Adobe Offering CS2 For Free!

Baby shockedAdobe’s Creative Suite software has long proven to be some of the most powerful content on the market for both Windows and Mac computers, as Photoshop, Illustrator and other programs are some of the best on the market. However, most of these programs are incredibly expensive, as several of the titles cost well more than a grand. However, although Adobe has moved up to Creative Suite 6, the previous titles are still useful in providing programming assistance and improving images and creating digital content. And now, Adobe, although it has said it was a mistake, has let Adobe CS2 come out for free. It has done this directly through its website and by doing so it is now possible for anyone, at least at the present time, to log onto the Adobe website and download the content directly to their own computers. With the system requirements significantly lower than what is now required for the latest releases, just about any computer system released within the last several years should be able to use the software.  (more…)

Wunderlist : Multiplatform Task Management App

Wunderlist logo One of the hardest things to do for many people is staying on track with their goals. Sticky notes, reminders, and to-do lists are all designed to help with this, but one of the major flaws of this system is that it only works if it’s directly in front of you. Wunderlist takes the idea of the to-do list and makes it work no matter where you are by creating a platform for reminders that works on just about every device available. Wunderlist is claimed to be the best GTD (Getting Things Done) app out there by leading tech blogs and tech evangelists.   (more…)

Apply Amazing Photo Filters And Effects With Picfull [Web App]

Apply Photo Filter If you’re a smartphone user, you’ve probably seen apps such as Paper Camera and Instagram that allow you to take pictures with unique effects. These apps are great for smartphone users, but what about users who already have pictures taken and want to add filter effects? Usually this means firing up Photoshop and tinkering with the settings until you get it just right. However, Picfull makes this process easier by automating the process for several different kinds of filters and effects.  (more…)

Send Large Files Via Email Free With Transferbigfiles

Send Large files via email free Sending large files via email to others makes it possible for you to share many different things such as videos, presentations and large text files. While you always have the option of sending files to your contacts through your regular email, every standard email provider has limits on the size of the files that you can send. If you have a file that is bigger than this limit, you won’t be able to utilize your regular email provider to share it with others. We have a solution for you. (more…) Is A Simplest Way To Sell Stuff Online

Tinypay.meOne of the biggest hassles of selling products online is finding the correct outlet for it. Sure, there are always auction sites like eBay, but the fees incurred from selling on these sites often dwindle profits. Setting up a proprietary shop is also an option, but often the work that goes into setting up a system like this doesn’t make returns for several months. This is where can help individuals and businesses a like with your own easy to set up online shop.  (more…)

Kindle Fire Silk Browser : A Privacy Concern?

Amazon Silk Browser Jeff Bezos

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is taught to be the real cloud connected device due to its Silk Browser capability to use AWS (Amazon Web Service) cloud technology. But privacy advocates have expressed concerns over whether or not the pre-fetching technology utilized by Amazon’s Silk Browser could be a gaping hole into a user’s browsing habits. The specially designed mobile browser is designed to serve pages to users more quickly than having the device render the pages itself, which means Amazon’s Elastic Computer Cloud, or EC2 will be the processing power behind the new technology.  (more…)

Use Filer To Transfer Files Onto Your iPhone Without iTunes! [iOS]

Filer iPhone App Logo Have you ever been caught out and about without a file you really needed? Maybe you want to show your friends some awesome pictures you took while on vacation or you want to make sure you have backups of all your important work documents. For iPhone and iPad users, this usually means going through the painful process of syncing your phone with iTunes, which means you need to remember to put all of your files on the phone manually through iTunes. With Filer, you can forego the use of iTunes software.  (more…)

Sucker Punch?

Amazon Kindle Fire v/s Apple iPad 2 Amazon announced their entry into the tablet market recently with Kindle Fire and as anticipated, the price point could potentially be something Cupertino-based Apple should fear. While the device’s specs are nowhere near that of the iPad 2, the basic function of the device appeals to a broad range of consumers and the $199 price tag has had consumers snatching them up since they became available.

Let’s look at some numbers. Just after its announcement Amazon received more than 250,000 pre-orders for the tablet in less than a week. That amounts to around 50,000 pre-orders a day with no signs of slowed growth on behalf of the device. Plus nearly 4 million Kindle Fire sold this holiday season. In fact, Kindle Fire is the second best-selling item on Amazon, with the new $79 Kindle taking the top spot.  (more…)

Line2 : Add Phone Features To iPad

Line2 iPad The iPad is an amazing device for performing day-to-day activities such as checking email, keeping your tasks in check, and managing your finances. The only limitation of the device is that it is not capable of making phone calls, until now. While Skype is always an option for users, there is something better. Line2 is a service that transforms your iPad into a full-fledged conference calling machine that is capable of making calls, sending texts, and having your very own phone number. Capability of making phone calls from your iPad adds nifty feature to this amazing device which helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and executives using it rise to whole new level of productivity.  (more…)

Sandisk Memory Zone : Your Data Everywhere – On The Phone, In The Cloud (Android)

Sandisk memory zone logo One of the major benefits of faster mobile broadband speeds through 3G and 4G service is that it makes sense to have documents, music, pictures, and other files stored in the cloud to be accessible from anywhere. As storage space is precious in phones as it is, keeping these files in the cloud to have access to them whenever you need them is a real time saver. The only downfall of this method is keeping track of all your cloud services and their respective apps for Android. SanDisk has solved the problem with the SanDisk Memory Zone app, an app that will read and store data from both your internal and external SD cards, as well as various cloud services. (more…)

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