Top Android Apps to Keep Watch On Kids

Ever wondered, what your kid is doing? Where he/she is going? Whom does he/she talk with? I know that sometimes you might have wanted to know this, and some of you might have even tried spying on your kids’ activity, but somehow at the end of the day it is kid that turned out to be the smarter one. Being a parent, it is your responsibility to take care of children until they become wise enough to take right decisions. If you are one of such worried parents, you should thank to this digital era which has made ‘Smart Phones’ quite affordable and also to those dedicated developers who have developed some wonderful apps to keep watch on you kids through smart phones.


9 Windows Phone Apps You Must Grab

With Microsoft phone 7.5 (Code named ‘Mango’) taking 5.2% share of the smartphone market, and number of apps in the Microsoft marketplace crossing the 100k mark, you need all the help you can get to know about the best apps in windows phone marketplace. It is our continuous effort to help you to the extent possible.

Having said that, let’s take you through some of the apps we consider noteworthy. (more…)

5+ Best Music Sites To Tune In

Girl listening to music on headphone

Perhaps the best way to surf internet is to surf it while listening to music. Listening music not only relaxes you, but it also helps in keeping yourself focused. All my developer friends know how hard it is to develop without any music. But at times while searching for sites to listen music, we end up entering a compromised site or the one which has pirated content. To listen music safely and legally too, I have listed 5+ Best Sites to Listen Music Online.


10 Best Android Apps for Kids

Kid with SmartphoneDo you own a smartphone? If yes, then your phone can literally help you parent your kid well. Gone are those days when you would just give your phone to your kid to keep him busy, your Android phone can do much more than that.

With literally zillions of Android apps being developed and are specifically being tailored for kids, your Android phone can  not only help your kid being entertained, but rather it can also educate your kid, sharpen his/her mind, hone your kid’s creativity and much more. Here are 10 Irresistible Android Apps for Kids that are both entertaining and educational, just check out the list below.  (more…)

5+ Best Free Collage Maker Apps For Android

Android market place is stuffed with thousands of Collage Maker Apps, with help of these wonderful apps you can make collage right from your favorite Droid within minutes. You can even give different styles to your collages and share it with your friends.

So if you are a photography enthusiast or an avid photo-sharer, try out following 5+ Best Free Collage Maker Apps :-  (more…)

5 Best Windows Phone Apps

Windows Phone Apps on Nokia Lumia 800In spite of a shaky start , Windows Phone is slowly gaining ground and particularly after collaborating with Nokia, Microsoft has come out with remarkable OS (Windows Phone 7), that can surely give shiver to Google and Apple.

So if you are a windows phone owner and looking out to fill your phone with amazing apps, this article is so surely for you. Out of around 45k apps, I am presenting 5 best apps for your Windows Phone. Though I’ll come up with some more WP7 apps, have a look at this list.  (more…)

Top 10 Most Liked Indian Celebrities On Facebook

Yesterday I Googled to find out which Indian celebrities are most liked on Facebook, and to my dismay I couldn’t find much satisfactory results. So I thought why not do this ‘Hard Work’ all by myself and deliver it to the readers. As usual, list is dominated by Bollywood stars and Cricketers with hardly one or two exceptions. And here goes the list of Top 10 Most Liked Celebrities on Facebook.


How To Play Super Mario on PC

Are you an 80’s or 90’s kid? If yes then you must have played ‘Super Mario’ in your childhood. Remember how addicting this game was, and not only this, almost 40 million copies of  ‘Super Mario’ have been sold so far, second only to Nintendo’s best selling game- Wii Sports.

However you can still live those moments of your childhood by playing this amazingly addicting game on your PC. Although many websites offer to play Super Mario online but those Flash versions will never-ever give you classic game play experience. So in this article, I have mentioned quick 4 steps about  how to play authentic Super Mario on your PC and that too without any installation. In addition to Super Mario, you will also be able to play Sonic, Contra, Bomber Man, Tank, Road Fighter and almost all those classic games. Lets see how, (more…)

Top 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Twitter

World’s fastest growing micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’, has really come a long way now. Besides gaining popularity among masses, many celebrities round the world have joined Twitter to communicate with their fans directly. Twitter not only helps celebrities to interact with their fans, but it also helps them to gain popularity and keep their media presence alive.

So in this article I have done a bit of research and found out 10 Most Followed Indian Celebrities on Twitter. Interestingly, eight out of ten celebrities are Film Stars, one is the Sports Person and remaining one is the Politician. Here goes the list :- (more…)

Use Trello As A Virtual Whiteboard To Communicate With Your Team

If you’ve ever worked on a project with numerous people, you know how hard it can be to collaborate together using traditional tools. Emailing information back and forth de-centralizes everything and what happens if someone forgets to hit Reply All? For people working together in the same office, a white board has long been the standard for keeping ideas and tasks centralized, but what about people who are thousands of miles apart.

Trello seeks to solve this dilemma by providing you with a virtual whiteboard you can use to organize your collaborative effort. (more…)

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