CSS3 – It Does Much More Than Just Styling the Page. See How!

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Changing the way you see the web and even interact with the page, CSS has made some huge advancements with its latest and completely backward compatible standard – CSS3. The more feature rich CSS becomes, lesser dependancy on utility softwares like Photoshop and others (of course, it is not replacement though.) The CSS3 specification is still under progress by W3C. However, most of the CSS3 features are implemented by modern browsers. (more…)

HTML5 – See How This Feature Rich New Technology Can Transform The Web

HTML5_LogoThe basics of HTML5 has been quite the talk for the last few years. With this new avatar of HTML, the future of the web looks very bright. HTML5 has a bunch of built in API functionality that will change the way how we use and see the web. Making the web faster and an all around better experience. Before going into the details, let’s see who is behind HTML5. Currently W3C works on HTML5 specifications focusing on single definitive standard. Once set of specifications are released by W3C, WHATWG group continue updating/improving it under the conecpt called as ‘Living Standard.’ W3C has proposed to release stable HTML5 recommendation by end of 2014.

C++ And Java Compiler Online

Codetwist.com java and cpp compiler

If you’re happen to be software engineer or developer, you’ll know how tough it is to setup development environment on any machine. Many libraries will be required, nice IDE needed, environment variables needs to be added and more. But that’s just setup part. Even after writing a code snippet, it needs to be compiled with lot of options and then executable built. Now run the executable and the results will be out. Lot of work to do. If a large project is not being built and just some small code snippets needs to be tested, this whole exercise can consume lot of productive time. Finally imagine this for different languages like C, C++ and Java. To spare this lot of work and directly jump to the rapid execution of code you can use simplistic online compiler CodeTwist.com . It supports C, C++ and Java language compilation and execution online. Best part is, it’s free and doesn’t require login or sign-up. (more…)

Online Code Editing Framework CodeMirror

baboonCodeMirror is an open-source JavaScript library that provides an in-browser code editor. It is customizable with CSS theming support and rich programming API. CodeMirror supports numerous program modes which supports programming languages like C, C++, C#, D, and Java; scripting languages including JavaScript, Ruby, Shell, Python, VBScript, and Perl; markup languages such as HTML, XML, Markdown, Cascading Stylesheet, and reStructuredText; and miscellaneous modes like diff. CodeMirror can be embedded in the major desktop web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.  (more…)

How To Build Q&A Website Like Stackoverflow

Stackoverflow Logo Stackoverflow is an online Q&A system where programmers and developers from all levels of experience can read, ask and answer questions related to the field of programming. Stack Overflow is a collaborative online community that requires no monthly membership and is not littered with spam. The site is totally user-driven and is frequented as a simple resource to read questions and answers involving programming, source code, software tools, careers, software algorithms, etc. If you are looking to create a similar site for your business or organization, try installing and running Coordino on your website.

This software platform is built as a Stack Overflow clone and is completely open-source and free for the general public to use. Installation and site administration can be quick and simple if you are using the latest updates of MySQL, Apache and PHP. Its easy and speedy installation and set up process is perhaps one of its best features. Moderators can control posts, create spam filters and give out user permissions with out any hassles.  (more…)

Here Comes The HTML5 Based Rich Text Editor – WYSIHTML5

It’s difficult enough to keep up with the latest trends in the world of web development without having to remember the many new HTML5 tags in current usage. However, coding proper HTML5 is more important than ever thanks to the rapid and widespread adoption of the standard around the Internet. When composing posts for articles and comments online, it helps to have the ability to format your content so that it’ll display properly. That’s where Wysihtml5 comes into the equation.


C++ Friend Function And Friend Class Example

C++ Friend class and functionFollow the series “C++ By Examples” for all the C++ tutorials.

One basic fundamental of C++ is encapsulation. It means bundling data and interface. Major idea behind encapsulation is data hiding. Only providing interfaces to access data outside the class implementation. This is done through access specifiers public, protected and private. You must be knowing that private members of a class can’t be accessed outside that class. And the biggest evaders of private access are friend function and friend class. Yes the fundamental notion of data hiding is being broken wide open by friend specifier. (more…)

Writing Custom Exception Class In C++

Custom Exception Class in c++

Follow the series “C++ By Examples” for all the C++ tutorials.

Exceptions is a way to handle run time errors arise during the execution of program. There are multiple types of exceptions. That includes bad_alloc, bad_cast, bad_typeid, logic_error, domain_error, invalid_argument, out_of_range, runtime_error, range_error, overflow_error, underflow_error and bad_exception. I listed all exceptions here on purpose. Because to find exception types again, you don’t need to wade through c++ source! And for enthusiasts, these exception types are defined in /usr/include/c++/4.4/bits/functexcept.h file. Let’s get back to the topic. I assume, basic usage of exceptions known to you. In this article I’ll show example on how-to write your own exception class which derives from the standard exception class ( Source at /usr/include/c++/4.4/exception).  (more…)

Array Of Objects Having Virtual Functions In C++

Follow the series “C++ By Examples” for all the C++ tutorials.

You must be aware of polymorphism in C++. It is achieved by declaring virtual functions. I won’t go into details of how to do that. But today we’ll see one particular dangerous side effect of polymorphism. I’ll show when you use array of objects having virtual functions might crash. This is due to array subscripts are calculated on the bases of sizeof operation. See below code for illustration of the problem. We have Base class having ctor, dtor and virtual function. The Derived class contains ctor, dtor, overridden virtual function and one integer data member.  (more…)

Static Method And Variables In C++

C++ Static Keyword Example

Follow the series “C++ By Examples” for all the C++ tutorials.

Static keyword in C++ is used with functions and variables. The methods and variable defined static are not attached with objects but class itself. A very good analogy I read somewhere. Consider class as factory of cars. Each car is individual object and have defined properties (variables) and methods (functions). But how many cars are produced in that factory? Cars (objects) don’t have knowledge of it. Total number of cars produced in that factory is static variable which is attached to the factory (class) itself.  (more…)

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