Onepager : Create Simple Website Very Easily

Onepager Logo Onepager is a awesome new web 2.0 app to create simple website for small businesses very quickly. It gives you everything you need and nothing more. Though all the fat is cut out of creation process, the resulting website design is elegant and professional. Onepager’s simple graphical interface is without much fluff to get in the way of creating a website. The process of creating website is exceedingly simple, so much so that even a child could do it. (more…)

vCita : Build Better Contact Pages

Old Telephone vCita is an innovative tool that is designed for professionals, bloggers and freelancers to schedule, meet and communicate with online visitors. The application helps interact with potential customers by allowing online audience approach you and schedule interactive meetings. Using the Internet, these meetings can easily take place over the phone, video or chat rooms. A user friendly dashboard allows you to manage all contacts, meetings, scheduling and payments from one place. Just like a scheduling calendar, visitors and website owners are able to select appropriate times for meetings. Moreover, vCita can be integrated with Google calendar to allow even more flexibility. Besides being extremely flexible, the scheduling tool can be customized to match your style. (more…)

Zendesk Review : Help Desk Support Web 2.0 Style

Zendesk Buddha Zendesk is a SaaS (Software as a Service) based help desk support company that contracts its services to any small, medium or enterprise businesses, freelancers, service providers and anybody who is in need of a help desk for efficient customer support, whether they have only one agent handling problems or a large staff. It helps agents answer questions, track issues and streamline interactions. Zendesk’s simplicity of operation, its extensibility and potential for customization and the variety of tools it offers to manage the customer relationship makes it one uniquely proportioned help desk offering in the cloud. (more…)

Send Fax From Google Docs with InterFax

Google Docs Logo SquareSending a fax is something that is not frequently done business today. However, there are still instances and circumstances when faxes need to be sent or received. For the business that does not physically have a fax machine, one option would be to utilize a fax and copy center. The problem with this is that it is inconvenient and can be expensive. An economical and easy method would be by utilizing InterFax.

Setup is extremely easy and pricing is very affordable. One specific e-mail or an entire domain is able to be registered on the service. Once set up, a dedicated fax number is assigned and faxes get automatically forwarded to the business. (more…)

Highrise : Small Business CRM With Simplicity

Highrise LogoCustomer relationship management (CRM) software helps businesses organize all of their interactions with customers into one tool. With CRM software, businesses may track sales leads, issues product quotes or keep track of any product sold. Any conversations or correspondence mailed to the customer will be included in the customer and prospect contact details and history. CRM is an exceptional tool because anyone in the organization can view the file and determine where the sales person is in the process. The person that fields the call can address the issue according to the correspondence. The process will seem seamless to the customer.

Highrise – from Chicago based 37 Signals, specifically, can help small businesses organize email conversations and notes for up to 30,000 customers. The software may also keep track of all the proposals and deals. Sales people will also receive reminders to follow up with messages. This software is recommended for all businesses that want to increase productivity and provide seamless customer service. This article will explore the benefits of this software by examining how CRM and Highrise help businesses retain customers and convert sales.


Zoho BugTracker : Issue Management and Bug Tracking For Small Business

Zoho BugTracker - Bug tracking softwareBugTracker is California-based development firm ZOHO Software’s web-based bug and issue management system. It seems to have been designed specifically to reduce the unproductive down-time that often seems to be part and parcel of being on the managing and coding ends of software development projects. BugTracker’s raison d’être consists in increasing productivity by easing the functional workload of bug tracking and issue management by way of implementing easy-to-use, intuitive management tools that give the whole development team a clear sense of where their project stands at any given point in time. The tools BugTracker uses were clearly designed with ease of use in mind. They work in concert to streamline the whole trajectory of a project, focusing strongly on facilitating communication between users themselves and between managers and users.


FlickAndShare : Download Flickr Photos And Videos In Single Click

Download Flickr Albums With FlickAndShareThe biggest pain of downloading photo or video sets from Flickr is that each photo or video must be downloaded separately. There are scripts that may help and there is a downloading program that was developed for downloading sets of photos. However, these require that you install something on your computer or have some programming knowledge of scripting languages. The problem has finally been solved.

FlickAndShare is a free service that allows you to generate a short-link URL to any set of photos or videos that you have on Flickr. The service creates a URL to any set on Flickr that you wish to share with friends. Once the URL is created, you must not change the Flickr security settings for any photos or videos in that set. If you do, Flickr generates a new static link for the photo or video. This will cause your short-link URL to be invalid. To cure the problem, simply generate a new short-link URL.


QR Code Guide For Dummies

QR Code For URLUnless you’ve been doing missionary work in a remote jungle in Borneo for the last five years, you’ve seen a QR code before. They’re those inscrutable, black-and-white patchwork blocks that look like a crossword puzzle ( See the image on the left. It’s QR Code for often spotted at bus stops, in subway stations, and on promotional fliers. But what are QR codes and what are they for? Let’s start off with some basic background information. The “QR” in QR code stands for “Quick Response”. It’s a matrix barcode comprised of a grid of squares that encodes text information that can be quickly decoded later with the use of QR scanning software. Originally developed by a branch of the Toyota Corporation in 1994 to track automobile parts, the standard was quickly adopted by other companies for tracking and inventory management purposes. Nowadays, both advertisers and consumers use QR codes for a wide variety of purposes.

That’s QR Code basics. Further in this article I’ll cover uses of QR Codes, web apps for generating QR code and most importantly, QR code reader apps for Android and iPhone.


Twitter’s Pagerank Zero!!!

Twitter bird shockedIt’s a shocking news. Twitter’s Google Pagerank is 0 (zero)!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Twitter’s pagerank status in my Firefox browser’s Quirk searchstatus plugin. So I reloaded twitter again in new browser window. And still it’s 0!! How that happened? In this month itself Google updated it’s pagerank. Also it recently updated it’s search algorithm called Panda-Update. In Panda update many content farm websites got hit badly and lost millions of pageviews. Is twitter victim of Google’s Panda update? Or Google just tried to slap Twitter. It’s all matter of time when we’ll come to know when this news spreads like wildfire on every blog and news sites. What’s your take on this situation? Is Twitter Google’s algorithm Victim? Is it an human error? Or it’s just temporary problem…!!


Easily Create Free Web Forms With Zoho Html Form Builder : Zoho Creator

Create free web forms with zoho html form builderCollecting data from your website visitors? Any website owner will understand the importance of data their customers provide. It can be as simple as feedback form or contact-us page and it can be as complex as survey forms, lead generations, interest groups, bio-data forms, business forms, meeting planners, meeting invitations, office inventory or employee satisfaction survey forms. The list is endless and requirements are different for each and every website. Only acquiring data is not enough. One needs to do data analysis and reporting, sharing, creating rules etc to gain knowledge out of data so that important decisions can be made and actions taken. The all-in-one solution to all this nitty-gritty of building and using web forms is Zoho html form builder. Zoho provides easy to use drag-and-drop form builder to create html forms. You can embed these forms in website or blog, get email notifications, do data analysis and reporting, data sharing, collaboration and lots more stuff. Zoho has two distinct features which even Google Forms does not provide – CAPTCHA and File upload. So let’s see in detail how to create Zoho web forms, embed them and use the data collections.



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