CSS3 – It Does Much More Than Just Styling the Page. See How!

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Changing the way you see the web and even interact with the page, CSS has made some huge advancements with its latest and completely backward compatible standard – CSS3. The more feature rich CSS becomes, lesser dependancy on utility softwares like Photoshop and others (of course, it is not replacement though.) The CSS3 specification is still under progress by W3C. However, most of the CSS3 features are implemented by modern browsers. (more…)

HTML5 – See How This Feature Rich New Technology Can Transform The Web

HTML5_LogoThe basics of HTML5 has been quite the talk for the last few years. With this new avatar of HTML, the future of the web looks very bright. HTML5 has a bunch of built in API functionality that will change the way how we use and see the web. Making the web faster and an all around better experience. Before going into the details, let’s see who is behind HTML5. Currently W3C works on HTML5 specifications focusing on single definitive standard. Once set of specifications are released by W3C, WHATWG group continue updating/improving it under the conecpt called as ‘Living Standard.’ W3C has proposed to release stable HTML5 recommendation by end of 2014.

Create Polaroid Effect Online and Turn Your Photos Vintage

Rollip vintage photo filterCurrently, taking photos and turning them into vintage picture art is extremely popular among social media users. To achieve the look of old-fashioned vintage photos, photos are manipulated by applying various special effects to the picture. Slightly blurry and distorted, the high-contrast over-saturated images are typical results of the Polaroid effect. The Polaroid name has come to represent the instant photos taken with instant cameras which were most popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  (more…)

10 Best Free Online Collage Maker Websites


Are you interested in taking pictures? Do you enjoy going back through these pictures and reminiscing about old memories while making new ones? If you answered yes, then an online photo collage-making website is for you! Photo collage making websites are not only fun to use, but they’re incredibly easy. The best part is that the majority of them are free. With a photo collage website, you can combine all of your favorite photos into one giant picture. The most popular photo collage websites offer easy-to-use tools, which makes having to choose the right photos the only “difficult” part. You could make a collage using photos from special moments in your life or different vacations you have gone on. You could also consider making a collage of your or a loved one’s life. Once you are finished with your collage, you can use it as a background on your computer or even print it out and use it as a poster or a present for someone special! The items you can create with a photo collage are endless. You could consider making a collage into a book or into holiday cards that will be both unique and thoughtful. This article will cover reviews of the top ten photo collage websites, innovative ways to make photo collages, and tips to make your photo collages into treasured masterpieces.  (more…)

Android App To Download Million Wallpapers

Wallpapers for AndroidIf you’re like most people, you like to be able to customize your Android device. One of the most popular ways to do this is to download and set a new background image—a.k.a wallpaper. One way to change your Android wallpaper is by browsing the Internet and saving images which look nice. However, these won’t always look as good when they’re set to be the background, as your device may have proportions which don’t match the image’s, or may only show a small part of the picture you wanted.

The solution is to try an app with pre-loaded wallpapers. There are many apps out there which have these, but if you’re bored with the usual 20 to 30 wallpaper choices, all of which are ugly, there’s an even better solution. Welcome to Wallbase, an app which pulls wallpapers from popular website, http://www.wallbase.cc. The selection is massive, with over one million images to choose from, many of which are in HD (High Definition)(more…)

Add Color Picker Widget To Website Using Farbtastic jQuery Plug-in

Color pickerWhat do websites that support color palette community or have online graphic editors have in common? They all need a color picker to stand out from the crowd. Acko.net has created an easy way for webmasters to include a color picker in their pages, too. With a JQuery plug-in, users can add a fully-functional color-picker, just like the one in Photoshop. Visitors who are already familiar with the picker won’t have any problem using this, either.  (more…)

3D Printing Videos You Can Watch All Day!

Makerbot 3D Printer If you don’t know already what is 3D Printing, read this article. Or you can even see some amazing applications of 3d printing here. 3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. Real objects can be made using 3D printers. The object is made using successive layers of material. Designs are made in either Computer Aided Design (CAD) software or 3D animation modeling software. This design is fed to 3D printer which will read the layers from design and lay them in provided material. I think that gives the idea of how 3D printing works. Let’s see them in action. I’ve posted several 3D printing videos which are equally amazing and proves the changing landscape of manufacturing.  (more…)

Grab Free Icon Fonts from Entypo

If you are working on a document and have determined that you need some images to help get the message across, you can use pictograms, which are also known as icon fonts. In simple words, a pictogram is a symbolic representation of an object or concept. For example, scissor pictogram is being used to show ‘cut’ option in MS Office. Pictograms are great to use when you are developing projects such as website, online services and apps for smartphones and other portable devices. (more…)

Create Fantastic HDR Photos For Free With Luminance HDR

create hdr photosHDR photography has been all the rage among both the amateur and professional ranks of photographers over the last few years. With the advent of affordable and capable DSLR models like the Nikon D90 and the Canon EOS Rebel T3i, anyone can snap amazing photos and use post-processing software afterwards to bring out their full potential. If you want to create polished, expressive HDR images without spending hundreds on proprietary processing software, Luminance HDR can make it happen. (more…)

Rolling Out New Website Features? Create Slick Feature Tour With Joyride jQuery Plugin

Joyride Car

Over the past few years, the custom design shop known as Zurb has compiled an impressive track record of developing unique and innovative web solutions. One of their latest web design tools is the Joyride jQuery plugin, a Javascript module that helps designers craft interactive features tour pages for websites. A features tour section is a must for any website nowadays, but it’s not always clear how to go about implementing one. The Joyride plugin makes features tour creation simple and hassle-free.  (more…)

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