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Google Wallet

Google Wallet officially launched on 19th this month after being announced several months ago as a way for people to use their mobile phones to pay for goods. Google Wallet works on Near Field Technology (NFC). The Samsung Nexus S for Sprint Nextel is currently the only smart phone supported due to hardware limitations, but as phones grow more advanced, Google Wallet will become a better service for mobile payments. Google Wallet is taught to be the revolution in how we pay. As per the Google Wallet vision,

In the past few thousand years, the way we pay has changed just three times—from coins, to paper money, to plastic cards. Now we’re on the brink of the next big shift.


Zombies, Run! Running Game With Twist Of Storytelling

Zombies Run Logo We could all use a little motivation to work out now and then, but development team Six to Start has created a unique concept in their upcoming game/adventure called Zombies, Run!. The premise is that any real world running you complete helps a story driven adventure where you can collect supplies and find other benefits for your colony. The more you run, the more supplies you collect and the more story is told as you listen to the app. (more…)

And The Best Smartphone Award Goes To…

Superman As consumer technology moves more towards smartphones that are capable of performing functions of mobile as well as a full fledged computer, J.D. Power notes that customer satisfaction with a particular handset depends heavily on its build quality, form factor, quality of materials, and the functions that can be performed by the phone’s operating system. Volume 2 of the J.D. Power and Associates 2011 Phone Satisfaction survey was released recently and the results are not too surprising. (more…)

BrowserTexting App Lets You SMS From Your Browser For Free [Android]

Woman reading SMS Have you ever been at your computer and realized you left your phone downstairs or somewhere else in the house? Trudging down to get it while at the computer upstairs is a hassle, which is what BrowserText aims to fix. BrowserText isn’t the first app of its kind, as DeskSMS is popular for Android and jailbroken iPhone users. However, DeskSMS charges a monthly fee to use the service while BrowserText is completely free. (more…)

Get A Free Photo Album(6″x9″) From

Zoomin free photo album That’s right! Free ( Free as in free beer) photo album (6″x9″) from one of the India’s finest startup This is no sponsored post or no advertising, I’m writing only because I got free flipbook worth INR 279 just after opening my account with Zoomin. There are no Terms & Conditions attached to it. The flipbook is high quality and consists of as many as 33 photos. Paper quality is good too. Let’s see what you’ll get. (more…)

Power Up Your Android Device With The Go Apps Suite

Go Apps for Android One of the great things about Android as an experience is the wild level of flexibility you have with how you interact with your device. The only downside of this flexibility is that sometimes handset manufacturers take advantage of it to add undesirable additions to the Android UI. While the HTC Sense UI is pretty well received among handset users, Motorola’s Motoblur is almost universally despised. Thankfully Android users are not locked into the default UI as there are several on the market that perform their functions better than these handset standards. One such fantastic suite for elevating your experience on Android mobile is Go Apps Suite which includes Go Launcher Ex, Go SMS Pro, Go Contacts Ex and more. (more…)

Zerply : Create Wonderful Online Resume

Zerply Logo In a large market of growing social networks, Zerply represents a harmonious merge of some of the most desired features in professional resume building and networking. In the competitive world of employment, having a professional image and networking with other professionals are essential tools in securing a satisfying and fulfilling position in the career or field of your choice. Zerply allows people to interact with other professionals in similar fields to create opportunity and increase communication. (more…)

Create Your Own Infographics at

All About Instagram Infographic Infographics are a means to display numbers and data in a more interesting manner so they’re easy to consume and easy to follow. Most people process visual information more readily than numerical information, so understanding information graphics are much easier for most of the population. Up until recently there has been no reliable way to create your own infographics without Photoshop knowledge and the manual entry of data. But here comes the which helps you to create your own infographics as well as share and explore other people’s interesting infographics too. (more…)

PayMeBack : Keep Track Of Borrowed Or Lent Money [iPhone]

PayMeBack App For iPhone We’ve all been in a situation where either we owe friends money, or they owe us money. Keeping track of who owes what while on a vacation, on a shopping trip, or simply dividing up the monthly bills can be a hassle no one wants to deal with. Thankfully, PayMeBack keeps track of all the important information for you and then allows you to share it with your friends so they’re aware as well. (more…)

Rapportive : Cool Gmail Plugin To Know Your Contacts Better

Rapportive Gmail Rapportive is a unique software tool that allows you to view rich information like social media profiles, crunchbase profile about all of your contacts right inside GMail inbox. You may view where they are located, what skills they have and even what they look like. This information can be linked to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Notes may also be left and notes may be recorded. This is a powerful tool that manages all of your contacts for free.

Since Rapportive works with Gmail, customers can use this software as CRM (customer relationship management) software. Immediately, you will know the basic information about your contact before you email them for a more personal experience and message. (more…)


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