, employer details, project details, personal details and some other blah blah flickers in their minds. Traditionally from 265 B.C.(Kidding!!!) the same format is being used by every human species dwelling on the earth. The world gone wild with the digital era. Everything seems to be getting in digital format eventually, but our beloved CVs have not evolved from their 3 paged format. But today I’ll present some fantastic samples of Visual Resumes prepared in latest digital formats with elegant design, witty presentation of their skills, academics and more. And I believe every computer professional has one such nice Visual CV. These digital resumes might capture the attention of prospective employer and may help you get that dream job!!


Comparison Of 9 Photoshop Like Online Image Editors


When I say ‘Image editor’, the first term blinks in mind is ‘Photoshop’, The most comprehensive and promising editor. But can everyone afford $699 price tag? Not really. So, sometimes people go for some cheaper solution, say GIMP or sometimes do piracy. Apart from that there are some good online alternatives to Photoshop. I have listed 9 such editors below. Some of them were surprisingly powerful enough to replicate whole Photoshop usability and feel. Mainly I’ve compared them on the scale of functionality and usability, and gave ratings out of 10. For better transparency, ‘how 10 points are segregated’ is mentioned at the end of this article.


Valentine’s Day Gifts For Geeks

vday-lead-imageValentine’s day is coming up very soon and we are here to help our readers with fantastic gift ideas for their geek valentines. Is your would be valentine, technology freak and loves computers, web and internet? Surprise them with these terrific gifts which are so geeky and sweet!!! My favorites from this lot are HTTPanties, 8-bit tie and Ascii heart necklace. We hope this collection of valentine gifts will assist in finding that great present for your girlfriend or boyfriend (Geeks though…!!!)


44 Outstanding Business Card Designs For Inspiration


We are fan of extraordinary yet simple designs. If you own a business then business cards are the most essential part of your identity. Look at these 44 different, elegant and unusual business card designs for inspiration. Hope that helps you in designing yours.


10 Irresistible Gmail Features You Should Know


Now a days Gmail isn’t limited to just sending and receiving mail. Google has introduced number of features with course of time to make Gmail more intelligent and versatile. Here, I am going to brief about few outstanding features like undo sent mail, mail translation, remote sign out, forgotten attachment reminder, decorated text in chat, Google docs access to Gmail, Gmail for business are few of them. (more…)

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